“He still lives in my house, and he will abide by my fucking rules.”

“I totally agree. One hundred percent. Let’s drink to it. To rules and not breaking them.”

He stared at Milly, not liking her sudden change of attitude. She kept on smiling though.

“What has made you happy?”

“Can’t a girl be happy?”

“I’ve seen you, Milly. I know you calculate shit. What’s going on?”

“Nothing is going on. Seriously, I just wanted to have a drink with you. Have some fun. I know you’re wound up so tight about everything, and well, it’s time for you to relax. You know, to not stress so much. We’ve all been given the heads-up to lay low, and I don’t see why you can’t enjoy it as well.” She winked at him, swallowing down her drink.

He didn’t see a reason to argue with her.

Swigging more whiskey, he alternated between beer and whiskey. Milly stayed with him for the next couple of hours, and he actually talked to her.

She listened as he talked about Bishop. He knew she had a thing for Bishop, or at least, her greedy little paws trapped within him.

“You do know Robin is his,” he said.

The smile on her face dropped. “Excuse me.”

The room was starting to spin a little. The alcohol was getting to him. He could handle his liquor, but it had been a long time he’d drunk so much.

“Robin belongs to Bishop. It’s why you’ll always be the free pussy around here. They’ve been together since birth, and well, they have their differences but everyone knows those two will end up together. You need to stop trying so hard.” He finished his drink. “I need to go and lie down. Good talking to you, Milly. No hard feelings.”

Taking the whiskey bottle with him, he signaled to Bear he was heading up, and to keep an eye on the party.

He didn’t want any cops knocking at his door. In the morning he’d get a feel for the new cop in town, but until then, he was going to get some sleep.

Several couples were making out as he headed toward his room.

Closing the door, he flicked the lock into place, put down his whiskey, and removed his leather cut.

He collapsed against his dresser. His vision was a little blurry, but he was very much aware.

Glancing toward his bed, he stopped. A nice, naked back and full, plump ass was there. Bear’s words from earlier came back to him. It’s all part of a plan. I don’t think it’s a master one. However, we do have a little surprise for you later, but all in good time.”

So, this was his gift.

“Well, hello there, baby. I can see my men know what I like in a woman.”

First, she wasn’t talking, which he really didn’t want to have to deal with tonight, and she was naked.

Removing his clothes, even as drunk as he was, his dick still worked fine. He’d never had a problem being able to perform.

Climbing onto the bed, he turned the light off as he kissed her neck.

She didn’t move, but that was okay.

“Don’t you worry, baby, I can do all of the work, and you don’t even have to worry about a thing. I’m going to make you feel so damn good. My boys certainly know how to take care of me.”

Running his hands down her body, she still didn’t move, but her legs were spread. He felt between her thighs, finding her wet.

When he teased over her clit, she made no sound, but he knew she was ready.

Gripping his cock, he found her entrance, and slid in deep. She was so tight, and he groaned. “You feel so good.”

He’d never been in anyone so tight, and considering how drunk he was, that was saying something. He was never going to forget this night, not ever.


Robin closed the door, trying not to make a sound. She couldn’t believe what had just happened or that she had made it out of there alive. It seemed so wrong to be able to leave so easily. How could it have been possible?

How did he know?

Did he know it was her?

No, she didn’t for a second believe he knew.

She was in so much pain. Her body didn’t feel like her own. She wasn’t herself right now, and she really needed to get out of there.

The club was so quiet, but it was the early part of the morning and so no one was really paying any attention to her. Without looking back, because she really didn’t want to have to deal with that confrontation, she walked down the stairs, leading toward the main clubhouse. Each step she took only served to increase her pain more. Tears filled her eyes, and she still felt sick.

Why had Milly done that to her? She’d never hurt the other woman.

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