I let out a huff and she smiled. “You’re big.”

“Do you want it?” I asked her.

She nodded. “I want it.”

I tucked my hands into my boxers and dropped them away from my body, letting my leaking, aching member spring free. Jordan’s eyes widened and it was an incredible boost to my confidence. She licked her lips and I laughed. There would be a time for her to taste me, but not just yet. I wanted it to be all about her. I tapped her hip to roll her onto her stomach, and she did as told, giving me the view I desired of her beautiful ass. It had a lovely peach shape to it, and I let my cock sit in the line of her ass cheeks, loving the feeling of her soft, supple skin.

I blanketed myself over her, and placed more kisses across her back, taking nips at her shoulder blades, and thrusting my dick gently against the skin of her ass. I would want to claim it too for myself at some point, but I didn’t want to do too much too fast, we had plenty of time to do everything we wanted to try. She reached behind her and grabbed my dick, lifting her ass in the air. She lined the head up to the opening to her pussy and then looked back over her shoulder at me.

“Please, Harrison,” she begged through parted lips and wild eyes. “Fuck me.”

I slapped a hand down on her ass and she yelped. “You want me to fuck you?”

She nodded, and her face was drenched in red. “Yes. Fuck me.”

I pushed the head of my cock just inside. I didn’t go the whole way. I had a certain kink for taking things at an arduous pace to generate a build up that would drive us both wild. Jordan wiggled impatiently, trying to push herself backwards, but I kept my hands braced on her ass, keeping her in place as I moved at the speed I wanted to. I moved slowly inside, letting out a gasp of my own at how tight she was. The ribbed muscles of her pussy clamped down on me, trying, as she was, to get my dick further inside her.

“Fuck,” I hissed.

Jordan swiveled her hips to increase the friction, and for a moment, I lost myself in the feeling. I pushed my cock even further inside her, taking deep breaths as she stabbed herself on my dick and moved me around inside her. With my head far from a place of control, Jordan shoved her ass backwards and buried me all the way to the hilt, nearly making me come instantly. I slapped her ass in reaction and she let out a loud moan. Her pussy spasmed around me, and I could feel her coming in response to the sudden slap. Slow was typically the name of my game, but she felt so good, I couldn’t stop my hips from moving as they started to thrust in and out of her.

“Yes, Harrison,” she moaned. “Your dick feels so good.”

I slapped her ass again, that time instantly feeling her clench around me. She liked it rough. That was duly noted. I wrapped my hand around her stomach and pulled her to sit upright on her knees. The position moved me into a new spot inside her, where I was plunging deep inside, setting her womb as a goal.

“Ah, fuck!” she screeched. “Right there.”

I continued to move in and out of her, targeting her favorite places inside and feeling the way her pussy reacted by massaging my dick in turn. I was looking forward to fucking her all night long, but she was already threatening to make me come for the first time. She started to throw her ass back, and I just sat in place, allowing her to fuck herself on my dick.

“I’m gonna come,” she whined. “I’m gonna come again.”

She hastened herself, pushing her ass back repeatedly, filling the room with the sound of her skin hitting mine, and when she finally stopped, letting her ass sit against my pelvis while her pussy spasmed around me in another wild orgasm, my cock started to sear with heat, and I felt myself coming in spurts, thrusting into her as I filled her up with everything I had. We collapsed onto the bed, breathing hard and remaining connected for the moment.

“Wow,” she sang. “Just wow.”

I pet her hip gently with my hand. “Yeah, wow.”

“That’s one for the books,” she said, and then she looked back over her shoulder at me. “At least until round two.”

I pulled out of her quickly, and flipped her onto her back. “Then let’s not waste any time.”

We made out long enough to get my cock ready for another go, and we continued to make love all night long.

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