“Tell us everything,” Oliver poked.

“It happened really quickly,” Cade said. “I asked her to hang out while I tucked Nova in and when I came back she was making herself an ice cream and coffee liqueur bowl. I got one myself and once we were both a little tipsy, she asked me about our dating lives. I tried to keep it vague, but I think she could tell I was lying and pushed.”

“I’m sure she could tell you were lying. You’re a horrible liar,” Lowe said.

“Anyway,” Cade continued. “Once she pushed me enough, I told her the truth about us sharing a woman, usually the nanny. I thought she was gonna freak out, but she really just looked intrigued. We started talking about arrangements; twosomes, threesomes; and I think she got turned on. She climbed onto my lap, kissed me, and dared me to do something. I knew what we’d decided, so I didn’t want to fuck her just yet, even though she would have let me. So I fingered her.”

“That’s it?” Oliver said. “She wanted to fuck and you didn’t?”

Cade looked legitimately confused. “That’s not what we decided.”

I scoffed. “Leave it up to the baby. I would have fucked her twice without giving it a second thought. Fuck you guys.”

“You’re not alone,” Harrison broke in and all eyes shot to him. That was uncharacteristic for him. “Oh no,” he continued. “I meant, Oliver. He’s a barbarian that lacks compunction.”

Oliver threw his hand to his heart with an overly dramatic gasp. “I am wounded, Harrison. Wounded.”

Rogan ignored him. “So how do we–”

“Wounded!” Oliver screeched and everyone tossed different expletives at him. “Okay, I’m sorry, but seriously. How do we move forward? If it sounds like she’s in, how much longer do I have to wait?”

“We still need to take into consideration that this woman is caring for our children. More than that, they all seem to adore her. I know we’re all itching to try her out, but we need to continue to get to know her, and make sure that she truly is on board with these special circumstances,” Harrison said.

“Oh, I plan to continue to get to know her,” Oliver cut in. “Biblically.”

“Harrison is right,” Ethan interjected. “We will get to know her better first, and take things slow. If she is willing we’ll put our other arrangement in place, but we won’t force her to do anything she doesn’t want to.” There was a collective round of agreements to the statement. “Now then, it’s just down to deciding who will have the conversation with her. I clearly took too long for you all, so why doesn’t one of you do it?”

Cade raised his hand. “I’ll do it.”

Oliver raised his hand higher. “No! I’ll do it.”

“Okay, so clearly we can’t trust either of those two,” Rogan said. He looked over at me with a hiked eyebrow. “Harrison, you should do it?”

“Me?” He questioned.

I knew where Rogan was going with it. It made sense to have the most calm, cool, and collected of us to have the official conversation with Jordan. “Yeah, you should do it,” I added. “She respects you a lot, and you’re the most mature one of us. Just have the conversation,” I winked, “and then have a taste.”

Harrison sat there in silence for a moment, but then a coy smile curled across his face. “Okay. I’ll do it.”



Each time I saw Jordan, the more I was attracted to her. My compatriots had less at stake than I did and had an easy time expressing their lewd desires for our new nanny, but it was a bit different for me. I didn’t color myself some overly sophisticated man, but I was the only one in the Single Dad Club that didn’t part from his ex due to differences or falling out of love. It didn’t help that Jordan looked just like her, and laying eyes on her took me back to a past I had tried very hard to forget.

I’d been designated by the other dads to be the one to explain to Jordan the circumstances of our arrangements and the agreements we’d come to, but I wasn’t even sure I could remain objective about her. I wasn’t as carnal as Lowe or Oliver, but I couldn’t stop myself from agreeing with them when they said they would have fucked her without concern for the consequences. I might have done the same. I wanted her more than I could fathom.

“Knock, knock!”

Jordan’s melodic voice pierced my thoughts. I glanced at the clock in my office and realized that I’d been sitting deep in thought for close to an hour. She was already home with Trey and it was time to have the conversation with her, and I hadn’t even considered what I was going to say.

“Harrison?” Jordan called out again.

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