“Fuck,” I growled. “Keep her steady, Kane, I’m gonna fucking bust with you moving her like that.”

Dante started to stroke his cock right over Sadie’s face. “You like when my men take turns with you while I watch?”

Sadie nodded. “I love having all my holes stuffed while you come on me!” she screamed.

She reached down and started to stroke Brix’s cock with one hand while Apollo moved over to her mouth and she immediately turned and sucked him in. Dante started to pull at his dick harder and faster, and the collective sighs and breaths in the room got faster, and shallower. Kane was the first to go, grunting as he slammed into Sadie’s ass, pulsating with a massive orgasm. Sadie started to shake as he came, and came again herself, shuddering and gyrating around me, wiggling her pussy to ride it out. It snatched me over and I came with a loud moan.

“Fuck,” Apollo hissed. “Swallow it.” He grabbed the back of her head and buried himself down her throat, coming with a loud grumble of his own.

Sadie’s handjob pulled Brix over next and as he came, he pressed the vibrator to its max level, sending shivers down Sadie’s spine and making her come again, clamping down on Kane and I, who hadn’t yet pulled out and each experienced an additional, dry orgasm.

Last was the boss. Watching everyone come in and on his woman pulled him over the edge and he slid his hand up and down his dick until his seed came out, splashing against Sadie’s face in long, hot ribbons. None of us moved for a long time, apart from Sadie, who collapsed on top of me.

Once we had all recovered, Kane, Brix, Apollo, and I started packing up to leave. The three of them got out ahead of me, but I straggled behind just enough to hear Dante sweetly tell Sadie that he was impressed with how brave she was.

“I’m only going to live once, so why waste it conforming to other people’s ideas of what’s ‘normal?’” Sadie replied. I liked that. “Besides, my sister has four husbands too. I guess it runs in the family.”

I was shocked, and I could see Dante was as well. I made my way out of the room, pulling the door closed behind me, just in time to hear Dante murmur, “I’d like to meet your sister.”


No matter what I did, I felt like I wasn’t doing enough to keep Sadie distracted and happy. She tried reaching out to her mother to talk to her about everything that happened, but her mom wasn’t responding to her. She told me that her mom had never ignored her once in her entire life; she was downright depressed about it. I was doing everything in my power. We went out every day to any play she would like, and every night, we made love. I rotated in the guys to give her different things that I knew she loved, but no matter how hard I tried, she was still sad every day when she woke up. It was breaking my heart.

“What can I do?” I asked her finally. “I don’t want you to be sad anymore.”

She smiled at me. “It’s getting better. I know my mom will get over it. I am getting a little bored though. I don’t know how much I enjoy being a ‘kept woman.’”

I hadn’t even considered the thought of Sadie going back to work. For so long it was about not letting her leave the house, and then after that she didn’t want to. Now she wanted to work again, that was difficult for me, but if it would make her happy, I was glad to support her.

“Chicago has a huge modeling scene,” I told her. “I can–”

“No,” Sadie cut me off. “No pulling strings. No intimidation. I want to get jobs on my own. I can go back to go-sees and scraping the sewers for jobs. I did it before, I can do it again.” I pursed my lips. Why would my woman scrape sewers for jobs when I could snap my fingers and get her any job she wanted.

“Dante,” Sadie growled.

I cracked my neck, a tick I did when I was annoyed. “Fine. I’ll be good. I believe in you.”

Sadie gave me the first genuine smile she’d give me in a long time. “Thank you.”

It took a few months. I had to get used to Sadie being gone a lot, because she had to spend a lot of time out of the house seeing client after client to get her face out in the Chicago modeling scene. She started out as the girl in ads about laxatives and not giving in to peer pressure in high school, but after ‘heeling’ it as Sadie called it, she finally got picked up by a huge Illinois agency and was working her way back up the ladder.

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