“I thought you wanted to watch a movie?” I joked.

She popped me out of her mouth temporarily. “You said we could do whatever I wanted.”

I laughed. I had indeed said that, and I was quickly realizing that I was eating out of the palm of her hand more than she was eating out of mine.

She moved me back into her mouth and I was pleasantly surprised when she got to work. Apollo had taught her the basics of giving a blow job, but the way she swirled her tongue around me, used alternating blows and sucks to achieve different temperatures, and mixed in use of her hands, I knew she had to have done some research on the skill. It felt heavenly, and I let my head fall back against the couch, and my hand move to the back of her head as she bobbed up and down. She started out displaying her new skills, and then showed off her impressive lack of gag reflex when she buried me totally down her throat until the head of my cock was enveloped in a skin-sizzling heat.

“Fuck, Sadie,” I hissed, annoyed with the fact that I already felt like I was going to come, but when a beautiful woman gets 10 times better at fellatio, seemingly overnight, that kind of thing can kill a man. “I’m gonna come.”

Sadie’s deep brown eyes walked up my stomach to my eyes, and she held eye contact with me while furiously sucking me off, and I gripped the back of her head with force as my seed shot forth. I groaned as she sucked and licked, swallowing all of my liquid as I filled her mouth with it. I sat breathing deeply, and expected her to go for some sort of round two, but she climbed up off the floor, sat down on the couch, and curled back into the same cuddled position she started in. She was perfect in every way.

“Can I ask you a question?” she started after a while.

“You can ask me anything,” I replied.

“Have you thought of anal sex? With me, I mean?” she asked.

I smiled. “I’ve turned you into a sex monster. From virgin to anal. Look how far the mighty have fallen.” She giggled and I laughed along. “I think of doing everything to you,” I admitted. “Although, if you really want to try it, I’m sure Brix would be happy to help. He’s the biggest ass man.” Sadie started laughing a little harder, assuming it was a joke, but I was serious. Brix preferred anal. “I’m serious about Brix. He likes it best. Although, you could go for twin sandwich too. Who knows, you might like anal penetration better too.”

Sadie’s face turned a little red, which seemed odd considering she was the one who initiated the conversation, but then she turned her gaze to me. “That all sounds fine, but before any of that, could you do it?”

Ah, crap. She had me pinned to the wall. I’d kill a man if she asked me too. I stared deeply into her eyes. “Sounds like someone is falling in love with me?”

A huge smile curled across her face. “So what if I am?”

It struck me like a freight train. She wasn’t the only one falling, and from the minx-like look on her face, it was clear that she knew that.


It’d been an exhausting time being in Chicago. I left ahead of the others, but it was only after their arrival that Dante really started running me ragged. Things in Chicago were out of control; it was good Dante came in person to whip things back into shape. I’d just finished cleaning up a bit of a mess in one of the clubs in Chicago Dante owned that he also ran loan-sharking out of, and it was close to 10 at night. I couldn’t wait to get back to my hotel room and just collapse, a dream I wasn’t able to realize as my phone rang and I realized it was Dante.

I knew it meant more work, but it was Dante, so I answered. “Yeah, boss.”

“Did you get things sorted at The Red?” he asked.

“Of course I did,” I replied. “I think it would do well to show your face around there a bit, though. The manager thinks he owns the joint.”

“I’ve got a plan for him, don’t you worry,” he responded. “Listen, I need you to come to my place now and do something for me.”

I could feel my desired eight hours of sleep slipping away. “You got it, boss. I’m on my way.”

All I could do was hope that whatever Dante needed wouldn’t involve much more that evening. If I could just get a little sleep, I’d be back in top form tomorrow. I got to his, much smaller, but still extravagant home in Forest Glen and let myself in using the key code.

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