I lost track of how long I’d been taking her when my cell phone rang. It was Dante. I answered it, very out of breath from our dalliances. “Boss.”

“You know the warehouse in the shipping district where we had our first kill together?” Dante asked.

“Yeah,” I responded.

“I need you come immediately. I came down here to deal with some insurgents, and it’s going south, I need backup,” he said.

“I’m on my way,” I replied and the line went dead a second after.

“What’s wrong?” Sadie asked, wide-eyed.

“Nothing, he just needs some assistance.” I looked at Sadie and saw how truly worried she was and realized that it wasn’t just the boss who’d fallen. “Don’t worry,” I told her, kissing her gently. “We’ll both be back soon.”

Sadie nodded, and I didn’t wait another moment. I hopped out of bed, got dressed, and quickly made my way through the streets of Chicago to the place in question. I saw Dante’s car there and swore at him for daring to come alone. I couldn’t figure out why he wouldn’t just bring me with him. As I was trying to figure it out, I heard the piercing sound of a gunshot fill the sky and went running into the warehouse. I got inside, and the place was a massacre. There were several dead bodies scattered about, and Dante was covered in their blood. On his knees in front of Dante, was the last living person, with Dante’s gun shoved down his throat.

“What the fuck?” I hissed.

Dante looked at me plain-faced. “I told you things were going south.”

“Why’d you keep him?” I asked.

“I had questions, but he isn’t interested in answering them, so I’m just going to dust–” Before Dante could finish his sentence, a shot rocketed out from behind a pile of oil barrels against the far wall. Another guy that Dante hadn’t seen was hidden behind.

Dante fired his gun on instinct, taking out the guy in front of him, while I pulled Dante back and out of harm’s way. I rushed into the warehouse and jumped behind the oil barrels, kicked the guy behind in the face, so he collapsed to the ground and his gun flew from his hand. I picked it up, pointed it down at him, and shot him square between the eyes. For the next few minutes, I did a thorough sweep of the warehouse and when I was confident there were no remaining insurgents, I made my way back to where I’d left Dante. Rage filled my body as I reached the spot. There was a trail of blood leading to where his car was parked, but it was gone.

“That fucking idiot,” I growled. He was off driving with a bullet in his arm. Great. I pulled out my phone and dialed Kane’s number.

“What’s wrong?” Kane answered, knowing I would only call at such an hour with an emergency.

“I’m going to text you an address. Dante made a mess that needs cleaning up,” I explained. “He drove off and I think he’s hurt. I have to go find him.”

“He’s probably going to Sadie. Go, I’ll take care of it,” Kane said.

I hung up without another word and left to go find the one-armed mobster.


My body was still tingling all over from the night (and morning) I’d had. It seemed slightly unfair that five men found each other who all share a desire to share women and were atomic bombs in bed. I chuckled thinking about Dante calling me a sex monster. I really was. I wondered what the limits were of their sexual prowess, or if they even had them. I wanted to experience the full gamut of what they each had in their arsenals. I wanted to be that sex monster.

I’d made my way into the kitchen and was nursing a cup of coffee, wondering when Dante and Brix would be back. I didn’t like that I had no way to contact them. Even though I had my phone, I still didn’t have anyone’s numbers. I just had to sit and wait for whenever they decided to roll back in. It was annoying. I suppose I could forgive them, but I may have to demand something in return…

Before I could get too lost in my lewd thoughts, the front door flew open and Dante came storming in. He was covered in blood, and one spot on his arm in particular was thick and dark. Fear rocked my body and I lost grip on the mug in my hand, as it dropped to the ground, shattering and spilling the contents all over.

“What? What happened?” I screeched. I reached out and pulled his jacket off of his torso, causing him to wince in pain. When it was off, I could plainly see through the white button up underneath; there was a huge, dark red spot around his right bicep. “Oh my god, you were shot. Oh my god. We have to get you to a hosp–” I didn’t get the rest of phrase out before Dante wrapped his arm around my back and pulled me into a deep, passionate kiss. It was filled with fear and relief and love. I didn’t know what to make of it. He pulled away and I guided him down into a chair. “Dante, we have to get you to a hospital.”

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