It had to be a problem for another day.


“Do you like that?” Rebecca asked.

“Oh, fuck, that does feel good. Do it again,” O’Klaren said.

She was more than happy to give him what he wanted. He had a nice big cock, and Bear hadn’t come around for a few weeks and she was bored. She’d heard Bear warn her about O’Klaren, and she always liked to skirt around the edge of what the club demanded.

There was nothing wrong with sucking a cop off. He needed the relief, and so did she.

She was hungry for a dick, and all it had taken was a few choice words to O’Klaren and he’d brought her to this hotel room.

She smiled at how easy it was, but then, men were so easy.

As she choked on his length, O’Klaren groaned.

She stared up at him with tears in her eyes as he forced her head down onto more of his length. At one point she felt like she was going to choke to death, but he let up with a moan.

He was so close, and she smiled up at him.

“So, you were saying your daughter is special to the club,” O’Klaren said.

“Yes. She’s protected, but I can promise you, you want to get her on her own. You won’t be disappointed if you do.”

She licked the tip, and he began to pump into her mouth. She hated sucking dick, but this would be worth it. She had no doubt O’Klaren would find a way to get her daughter away from the club, and in doing so, she’d no longer become the center of attention.

“I’m working on getting her. I’m curious though, why would you help me, and use your own daughter to get it?”

“Nothing we do here can ever leave here. I’m helping you because it’s time for me to be in control. I’m tired of being turned away, but they won’t do it anymore.”

She intended to become the doting mother, and no one would doubt her. They certainly wouldn’t believe she’d sold out her own daughter so she could get the attention and love she craved.

Chapter Fourteen

“I’m the size of a tank,” Robin said, lowering herself into the dining room chair.

Bishop snorted. “You’re not.”

“Fine, a baby elephant.”

“You’re not that big,” Preacher said.

“I can’t see my feet. My boobs hurt, and I’ve got a backache. I’ve got a couple more months yet.” She had stopped going to school as well. Last week she’d had some blood when she went to the toilet, and to make sure she was safe, Randall had advised she finish her schooling from home.

She had hoped to keep on going to school, but Preacher arranged for all of her classes to be taken from home. Bishop took her homework in, gathered her assignments, and dealt with all the go-between stuff.

“You’re doing what every pregnant woman is. You’re beautiful,” Preacher said. “Right, Bishop?”

“Yes, you’re beautiful. You don’t need me to tell you that. You’re stunning.” Bishop gripped her hand.

She tried not to look at Preacher to see how he was reacting to this touch.

Pulling her hand away, she picked up her fork, spearing a piece of pancake. Any other kind of food made her feel sick. She craved pancakes and syrup.

“You think I’m beautiful. This is all I can fit into. All those clothes you bought me, they don’t fit. I’m too fat for them.”

Bishop laughed. “I didn’t realize how much you complain. Is this normal for you, or are you just moaning more lately?”

“I’m bringing a baby into this world. A brand-new life. I can’t go to the library or school. I’m forced to wait for you guys to be available. My dad, he struggles to be around me and tries to carry me everywhere. Who knew being pregnant could have such a huge impact on a girl’s life?”

“I’m free today. We’ll head to the mall. Get you some new clothes,” Preacher said. “We can’t have you walking around naked while we wash your clothes.”

“I can take her,” Bishop said.

“You’ve got school, and I need you to get whatever stuff she needs.”

“I have three assignments for you to hand in.”

“Of course you do.”

“You should have them as well if you did the homework.”

Bishop rolled his eyes. “I did the homework. I just don’t do extra work.”

“Extra work means extra credit for college.” She stopped with the fork pressed against her lip. “Oh, I don’t even know if I’m going to college anymore.”

“Of course you are.”

“But what if I don’t make it? What if I’m not good enough? I’ve got the baby. I haven’t thought about college. I haven’t even handled applications.”

“You’ll do a gap year until you figure out what it is you want,” Preacher said.

“Can I handle a gap year?”

“You mistake what you can do, sweetheart.”

“This is all nice and family-like, but I’ve got to head out,” Bishop said.

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