When they got to Arnold’s office, the principal stood in front of Bishop.

“I’ll call my father,” Bishop said.

She noticed how Arnold tensed, and she stepped into his office, not wanting to cause any more trouble.

She paused when she caught sight of O’Klaren. Preacher had warned her O’Klaren was making all the rounds on the club kids, men, women, and families. This was the first time he’d approached her.

“I heard congratulations are in order.” He pointed at her finger. “I checked everything out. I even went by to see your mother and father. Both gave you their blessing to be with that … boy.”

She took a seat, looking at him.

“Well, it makes me wonder if that was all necessary.”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“You think I don’t know about the club? About your pregnancy?”

She didn’t move a muscle as she looked at him.

“In fact, I’ve been wondering if you’d seen this woman lately?” O’Klaren produced a picture and thrust it beneath her face.

She stared down at Milly. “I’ve seen her. That’s Milly.” Preacher had told her not to lie. Not to pretend she’d never seen anyone unless he’d given her instructions. Everyone in town knew Milly had been part of the club. “I haven’t seen her recently. I don’t know where she is.”

“I’m looking for her. I want to talk to her.”

“I can’t help you.”

“Who is the father of your baby?” he asked.

“How do you know I’m pregnant?”

“I have my ways.”

She stared at him, wondering if he was reaching or if there was possibly a rat in the club. There was no way Randall would have said anything to him. She didn’t believe it.

“I don’t know how I can help you.”

“You’re going to protect him?”

“Bishop’s my father’s baby. It’s why we got married.”

“That’s mighty convenient, wouldn’t you say?”

“What are you trying to say?” she asked. With every passing second, she was trying not to freak out, but she didn’t know how not to freak out if he was asking all of these questions. They were personal, and they shouldn’t have left the clubhouse unless he really was reaching, hoping to stump her to make a mistake. She wouldn’t ever be an ally to this man.

“Well, it just makes me wonder. You see, I have it on good authority that you and Bishop were always together but not really together in the biblical sense.”

She stared at him. “On good authority?”


“What’s that? A couple of girls who go to this school?” She stared at O’Klaren waiting to see what he’d say. “Because if you’ve got it on good authority from the girls here, then you really don’t know me and Bishop.”

“He sleeps around.”

“Don’t all men?” she asked.

“And you don’t care.”

“I’m the girl wearing the wedding band. It doesn’t matter who he sleeps with, does it? I’m the one he picked at the end of the day, and if I asked, he’d stop. I don’t mind him sleeping around. One day he’ll settle down, and when he does, I’ll be there. Are we done here?” She got to her feet and walked toward the door.

“If I find out that baby you’re carrying is anyone else’s I will make their lives a misery.”

She stopped to look at him. This was a warning, clear as anything. O’Klaren had a way of finding stuff out, and she didn’t want to know exactly how, just that he did, which meant there was a rat in the club.

She didn’t say anything as she opened the door.

Preacher stood toe to toe with Arnold.

The moment he saw her, he relaxed a little but immediately tensed up when O’Klaren appeared.

“Well, isn’t this a pleasant surprise.”

“You do know she’s only seventeen.”

“Ah, yes, I know.”

“You should have had an adult present,” Preacher said.

“No harm done. I’ll be seeing you, Robin, and congratulations on the baby.”

He went to touch her stomach, but she pulled away, not wanting him anywhere near her child.

She was already very protective of her stomach, and having random strangers touch her was not what she wanted to experience. Without looking at the principal, she moved toward Bishop, playing the part.

“Can I go home? I don’t feel well.”

Her stomach was spiraling.

Bishop took her hand, leading her out of the school with Preacher following.

“I need you to go and talk to Tom again,” Preacher said.

“He needs to take me home,” Robin said, looking at Preacher. “I don’t know how it happened, but he suspects Bishop isn’t the father. He could be watching us.”

“Okay, Bishop, take her home. I’ll meet you there.”

She got into Bishop’s car. Since she’d been pregnant, he had no choice but to take the car rather than his bike. She knew he missed riding it to school.

The first time he got his bike, he called it a babe magnet. She couldn’t believe she was married to him.

When they were only best friends, it made sense for her to hear about all the crap he’d say, the girls he’d slept with. Once they started making out, everything had changed. Pushing those doubts aside, she looked at Preacher as Bishop pulled out of the parking lot.

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