Before we could get to any sexy stuff, I owed them all apologies. I kissed them each and told them all about the dreams I’d had about them all while I was away; Bar hopping downtown with Cade, the hunting lodge with Rogan, cruising around Dallas with Lowe, going on ride-alongs with Oliver, cuddling in the den with Ethan, and enjoying a fancy restaurant with Harrison. I’d missed them and I wanted them all to know just how much. I told them how embarrassed I was for running off, and gave Harrison an extra apology for assuming the worst about him when I should have allowed him to explain himself. He simply kissed me and asked me to put it behind me.

“Can you all forgive me?” I asked. “I really am sorry.”

“Well, ma’am,” Oliver started, stepping forward and speaking in an overly dramatic voice, “we might be able to let you off with a warning, but you might be due a spanking first.”

The guys started laughing at the horrible joke, but I knew I owed them anything they wanted. I turned my ass to Oliver and wiggled, and he started laughing. I could see the lust and love on all of their faces, and with the kids gone for the night, it was time for us to begin our long awaited reunion.




If my life had been a cheesy Christmas movie for the past few months, I was in the final scene. I was sitting in front of Ethan’s massive, 10-foot, spruce tree that had been immaculately decorated with silver and gold ornaments, several strings of white lights, shimmering, silver garland, and topped with a glistening gold star. All of the guys and kids were still dressed in PJs, and we had all crammed into Ethan’s home for the night, so we could wake up and enjoy Christmas morning together.

Jordan sat with a bright smile on her face, watching the kids open their gifts both from her and from their fathers, and then sent them off to start enjoying their new things, while she cooked a massive breakfast for our strange little family. We enjoyed the morning and afternoon together, enjoying a cookout for lunch made my Ethan, and even had a makeshift snowball fight with fake snow Lowe had prepared and decorated the yard with, and we even got lucky when a bit of real snow started to slowly drift down from the sky and coat us in a little bit of Christmas magic.

We went inside afterwards and enjoyed mugs of homemade hot chocolate, and then sent the kids off in different directions to enjoy the remainder of the holiday with their grandparents, aunts, and uncles, with Trey tagging along with Tyler, going to Oliver’s parents with whom we’d grown very close since first arriving in Texas.

Once the kids were out of our hair, we were ready to ‘open’ our gift from Jordan; her promise to do anything and everything we wanted for the remainder of the night. Before we could get to that, though, we gathered around the tree to share presents of our own. Jordan made us participate in a particularly cheesy new tradition of buying gifts for all of the other dads. She said she wanted us to get to know one another even better, and gift exchange was one of the best ways to do it. To really drive the point home, she refused to open any of the presents any of us had gotten for her (apart from the ones the kids got for her which she opened earlier when they could see) until after we’d open the gifts we’d gotten one another.

Call it a one track mind, but we’d all gotten Oliver some form of boxing materials. He got new shorts, a couple pairs of new gloves, new shoes, a kit with expensive tape and a mouth guard, a robe, and a new boxing bag. He was elated to receive the items that all went together, and was already asking Lowe to make a trip to the gym the next day to break them in.

Lowe also got a new pair of gloves, but he was also gifted a paint job for his ATV, a new set of tires, a fancy shadow box that contained his most recent award for his company, a replacement bluetooth speaker for one he’d broken that he liked to use in his garage, and tickets to a monster show coming to town.

Cade was boring and asked for all organizational things, which he received. He got a new, leather office chair, a fancy filing cabinet that locked, a silver desktop organizer, a solar-powered clock, an expensive wireless mouse for his computer, and Oliver broke the mold and got him a retro version of his favorite handheld video game, a gift that nearly brought the man to tears.