“Fuck,” I hissed. “Come on.”

“Not very patient?” Cade asked. “Sorry beautiful, but we’ll go at my pace.”

His voice was deep and sexy. He continued to rub my clit, at a pace that was pleasurable, but made me feel impatient. I wanted to just grab his fingers and force them inside of me, but something about the way he handled me had me feeling lightheaded and like I wanted him to maintain the control. I continued to rock my hips, trying to force the friction Cade was just barely denying me. It had been some time since I had been with someone, and I didn’t realize how much my body wanted it. I wanted to come, I needed to, and I communicated it to Cade by thrusting my pelvis forward, and grinding down on Cade’s fingers. Cade berated my impatience with a few shallows “tsks,” but did start to increase his speed. My whole body burned, and as Cade started to give me what I wanted and move faster and faster, I started to tingle. I massaged my clit against his pussy, causing the chair we were sitting on to screech in response to my movements, and Cade pushed harder against the spot, sending crackles of pleasure across my body. I tipped my head back to rest against his shoulder and then all at once, I came.

“Yes,” I whined. “Fuck, that feels so good.”

He didn’t slow his movements. I was already weak from an orgasm, but Cade showed no sign of stopping. I started to feel overwhelmed by the feeling of him continuing to burn against my clit while I was still trying to recover. I pushed against his hand, but he flexed and stayed in place, continuing to pleasure me. My head was fuzzy and my eyes were starting to water, and my thighs and stomach seared as another orgasm collided into me.

I let out a loud scream, never having experienced overlapping orgasms before, and Cade laughed. “Shh, you’re being too loud.”

“Whose fault is it?” I said, just trying to catch my breath.

Cade slid his fingers even further downwards, poking a finger at my hole. “Do you want me to stop?”

“No,” I whimpered.

Cade moved his hand into the hole sending shockwaves through me. He got deeper and deeper until he was moving around inside me, and then crooked a finger up and hit my sweet spot. I threw my head back and let out a moan of pleasure. We were totally clothed, and he was only finger fucking me, but I was putty in his hands. I couldn’t even fathom what would happen if he actually fucked me.

“I’m gonna come again,” I warned.

“Three times?” Cade said, as if he wasn’t the one doing it. “You must be hungry.”

I started to lift and lower my hips, fucking myself on Cade’s finger. As he started to loosen me up, he dipped another finger inside and before long, I could feel that powerful feeling washing over me for the third time. He kissed me again, as he finally pulled his hand from my pants.

He sighed. “Well, that’s all the rule-breaking we can do for now, but don’t worry.” He ran a hand along my face. “We’ll do much more soon enough.”



My muscles burned in a good way as I I swung out towards Oliver, hoping to make contact with one of my heavy, red boxing gloves. I didn’t have many releases for my pent-up frustrations, so whenever I got the opportunity, I liked to engage in my favorite past time, boxing. I was thrilled to learn that at least one of the other dads liked boxing as well, so Oliver and I made it a point to get together to box once a week. I flattered myself as a better boxer than him, but I knew that, in reality, he could kick my ass.

My punch swung wide and Oliver ducked out of the way, swinging his own fist down into my gut for a low blow. “Fuck,” I grunted.

“Come on,” Oliver hugged between breaths. “I know you can do better than that.”

I stood upright and backed away from Oliver. I sniffed in, recovering from the blow, and then went back in. I was determined to land at least one solid hit against Oliver before we ended our match for the day. He always got the best of me and I wanted the upper hand for once.

I swung out, but Oliver threw up his forearm and blocked it with expertise. I threw my other fist, but he parried and stepped out to the side.

“Fuck. You move quick for a guy with a stick so far up his ass,” I growled.

Oliver relaxed his body, and dropped his fists. “What the fu–” I threw a punch and made hard contact with Oliver’s face. He stumbled back and dropped to his butt. He tilted his head back and then started laughing. “Well played.”

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