I slurped all of her up, wildly flicking my tongue over her clit, devouring the way her body shook in response to my actions. I was a zombie and only the taste of Jordan’s pussy could satiate me. I stuck a finger into her pussy and started to work it in and out while I licked and sucked her pussy everywhere else.

“Oliver,” she whimpered. “It’s too much.”

That was too damn bad. She was so delicious I couldn’t wrap my mind around it, and she was just going to have to endure a few more orgasms before I could tear myself away. I licked her clit up into my mouth and sucked it and Jordan went quiet. I was afraid that maybe I’d hurt her, but I felt a torrent of wetness around my finger, and pulled it out of her pussy and a stream of ejaculate followed. She let out a loud moan, and as soon as she stopped ejaculating her hips started to shake wildly. I’d never seen such a thing before, and I got tunnel vision for it.

I stood to my feet and started to pull off my pants, and when I caught a glimpse of Jordan’s face, my dick grew two sizes. Her cheeks were bright red, her pupils were huge and dark, and her hair was tousled all over her head. She looked absolutely sex-wrecked, and I could revel in knowing that I’d caused it.

“Hurry baby,” she said. “I want your dick inside me. Make me come again.” I didn’t hesitate. I grabbed her legs, forcefully pulled her to the edge of the bed, and shoved my dick inside her in a forceful thrust. “Yes!”

I felt like I was going to fall from my feet. “Shit,” I hissed.

The feeling of sticking my dick inside of her overly wet, well worked pussy was a totally unknown feeling to me, and something I couldn’t quite describe. I started to move in and out of her, and the slimy entrance was letting out lewd squelches as I moved in and out. The world could be ending outside and I wouldn’t know nor care. I took my time moving my dick in and out of Jordan, loving the way she hooked her knees and pulled her legs back, giving me a full, slippery runway to her best spots inside. I wasn’t sure exactly what I had done to make her ejaculate, but I wanted to again. I lowered myself, arched my dick upwards to where I knew most women had a g-spot and started to hammer away.

“Fuck,” Jordan said. “Right there.”

“Right there?” I repeated. “You gonna squirt all over me again?”

Jordan was nodding her head, and her mouth was open, but no sound was coming out. I started to thrust into her faster and faster, until Jordan suddenly pushed against me. I could feel the rush of liquid again, and I pulled out of her just in time for another forceful wave of ejaculate to come flying out. I pushed back into her, and started to fuck her as fast as I could go. My dick started to pulse with pleasure, and the base of my stomach burned. I pushed against her spot, wanting to get her one more time, and after letting out a string of moans, she went quiet again. I pulled out of her just as more wetness flushed out of her, and I came, shooting out my come all over her stomach.

I dropped to my back next to her and we breathed in unison each trying to recover from what we’d just done.

“I have never done that before,” Jordan said finally.

“I’ve never caused it before,” I responded.

Jordan started giggling and then she looked over at me. “Wanna do it again?”

Confirmed. She was perfect.



It seemed kind of pointless to be preparing my home for our weekly poker night even though it’s what was expected of me. We decided on a whim to invite Jordan to poker night because the kids were all away for the night on a school trip to Six Flags, so she didn’t have to watch them while we played, and I knew exactly what that meant. The only thing that we would all be dedicating our collective energies to that night, was Jordan. Still, I set up the table, put out chips and dip, and put beer on to chill. I could at least act like we were going to actually play poker, even if it was pretty obvious we would not be.

All the guys gathered first around our normal time, and then Jordan arrived about thirty minutes afterwards. She laughed at how abnormal it seemed that we would actually play poker. She said it didn’t seem like us, but we assured her that it was the gambling part of it that we all enjoyed so much. None of us were strapped for cash so we liked to wager other things that wouldn’t normally be bet at a poker table.

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