Sadie was quiet for a long time, and I was worried that I’d lost her somewhere along the way of the explanation. I didn’t press her. I wanted her to be totally comfortable with whatever we did, and I wanted her to know it was entirely her decision.

“Okay,” she said finally.

“Really?” I said.

She tilted her head back so she could look up at me. “Yeah. I’d like to try.”

Nothing else needed be said between us for the time, and nothing else was. We laid in blissful silence until we eventually drifted off to sleep.

The next day, Sadie was so much more relaxed than she had been, and I wanted to celebrate our crossing an important threshold. I took her out for an expensive lunch and then took her shopping anywhere she wanted to go. To my shock, when we were passing by a sex toy boutique, Sadie cast me a curious glance, and pulled me inside. We browsed around until she came across a long array of edible underwear. She sifted through them until she found one she liked and then she held it out to me.

“Well?” she asked.

I was taken aback. “You… want these?”

She chuckled at me, and I knew I wasn’t dealing with a plain old smitten kitten. Sadie was a beast of an entirely different caliber. She pulled me down to her, and kissed me deeply and fully. She was doing it on purpose to get her way and I was equal parts impressed and frightened. She giggled once more at the put-out expression that remained on my face, as she dragged me, and her new edible panties, to the checkout.


When I finally hung up my phone, it felt like I had been on the phone non-stop for about twelve hours. I had to get our staff in Chicago arranged, and I thought it made more sense to do the work by phone, but I learned quickly that was a mistake. Every person I talked to, created two more phone calls I had to make and by the end of the day, my brain was nothing but mush. I was so excited to just go home, pull out a beer, and relax when Asher called.

“Hey,” he greeted.

I sighed. “Hey.”

“Long day?” Asher said with a chuckle.

“I just wish that not everyone in the state of Illinois was an idiot,” I huffed back. “You wanna grab a drink?”

“Sorry, bro,” Asher responded. “I just got a call from Dante. He wants us at his house in 30 minutes. Wanna come grab me?”

I knocked my head back with a suck of my teeth. I was so ready to be done with my day, but when the boss calls, we respond, those are the rules. “Fine,” I replied. “I’m on the way.”

“Alright,” Asher said. “See you soon.”

I was a little more dressed down than I liked to be to deal with Dante, but I didn’t have any room to change for the time being. I was in jeans, a long-sleeved Henley shirt, and, of course, had my gun tucked under my shirt. It was the only thing in my life I needed to always have with me; my permanent accessory. I drove to Asher and I’s apartment and picked him up, and then we headed over to Dante’s. When we got there, we were expecting a lively home, but it was instead, entirely dark.

I immediately pulled out my gun and Asher did as well, as we made our way to the front door. Asher punched in the code and we entered with caution. There wasn’t a sound nor sight in the home. It put us both immediately on edge. We made our way up the stairs and down the hall to Dante’s bedroom, and we could hear the soft huffing of voices coming from inside. I led into the room with Asher behind me, and there was a soft glow of light coming from the bathroom. We rounded the door frame with our guns set out, but were met with an image we weren’t expecting.

Dante and Sadie were both in the bath, totally naked, and Sadie was riding Dante with her head knocked back, screaming with pleasure. Dante noticed us as soon as we rounded the corner, and flicked a finger at us to put our guns away. We did so and he smiled.

“We have visitors,” he grumbled, and Sadie looked back at us over her shoulder. Her wild, blown out expression combined with her water covered, naked body, I could feel myself already starting to get aroused. “Wait for us in the bedroom.”

It frustrated me. The last thing I wanted to do was wait with my dick already making its way to full hardness, but again, what Dante says, Dante gets. Asher and I backed out of the room and a few minutes, and a lot of splashing and moaning later, Dante came walking out of the bathroom, with a robed Sadie held in his arms. He set her down on the bed, and then walked away, leaving both Asher and I a bit confused.

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