Apollo and Asher boldly watched the display, but in an odd way, I felt like I was imposing. I turned to look out the window, but evidently, that’s not what anyone wanted. Sadie stood up from where she was next to Dante, and came and straddled my lap. I probably could have fucked her through my clothes for how hard I was, as she settled down over me and took me into a kiss. She slid my headphones down off of my ears, and once the shock of the moment had subsided, I wrapped my arms around her back and pulled her as close to me as I could.

Sadie reached down, snaking her hands between our bodies, and unbuttoned my pants. She reached in until she could take my cock into her warm hands and started to stroke. She leaned her head down until her lips were at my ear, and she kissed and nibbled lightly.

“Have you ever joined the mile-high club?” she whispered.

She didn’t wait for my response. She released my dick, an action I disagreed with, so she could use her hands to unbutton my shirt. When my chest was revealed, she reached between her breasts and brandished a condom. I took it from her, opened it, and quickly rolled it over my dick.

“Hurry,” she huffed.

I took her hips, pushed her dress up, and was pleased to find she was going commando. I placed my lips against her neck as she repositioned herself to slide down over my cock. She moved slowly, and then when I was buried inside, she started to roll her hips back and forth to swirl herself up with my dick. I thought I was going to pass out. She was tight, and hot, and wet, and commanding. She raised her hips up, so high I nearly pulled out of her, but then she came down hard until her ass hit my thighs with a lewd slap. She screamed out and I moaned to match. She felt unbelievable.

My body burned under the watchful eyes of Dante, Apollo, and Asher. If watching was Dante’s thing, being watched was mine. Knowing that someone’s eyes were on me while I fucked such a beautiful woman, it was too much.

“You’re getting bigger,” Sadie moaned. “Fuck.”

I was the most turned on I had ever been, and before too long, I was about to explode.

I stood up from where I was sitting, keeping Sadie attached to me, and flipped her over to her back on the seat. I tipped her as far back as I could, but her legs were totally in the air and I was able to slide as far into her as I could go. I wrapped my arm around her thigh and gripped for leverage and then set to work pounding into her, filling the plane with the rhythmic sound of my skin against hers.

“Yeah! Fuck!” Sadie screamed.

“How’s Kane, gorgeous?” Dante called over.

“He’s so good, Dante,” Sadie replied. “His dick is so big.”

I ran my other hand up Sadie’s shirt and took one of her luscious, full mounds into my hands and flicked at her nipple. She clawed at my chest, getting me even hotter as I drove in and out of her. She started to slide too far forward on the plane seat, almost to the point of falling off. I was going to pull out to reposition, but Sadie slung her arms around my back and held me tight in place.

“No, don’t stop,” she whimpered. She bore into me with her beautiful, brown eyes. “Fuck me, Kane.”

It was the kind of stone-shattering sex people have in pornos. I wrapped my arms around her legs and forcefully pulled her back towards me, skewing her on my dick and pressing deep into her scrumptious heat. Her hips were shaking, legs were shivering, and fingers were digging into my back. I was on sensory overload.

“If you keep this up, I’m gonna come,” I growled.

“Me too,” Sadie agreed. “Don’t stop.”

I lifted my hips to meet Sadie’s and the collision of our bodies pulled me over the edge. My dick almost hurt as I came. The feeling was overwhelming and astounding. I could quickly get addicted to it. Sadie looked down up at me, with a pleased smile on her face. She pulled against my neck and I did as she commanded and brought my head down to meet hers. I kissed her sweet lips and sucked gently on her tongue as it slid into my mouth. When she finally pulled her face away from me, she looked as though she had just had the best five-course meal.

I looked over at Dante and he had a similar smile of satisfaction his face. “Looks like the boss is pleased,” I said to Sadie.

She giggled. “Then I guess we did our job.”

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