“Jeez, is it that bad?” I asked them. “You barely laid eyes on each other.”

“Why wouldn’t it be when I finally get my hands on the woman that’s been driving me crazy day in and day out?” Ethan responded.

“You act as if you didn’t just have her last night,” I growled back.

Truth told, I was jealous. We agreed to share her, but Jordan had a way of making one want to possess her all to themselves. When she was around, we lost our cool. All sense of logic or reason went out the window; we are like dogs without leashes.

“I’m insatiable,” Ethan replied, not breaking eye contact from Jordan. His hands were still wandering all over her body. “When it comes to Jordan, I can’t get enough.”

I could relate to that feeling. Jordan was beautiful, intelligent, and unbelievably sexy. I had never had that level of excitement in a relationship before. I’d been with Ricky’s mother since high school and she had been the only woman I had been with. I wasn’t sure if I was just too dumb to see it, or if I didn’t want to see it, but she was a lesbian. Our relationship had never been that passionate, intimate, I-gotta-have-you-now, type of relationship. I thought that was normal. It wasn’t until I started to see how other people talked about their relationships that I realized we didn’t have the type of connection we should have. Before I could confront her about it, she told me that she was in love with her co-worker and would be leaving me to move to Iowa with her. It was shattering. In the end, I probably wasn’t in love with her, as much as I was in love with what we had, but realizing that we’d officially gotten to the end was hard.

Jordan gave me an entirely different feeling. When I saw her, my heart raced and my skin fizzled and my dick tingled. Everything in me wanted everything in her, and when she laughed or I caught a glimpse of her with Ricky, all I could do was thank my lucky stars that she’d come to us.

“Trust me, I get it,” I responded, “but let’s not rush it. Come in and I’ll pour us some wine.”

Despite clearly not wanting to slow down, Ethan and Jordan did heed what I’d asked, and peeled themselves off of one another long enough to make it down to the den, where I poured us each a glass of my most expensive white wine. Ethan was operating from a one-track mind, though, and all he saw his wine was an opportunity to strip Jordan down and take body shots of the wine off of her. I would have been annoyed if she didn’t look so sexy stripped down and covered in the wine, and when Ethan started to drizzle the liquid over her breasts and pussy, I was all in for whatever game plan he’d come up with. We took turns dropping the wine over her breasts and pussy and licking it up. The more we played, the more drunk we got, and the more drunk we got, the more we played; it was the best vicious cycle.

Eventually, the wine wasn’t even needed and I was just eating Jordan out without a care. Ethan positioned himself above her and was fucking her breasts with his cock, and in no time at all we were in the throes. As I licked the hole to her pussy, I decided to chase a shadow of our orgy from the other night, and I dipped down and licked her asshole. I waited to see if she rejected the thought, but the more I licked, the more she moaned. Ethan was dipping his cock into her mouth when he could, and I was giving her head, and pushing my fingers in her pussy. She was whining and begging us for more as our combined tactics had her coming twice back to back. I was hoping to prepare her ass for penetration, but she derailed my plans.

“Fuck my pussy,” Jordan whined.

I wanted something else, but I was pretty powerless to deny her of anything she asked for, and I moved my dick up to her pussy and slid in without resistance. Knowing that she had a kink for a little bit of pain, I flipped her over until she was on her hands and knees and poked my thumb into her ass while I fucked her. Her pussy was clenching me as I played with her ass, and I knew that I was going to go for another ‘first’ with Jordan.

I pulled out of her pussy. “You want Ethan to fuck your pussy?”

Jordan nodded. “I love when Ethan fucks my pussy.”

Ethan tilted his head at me, but made his way over. I maneuvered them so that Jordan was on top of Ethan, and she went to work riding him while he gripped onto her breasts and squeezed them. I knelt behind Jordan, wrapped an arm around her, and started to rub her clit with one hand, and used the other to hook some fingers into her mouth.

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