Rogan received hunting gear. A new jacket, a new rifle, an ample supply of his favorite type of ammo, some new blankets and pillows for his lodge, a purchased ‘special game’ license for the upcoming season, and a matching set of hat, gloves, and boots for the cold.

Ethan received three identical sets of architecture grid paper, an expensive set of sketching pencils, a new drafting table, and an interior detail gift certificate for his new Mustang.

I was worried my friends may not know what to get me, given the fact that they’d just recently learned I wasn’t really who I said I was, but it was possibly my gifts that had received the most thought. Oliver gave me a book on the extended mental learning of martial arts, and had marked pages in it that he thought most pertained to me. Rogan gave me a starters investment into a college fund for Trey, noting that he didn’t do it because I needed the financial help, but because he wanted me to know his institution was always there to support us.

Cade and Lowe worked together on their gift, and each gave me one half of a new surround sound set for my home, stating that they wanted to officially start the movie night the three of us had been bragging about starting, and that my house would be the destination. Ethan purchased season tickets for the five of us to the upcoming season’s Ranger games, knowing that Trey and I had developed an interest in baseball through him and his boys. Last, but not least, Jordan gave me a homemade piece of glassware. It had been blown by scratch and on one side had the smoky visage of ‘Adam’ written in it, and on the other side it said, ‘Harrison.’ It was meant to remind me that my identities were not ‘either/or’ they were ‘both/and.’

We were shocked by how well we’d purchased gifts were one another, and Jordan was right, it made us even closer. They truly felt like a family to me, and I couldn’t wait to see what the future would bring us.

“Time for Jordan,” I said, turning my attention towards her.

She looked in confusion at the base of the tree. There were no presents remaining under it. “There’s nothing there.”

“Don’t tell me you honestly think any of us got you stuff that could fit under that tree,” Oliver quipped. “I’m having your apartment redecorated. Say goodbye to those disgusting Ikea chairs.”

“I got you a car,” Ethan said simply. Jordan’s jaw dropped and his face remained stoic and serious. “Yes, seriously, and not the Stan Van.”

Jordan laughed and shook her head.

“I’ve added your name to the title on the lodge,” Lowe said. “It’s your home now as well, and we can go whenever you’d like.”

Rogan crossed his arms. “I’m sending you and your mom to Hawaii.” Jordan’s eyes widened. She seemed overwhelmed with the gifts she was being showered with. “I know you’ve been wanting to spend some time with her. Now you can.”

“You can eat for free at your favorite restaurant in Downtown Dallas,” Cade said. “Because I bought 51% of the shares and made it a stipulation.”

Jordan let out an adorable little squeal and I had a feeling I knew where we’d be having Christmas dinner.

I stood up from my sofa. My gift was intentionally saved until last, as it came with something extra exciting that we’d all prepared for her together. I walked into the garage, where I’d temporarily stored the fluffy, tan Shiba Inu puppy I’d gotten. I carried him into the house and then set him down and watched as Jordan’s face lit up. She called to the dog, and he charged across the room and jumped up into her arms, licking her face profusely.

“Oh my god! He’s so cute!” she yelped. “What’s his name?”

“Whatever you want it to be,” I told her. “He’s yours, but I have to ask you to be careful. His collar holds something quite special.”

Jordan finagled him around until she could look at his collar, and then her breath hitched. She tugged gently on the small bag hanging from the puppy’s collar and pulled out the sterling silver ring, with a bright, white diamond on top. Around the band were one each of six different stones; garnet, emerald, turquoise, opal, sapphire, and amethyst. The colored gems represented the six of us, while the diamond represented her.

“You are the bright jewel in our life, and we had that made for you so that you would know that we want you to be ours forever, and for us to be yours,” I explained to her. “You make us whole, and we never want to go another day without you.”