“Wow,” I responded. I couldn’t fathom what I would do if Danielle didn’t even have her grandparents. “I’m sorry.”

Jordan shrugged. “I turned out okay. My mom taught me the most important thing in the world: How to survive. For a while, I wondered why my dad didn’t love me enough to stay, or even stay involved, but my mom told me every day that I was special and that he didn’t see it because he was stupid. I know now that she’s right.” She looked up at me. “The parents who stick around are the ones I respect above anything.”

My heart exploded. Suddenly, I didn’t just need to consider how Jordan felt about me, I had to consider how I felt about Jordan.

“I know that you feel like you’re falling in love with us,” I told her, not expecting the words to come out of my mouth. I wasn’t sure what my plan was with saying it to her.

“Yeah?” she replied. “How do you feel about that?”

“I feel that I wish I’d followed my instincts and kissed you back when you first came to my office.” Again, I wasn’t expecting to say what I was saying.

Jordan’s eyes shimmered with happiness, and I knew why. Based on the way I’d said what I said, didn’t it sound like I was saying I was in love with her too? Was I?

I was just leaning in to kiss her when, out of nowhere, a downpour of rain started to drench us and our picnic. We jumped up, I grabbed the blanket and we went running back up the trail towards my cabin, laughing the whole way.

When we got into the cabin, Jordan started to peel off her drenched clothes, but I stepped up to her and pulled her hands away. I pushed her jacket off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor, then I slid my arms up her sides and took her shirt off as I moved. She didn’t argue and relented to my movements as I started to undress her. I kissed her cheeks, then her jawline, then her neck, and worked my way down her body. She clasped the base of my shirt with her hands and pulled it over my head, and dropped it into the growing pile of wet clothes on the floor.

“You know what would feel good right about now?” I asked her.

She smiled, kissing my bottom lip and holding onto my waist. “I can think of several,” she replied.

I hummed. “We’ll get to that, but why don’t we start with a nice, hot bath?”

She kissed me again. “That sounds marvelous.”

I wrapped my arms under her legs and lifted her from her feet and carried her through the cabin, to my favorite part of my getaway home, the bathroom. I’d had a huge, black porcelain, basin tub crafted that was large enough to fit four people, and then I had the bathroom built around it. I set Jordan down on the counter in the bathroom, and tried to pull away to start the bath, but she wrapped her arms around my shoulders and kept me locked in place. We were like teenagers who had finally gotten the chance to escape their parents and get some alone time. My heart was racing and my skin was sizzling. Jordan made me feel like I was a superhero going a mile a minute.

I broke away from her long enough to get the water running in the tub. I dropped in a few beads of lavender and honey scented bubble bath and then made my way back over to Jordan to pull her pants and underwear from her body, and pull my own from mine. I climbed into the water, and held out my hand and then Jordan climbed in as well, placing her back to me and sitting between my legs. She settled in against me, and though I did intend to just enjoy the warm water with her in a moment of relaxation, the second her body was wet and shimmering, my dick decided it wanted something else.

I wrapped my hand around and dipped it into the water in front of Jordan. She wrapped a hand behind her and wrapped it around my neck and leaned her head back against my shoulder. I cupped my hand over her pussy and started to massage it gently. Jordan let out a shallow moan into my ear and it turned me on so much more than I already was. She laced a hand between us and wrapped a hand around my dick and started to stroke it. We worked in tandem, pleasuring one another at slow, but wonderful pace. She turned her head to face me and I set my lips on hers. We made out while giving one another hand jobs, just letting the water wash over us and melt us into one another.

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