We started laughing, and in response to the sound, a small, joyous giggle joined in. I turned around and my new, unreasonably cute nephew was chuckling with us. I walked over to him and started clapping with him. He smiled wide, carrying Jada’s dimples with him, and I couldn’t help but get a little emotional thinking about the baby I was carrying.

“What’s wrong?” Jada asked, rubbing my back. I turned towards her, my hand on my stomach and her hands flew to her mouth. “No! Shut up.” I nodded and she squealed. “Congratulations!”

Our mom walked into the kitchen with Dante right on her heels at the screech. “What?”

I didn’t want to tell my parents about the baby just yet. Jada was right, they couldn’t handle many more surprises for the time being. We had to space them out.

“I was just telling Jada that we’re planning to have our wedding this Christmas, and I’d love it if you and daddy could be there,” I said.

Mom put her hands to her mouth and turned to look at Dante. He nodded with a bright, beautiful smile. “We’d love it.”

“Of course we’ll be there!” my mom yelped, and then she hugged Dante tight and my nephew started to clap and coo again.

Dante looked at him and then looked at me and I could tell he was imagining our future child as well. I couldn’t wait to see what the future held for me and my soon-to-be-husband, but for now I was going to sit back and enjoy my family. My new, exciting one, including five, sexy, mafia captors.


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