We were all staring in awe as Cade and Ethan struggled to keep up. She was riding Cade like he was a stationary object, while he squeezed onto her breasts. She was alternating between rotating on his dick, humping up and down, and grinding against him. She was an olympic gold medalist in fucking the living shit out of a man.

“Fuck,” Cade growled, and his eyes rolled back in his head as he came.

Jordan leaned down and kissed cade as he pulled himself out of her. She looked exhausted already, but Lowe and Rogan were already sauntering their way up.

“I want this ass,” Rogan said, giving it a hard slap.

“Suck my dick,” Lowe demanded.

Rogan sat down on the bed, and Jordan sat in his lap, letting his dick slide up her ass, while Lowe climbed up on the bed and stood at her face where she could suck him. After seeing the way she’d defeated Ethan and Cade, they were behaving as if they didn’t want to lose. They were ruthless. Lowe was face fucking her so hard she was gagging and Rogan was slamming into her ass and taking her breasts in forceful fists in his hands.

“Fuck, you ass is so fucking tight,” Rogan growled.

Lowe forced his dick down Jordan’s throat. “I’m gonna take your fucking pussy next.”

Jordan nodded, with her eyes watering, and Lowe continued to thrust in and out of her mouth while she grinded her ass against Rogan’s cock. Finally, she lifted her hips and Rogan started to thrust up into her. Even with Lowe in her mouth she was moaning loudly and rolling her hips against Rogan. He was pushing up into her, threatening to throw her off her feet.

He looked up at Lowe. “Let me bust my nut in her mouth.” Lowe pulled himself from Jordan’s mouth, kissing her on the way past, and then Rogan sat on the bed, and Jordan ducked her head to his dick and started to suck it. “That’s right. Milk my fucking dick.”

She wiggled her ass in the air, and as he had promised, Lowe stuck his dick in her pussy and they each started thrusting, threatening to crush her between them.

“Her pussy is a mess, it feels so good,” Lowe said.

“You opened her mouth up,” Rogan said. “I’m gonna come.” He looked at Jordan. “Are you really to take all my come?”

Jordan nodded.

Lowe slapped her ass. “And I’m gonna come in this pussy.”

Jordan nodded again.

Lowe slapped her ass, Jordan picked the pace sucking Rogan’s dick, and all three of them came in unison with a melody of moans filling the air.

Jordan collapsed onto the bed with Rogan and Lowe on either side of her. The rest of us dropped like flies once the fun was over, and didn’t have the strength we needed to get up. The room was silent apart from everyone trying to catch their breaths, followed by the eventual snoring as everyone passed out.



Two Months In

I felt like one of those silly, head over heels, business women from a holiday Hallmark movie. The streets of Dallas were starting to light up in anticipation of Christmas, and I was walking down the road, a gaggle of cute children about me, shopping for presents for their fathers. Anything that played music was joyously playing holiday songs, and Dallas had even been lucky enough to get a light blanket of snow. I was on cloud nine. I had six wonderful, beautiful men who all adored me, and the kids, though a handful at times, made my life feel fulfilled and full of wonder.

Confirmed: I was a walking Christmas movie.

The kids would be taking holiday breaks from school soon, and their fathers had all bent over backwards getting the time off to spend with them, so I was a little uncertain about what role I would play during family holidays, but for the moment I was just enjoying being with them. They were having a blast getting to shop for their parents, and I even took them to visit Santa too.

“Jordan,” one of the twins, Davin, started while we were in line to meet the big guy. “Do you know what happened to my mom?” My heart thudded. He and David were old enough to remember their mom, and I could see Davin’s eyes were trained on a mom singing to her child a few families in front of us.

I knelt down in front of Davin, noticing that David was watching me intently as well. “No, honey, I don’t know what happened to her, but I do know that she loved you very much, and your dad loves you even more.” I reached out and pulled them both into a tight hug, tickling their sides as I did. “And I love you the mostest!” My psychology degree kicked in and reminded me that, above anything else, children just want to be loved.

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