I didn’t wait. I moved over to her pussy and started to slide my dick over the entrance. I continued to tease her, sliding it up and down, until she was wiggling her hips so much it was cruel to deny her any further. I gave in and pressed my dick down and let it slide inside. She was so wet already and I slipped inside with ease and went as far back as she could take me. I moved my hips from side to side, really letting her feel every inch of me as I rested inside, and then I went to thrusting in and out of her. Her pussy was twitching around my dick and giving me heavenly waves of pleasure.

“Fuck, she feels good,” I said.

Oliver lifted a hand and brought it down to slap her ass. “Well hurry the fuck up and bust already. There are six of us in here.” He grabbed the back of her head and started to fuck her face quicker.

“I wanna come in her mouth,” I said.

“I bet you do,” Oliver responded.

He backed away from Jordan’s mouth, and I pulled out of her and we swapped places. I pushed my dick into Jordan’s mouth, and Oliver roughly pushed his way into her pussy. He was a jackrabbit on her pussy, making her scream out as much as he could with her mouth wrapped around my cock. I grabbed the back of her head and bobbed it on my cock until I could feel it nearing its climax. I looked at Oliver slamming into her, and it was such a turn on watching her pussy get fucked hard, that I came. I shoved my cock as far down Jordan’s throat as it would go and emptied my seed into her mouth, shuddering as she sucked me to swallow.

I pulled out of her mouth and she looked up at Oliver. “Fuck me, Oliver. You feel so fucking good inside my pussy.” We’d learned about Jordan early on that she was really into dirty talk, it was a huge turn on for all of us, and it was one of her surefire ways to get us to come quickly. “Don’t you wanna watch as your friends fuck me?”

Oliver nodded. “They’re all gonna pour their come into you.”

Jordan nodded back. “I want all their come, but I want yours first.” Oliver let out a series of grunts and groans and then hunched over her as he came hard in her pussy.

We backed off, and Ethan and Cade immediately moved in for their turn. Cade laid on his back on the bed and Ethan ushered Jordan to straddle his face, but stayed on her hands and knees on the bed. We all knew what was coming. It was what Ethan had won at our most recent poker game; the right to take Jordan first anally.

Cade started to eat Jordan out, brandishing a vibrating egg from his pocket and sliding it inside her pussy as he did so.

“Fuck,” Jordan whined. “Yes, oh fuck.”

Ethan coated his fingers with a fair amount of lube, and then did the same to Jordan’s asshole, and while Cade masterfully gave Jordan head with the aid of the vibrator, Ethan started to work a finger in and out of her asshole. At first, he got the typical resistance, but soon, he was getting the finger in and out of her with ease, with her crying out with pleasure at the feeling.

“Keep her steady, Cade” Ethan said. Cade didn’t let up. He continued to eat Jordan out until she was coming on his face. Ethan lined up to Jordan’s asshole, placed a hand on her back, and then started to push his way inside. Her back tensed immediately, but Ethan pressed it down and massaged it. “Just relax baby. It’ll feel good.”

Between Cade sucking her pussy and teasing her insides with the egg, and Ethan behind her working his way in and out of her ass at an ever increasing pace, Jordan’s moans and screams lost sound. She was just a puddle as they fucked her, and Cade pulled the egg from her pussy just in time for her to send out a burst of ejaculate.

“Ah, fuck,” Ethan hissed. “Don’t squeeze so tight, I’m gonna come.”

“Come in me!” Jordan screamed. “Fill up my tight ass with your come!” Jordan threw her ass back at Ethan and he had to brace himself just to keep her up. “Fuck me!” She was driving her ass back against Ethan and he closed his eyes and let out a moan, and his hips started to shudder as he came. She crawled forward, hovering over Cade’s dick and letting Ethan drop out of her. “Fuck me, Cade.” She lowered herself over his dick, and being the largest of us, he filled her up past what she’d had so far. “Yes!” she screamed. “Fuck me with your big dick!”

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