Asher and I moved to either side of Sadie, and she reached out and grabbed each of our cocks and started to slide her hands along the girths. Her hands were warm and clammy from the sex, and felt good rubbing against us in the wake of our orgasms. Her breasts bounced up and down as she rode Dante and my brother and I were at full mast in no time.

Watching Sadie’s head thrown back as she moaned in pleasure, nearly brought me to a halt. She was almost ethereal. I could see spending time with her every single day. If I wasn’t careful, I was going to start neglecting my work to be around her.

Dante wrapped a hand around Sadie’s breast and squeezed, and Sadie leaned her head down and bit his bottom lip. He growled at her and she started to grind her hips down on his and pull faster at our cocks. She was close, and with Dante’s breaths getting shorter and more animalistic, it seemed he was too.

“Are you gonna come, baby?” Dante asked Sadie.

“Yes,” Sadie moaned.

“You wanna come?” Dante asked.

Sadie rutted her ass down against Dante in search of an orgasm. “Yes, please! I wanna come!”

“Come with me,” Dante ordered, then he slammed up into her and Sadie yelped out as they both came.

Sadie slumped against Dante’s shoulders and he rolled her over and set her down on the bed. She was on the brink of sleep as it was, but the second her head hit the pillow, she was out. The sex had overwhelmed her, but she wasn’t the only one. I watched as Dante stared at her, stroking her hair, and watching her like some sort of rare animal.

We were definitely all in trouble.

Asher and I got dressed and then turned back to Dante. He’d settled in next to Sadie and wasn’t going anywhere. “Seems like she’s not as simple as she told us,” he said, still watching her like she might disappear. He finally looked up at them long enough to say, “As you can see, she agreed to our old arrangement. We’ll see what the future holds. You may go for now.”

As Asher and I left the room, watching Dante get lost in caressing Sadie, we shared a silent understanding. Our arrangement may be the same as ever, but things with Sadie were entirely different.


I emptied out a cup of coffee while I waited for Sadie, Dante, and the twins to come out of the house so we could head to the airport. We were all headed to Chicago for the work that Dante had there, and he obviously wasn’t going anywhere without Sadie. Apollo and Asher came out first, carrying all of the bags, and then Dante followed with Sadie gripped tight in his arms. She looked totally relaxed and at home, with a huge smile on her face, and Dante had a matching expression of joy. As the twins loaded the bags into the trunk, they too had a strange, cheery demeanor that was atypical for them.

I tried to ignore it and waited for them all to get loaded into the car, and then we made our way for the airport where Dante’s private jet was waiting to whisk us away. In the car, the four others were talking, laughing, and flirting, it was odd. Clearly, I’d missed something, and my curiosity was threatening to kill me if I didn’t get some answers.

As soon as we got to the airport and Asher and Apollo started to unload the bags, I grabbed Apollo’s arm and pulled him to the side. I waited for Dante and Sadie to board the plane and then I looked back at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Okay,” I started, “what the hell is up with you four?”

Apollo grinned. “Dante let Asher and I have Sadie last night.”

I let out a light gasp. “Seriously?” I was shocked. From the way Dante was treating Sadie, I was certain he had no plans to share.

“Oh yeah. Us first, and then he came in at the end,” Apollo explained. “Apparently she agreed to our old arrangement.”

That shocked me too. Sadie seemed so buttoned up, it was surprising to me that she would agree to be with all of us, but if she was willing, I wasn’t going to complain. We finished loading the bags onto the airplane, I parked the truck in the hanger, and then we boarded the plane and set off. My eyes kept dancing over to Sadie. I wanted her so badly, and knowing that she agreed to the arrangement, I didn’t want to have to wait anymore to take my fill. I did everything I could to distract myself, and it was kind of working, until halfway to Chicago.

It started with Dante whispering into Sadie’s ear, something that had her turning bright red. Suddenly, she kept looking up and locking eyes with me, and each glance felt like she was setting my body of fire and adding kindling to the flame. I kept attempting to avert my gaze, but my eyes always came back to her. I slipped on my headphones to try and remove myself from the moment, but then Dante pulled her into passionate, open-mouth kiss, and my pants started to feel tighter and tighter, a tent forming around my crotch.