Sadie reached out and grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled me closer to her. She looked up into my eyes, hypnotizing me with her deep, chocolate gaze. “I want you,” she whispered, then her eyes shifted to Asher. “And I want your brother too.”

We both looked back at Dante, and he was sitting on his chaise with a glass of wine in his hand. He nodded at us and my stomach immediately started to burn with excitement. I didn’t hesitate a second to strip away my clothes, and Asher moved in stride with me, removing his as well. Asher pushed Sadie back so she was flat on the bed with her legs hanging off, and opened her robe. He latched onto one of her breasts and sucked, pulling delightful mewls of pleasure from between her lips.

I saw what I wanted and went directly for it. I knelt in front of her, pulled her thighs around my shoulders, and set to eating her out. I licked between the lips of her pussy and then latched onto her clit and sucked, and even nibbled. Sadie squealed with pleasure as my brother and I worked different realms of pleasure against us, and the more excited we got, the more excited she got. I could hear Dante breathing hard behind us, and knew he was enjoying the show.

“Please” Sadie begged, finally. “Please fuck me.”

She was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I rubbed her pussy as I stood up, looming over her. “You want our dicks?” I asked.

She nodded. “Please.”

I side-glanced Asher, and we shared an immediate moment of understanding. We swapped places, pausing only enough for Asher to get a condom on, and then he pushed himself inside of her and started to fuck her fully.

I rubbed her cheek. “Have you sucked someone yet?”

She shook her head with a look of faux-innocence in her eyes. “No.”

I smiled. “Well, then allow me to teach you.” I pushed my dick up to her mouth, and she opened her mouth and took it in. “Flatten out your tongue, and be careful with your teeth.” The warmth and moisture of her mouth, mixed with her moans as Asher fucked her, felt so good I thought I may burst right there. “That’s good. Take me even deeper now. Swallow me.” Sadie opened her mouth as wide as she could and I slid my dick even further down. The feeling was otherworldly. “Fuck, that feels good.”

I put my hand on the back of her head and started to pump into her mouth faster. Each time my dick hit the back of her mouth, she sucked back as though she was truly trying to swallow it and it sent waves of pleasure through me. I pushed all the way back until my balls were touching her chin.

“Hold it there,” I instructed. Sadie started to cough, but I kept myself held firmly in place. “Breathe through your nose, beautiful.”

Sadie’s mouth got tighter, with her cheeks squeezing around me as she worked to master her breathing. She gagged a bit more and I pulled out of her, letting the cold air hit my cock all at once and give me chills. To my shock and excitement, Sadie reached up and grabbed my dick, guiding it back into her mouth.

“Oh, you like sucking my dick?” I asked, and Sadie nodded her head against me. She hummed as started to put her new skills to practice, sliding her tongue up and down my length, while sucking, like she wanted to milk me dry.

I grunted as Sadie dragged me all the way to the back of her throat and held me in place. “I’m gonna come.”

“Me too,” Asher grumbled.

Both I and Asher started to grunt as we came. I emptied my seed into Sadie’s mouth, and though she started to cough and gag, she didn’t spit anything out; it was impressive. We were barely away from her when Dante came over and sat on the bed. Sadie immediately sat up and straddled Dante, pulling his firm dick into her. She let out a moan as she lifted herself up and down off of him, and it was clear that Dante didn’t have much left in him when he got inside of her. He slapped Sadie’s ass and she started to wiggle her body on top of her. The sight of her ass shaking around on top of Dante was one to behold. Dante had decided to share her with us and I wanted to get inside her immediately, and when I looked at Asher, it was clear he was feeling the same.

We were all in trouble.

“Fuck,” Dante hissed and he started to gyrate and thrust as deep into Sadie as he could go.

“Yes, Dante,” Sadie moaned.

“Stroke them,” Dante demanded, as he placed his lips against Sadie’s neck and sucked. He started to do so all over her skin, leaving dark marks behind.