“I’m gonna come in your mouth,” I reminded her, grunting and groaning as I felt myself getting close.

She nodded. “Yeah.”

“I’m gonna fucking bust all over your face,” I said.

“Yeah!” she screamed.

I pulled my dick from her pussy, and aimed it towards her face, and she stuck her tongue out just in time to catch the streams as they spurted forth from my dick. I painted her face with my come, and I had to admit, it was a true work of art. Her head dropped back onto the pillow behind her and I could see her eyelids already starting to flutter closed. I pulled some tissues from a box nearby, and wiped her face off. I pulled the blankets over her body, and then leaned down over her and kissed her forehead.

“So,” I asked. “Did I top Harrison?”

She was sex-drunk and worn out, and it was a delightful look on her. She nodded, and opened her mouth to say something, but the words didn’t leave. Her eyes drifted shut and a few seconds later, she was letting out quiet breaths.

I chuckled at the sight. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

I noticed the alarm clock she had on her bed and set it for about an hour before she had to pick the kids up. Feeling satisfied and victorious myself, I made my way back to the office.



“You know what?” I spat. “Fuck you guys.”

The guys and I were all together for our weekend poker night and I had just learned that both Harrison and Ethan had gotten to be with Jordan already, and I wanted to beat them both senseless for taking her first. Even Cade had gotten a little feel. I should have been first.

“Oli, don’t be a brat,” Lowe said. “They just told you she’s in, so you’ll get to be with her soon enough.”

“Don’t tell me I’m being a brat, what about them?” I barked with an accusatory point. “They’re the ones being selfish. Harrison fucked her all night long and Ethan got some in his car and her apartment, and neither of you could be bothered to call me for a threesome? Talk about self-centered.”

“Well, maybe we didn’t want a fucking tornado hanging around while we were with our new woman for the first time,” Harrison quipped.

“Yeah,” Ethan added. “Trust me, when you finally get her, you’ll be happy you have her all to yourself.”

“You’re goddamn right I will, because none of you are going to touch her again until I get to fuck her, and when I do, I’m going to make her forget you two even existed,” I hissed.

“You’ve got such a bad temper,” Rogan commented. “That’s if she even wants to be with you.”

“Don’t get started with me, Rogan. I wanted Jordan more than any of you and I’m going to be, what, fourth to the party? I’m a headlining act, not a side-show,” I said, and I meant it. Jordan was mine and mine alone next.

“Don’t get him all riled up,” Cade said. “He’s just acting like this because he needs to get laid. Soothing tones, gents. We don’t want him to flip the table like last time.”

I was known for my temper. My ex credited it for being one of the reasons she left me after ten years, but I knew she was jealous of the attention I showed my job over her. It wasn’t easy being a cop with a wife and a kid at home. A lot of shit happened to me throughout my day, and I wasn’t expected to carry any of it home. Then I would go home, get accused of keeping secrets and being distant, and would go to work the next day with the expectation that I wouldn’t carry any of my baggage from home out onto the streets. Of course I developed a temper problem. It served me okay when I had to beat the snot out of pedophile or thief thinking he could get away from me, but being a cop with a temper didn’t give you the best reputation when you had an unhappy wife.

Not many people could see that I was heartbroken when she left me behind. I hadn’t let many people into my life the way I had let her in, so when she dropped me like she didn’t care about me at all, after everything we’d built over ten years, I developed a hard exterior that no one could penetrate; only my son was allowed inside.

“I’m not gonna fucking flip the table,” I growled. “Just deal the cards.”

The rest of the night passed uneventfully. Either someone had stacked the deck to keep me happy, or I was on a lucky streak, because I won most of the hands we played. I left in a better mood than I’d arrived in, already trying to figure out when the best time would be to invite Jordan over for a little R&R. I knew she’d be with Ty when I got home from poker. The other guys in the group had parents and siblings that liked to take their kids on the weekends, but my ex had made sure that her parents hated me, and both my parents were gone. Jordan was willing to work overtime on poker nights to watch Trey, so the situation basically begged me to fuck her as soon as I got home, but she’d worked pretty long hours for me already. It wouldn’t be fair to ask her to stay any longer just to satiate my needs. At least that’s the logic that flew straight out the window when I opened the door and saw her sitting on the couch in the living room. She was wearing a v-neck sweater and black leggings that made her body look like she was on display at a department store. It wouldn’t be fair to ask her to stay, but it would be necessary.

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