“Coming!” I stood up and walked out of my office and met Jordan and Trey in the front hallway.

“Hi daddy,” Trey greeted. “Can I watch Pit Stop?” Pit Stop was Trey’s recent cartoon of choice; he was obsessed with it. “I’m hungry.”

“Do I look like a walking need-fulfiller to you?” I asked him, and he stared back at me blankly. “I’ll take that as a yes. Come on.” I looked up at Jordan. “Do you have a moment? I’ll just get him set up with dinner and his show, then I wanted to talk to you about something.”

Jordan nodded with a bright smile. “Of course.”

“Come on in. Make yourself comfortable,” I responded, and then I followed as Trey was already headed towards the living room.

I followed him in and chuckled as he went about setting up his typical, nightly routine. He was a child of habit, and I just stood while he dragged over his child-sized armchair, placing it square in front of the T.V., pushing it back until it was far enough away that he knew he wouldn’t get barked at by his father, and then he went and grabbed his little table. He then sat down in the chair and looked back over his shoulder at me, absently wondering why I wasn’t already doing my job. I prepared him a quick meal of nuggets and fries, his favorite, and delivered them to him with a juice box and carrot sticks. He didn’t even say thank you, he just settled in and immediately started eating. I clicked on his favorite episode of Pit Stop from our recorded stash, and then as I passed by him, he did offer me a chicken nugget of gratitude.

“You’re welcome, bud,” I said to him. “You eat it for me.”

He didn’t even look up; he just popped it into his mouth.

I walked back out of the living room and found Jordan sitting in the den, and had started the fire place. She was standing in front of it, looking at the pictures I had on the mantle. I couldn’t keep many pictures out; any that gave way to my old life were too risky to show anyone but myself, but there were a few of Trey and I that I kept up there, along with Trey’s kindergarten school photo.

“He’s pretty cute isn’t he?” I asked and Jordan turned around and smiled at me.

“He’s very cute,” she responded. “He doesn’t look much like you. Does he take after his mother?”

That was a question I wasn’t prepared to answer. “Are you saying I’m not cute?” I diverted.

Jordan’s cheeks turned red. “N-no! You’re very cute. Uh, I mean…” She started chuckling. “Well played.”

“I wanted to talk to you about what the guys and I decided,” I said, moving on without answering any questions about Eva. I approached her slowly, and she stayed in place with the hue on her face not fading. “Cade told us what happened and that he told you about the second arrangement we have with our nannies.”

“He did,” Jordan confirmed.

“And that you would be willing,” I said.

Jordan nodded. “I would be. I obviously find you all very attractive.”

I stopped walking when I was close enough to Jordan to smell the sweet, lilac of her perfume. “And we all feel similarly, but we want you to know that, we feel differently about you. This isn’t just sex. We appreciate what you do for our children and we want to treat you with all the respect you deserve. We aren’t going to ask you to do anything you aren’t ready for. We’re moving at your pace.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a boyfriend who’s done that, so you’re already a leg up,” Jordan responded.

“And you’re absolutely sure you want to do this?” I asked. “It usually takes a bit more convincing,” I admitted to her.

“I’ve always been a bit more forward thinking,” Jordan said. “I have a friend Sadie who has five men of her own, and her sister has four. In fact, several people in my circle find polyamory a perfectly normal and healthy way to love.”

“That’s because it is,” I agreed with her. “So that means you’re totally in?”

Jordan took a step towards me, her eyes fluttering with lust. “I am. I’ve come to know and take such good care of all of your kids. Why shouldn’t I take care of the dads too?”

She was truly perfect. I felt protective over her. I saw so much of Eva in her and I wanted to make sure I was a better lover to Jordan than I ever was to Eva. That said, my dick was already hardening at the thought of being able to fuck her. The way she was looking at me let me know, in no uncertain terms, that she wanted it too, and I couldn’t wait to give it to her.

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