“I’m all riled up from today. Energized,” she bit her lip, “horny.”

Dante looked back at her with a grin on his face. “How horny?”

“Horny enough that I want all of you, right now,” she replied.

I wasn’t alone in instantly becoming aroused. We’d always only shared women, two or three at a time at the most, but never all five of us at once. It was going to be a first for us all and the excitement in the room was palpable.

We made our way up to Dante’s room, and as the boss, he got first dibs. He sucked Sadie into a kiss as his hands splayed across her body, removing every article of her clothing. She shook her hips and swayed her body as he stripped her, creating a show for us all. She was dangling a big, juicy steak in front of five tigers, and she was about to drop it in the cage.

Once she was naked, Dante tackled her to the bed and started to kiss her. He snapped his fingers and Apollo and I sprang into action, me licking her pussy while Apollo sucked and teased her breasts. Sadie mewled with delight at our ministrations, and after briefly stepping out, Kane and Brix joined the fray with a few toys they’d gone to retrieve. We repositioned Sadie so that she was on her hands and knees, and Dante placed himself in front of her, with his cock poking at her face. She looked like a bitch in heat, clamoring forward so she could take him into her mouth, but Kane pulled her back, placing a collar around her neck, pulling her back with the attached leash.

I moved so I was on my back, and continued to lick her pussy and suck her clit, loving the way she was begging to suck Dante’s dick. Brix plugged in a vibrator and laid on the other side, and ducked it under to tease clit. I moved down a little and stuck my tongue in her hole while Brix held the vibrator in place. Sadie whimpered and, for a moment, she wasn’t trying to get at Dante’s dick, she was just trying to stay up on her hands and knees. Brix was biting at the flesh of her stomach, pressing the vibrator against her more each time he sunk his teeth in. I swirled my tongue around Sadie’s opening, and alternated pushing it in and out. The muscles of her hole kept clenching against my tongue and I could sense she was getting close. I clawed my fingers into the meat of her thighs and pulled her down so get my tongue as deep in her as it would go. It pulled her down firmly against the vibrator as well.

“I’m gonna come!” Sadie screamed, and when she did, Brix and I both stopped, laughing at our intuition. “Please.” Sadie begged.

We were letting her come, we were letting her do what she wanted, and she was behaving like a wild animal. Apollo lined up behind Sadie, covering his condomed dick in a copious amount of lube.

“Fuck her ass, Apollo,” Dante ordered.

“Yes boss,” Apollo responded, and shoved into her asshole in one long thrust.

Brix and I continued to pleasure her pussy and Dante slid forward and Kane released the leash enough for Sadie to finally slurp up his dick with hunger. She began giving Dante a blow job that must have been outstanding for the way Dante huffed “fuck,” at her. Eventually, my dick got so hard it hurt. I repositioned myself enough to line my dick up to her pussy. I quickly adorned a condom and then shoved my cock as far in as it would go. Brix moved the vibrator from her pussy to her nipple and placed his head under her to suck the other. Sadie screamed out, and then a few minutes later, she was ejaculating all over my dick.

Apollo slapped her ass, and she yelped out with glee. Kane pulled out his dick and started to stroke it, but Apollo wasn’t the kind to leave a friend hanging. He removed himself from Sadie, an action that elicited a dissatisfied yip from her, and presented her to Kane. He wrapped himself in a condom as quickly as he could, and then plunged his dick deep, pulling on the leash to arch her back and to fuck her hard.

Kane’s action pulled her off of Dante, but he wasn’t disappointed. “You like being fucked by my men?” he asked.

Sadie nodded. “I love being fucked by your men.”

“You love those two dicks in you?” he growled at her.

Sadie took my and Kane’s dicks deep inside her like a champ. “I love having two dicks inside me while you watch.”

Dante started to stroke his own cock. He stood up on the bed, and Kane pulled the leash back even further, so Sadie was almost upright, putting her in a mind-numbing position on my dick.

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