“Fuck! Let me go. We don’t know anything. O’Klaren said it would be easy. So fucking easy. We didn’t know who he wanted us to fuck with.”

“Come on. We didn’t want to go to jail. It was just a little coke. Nothing too bad. We didn’t mean to upset you. Honest.”

He listened as both men begged. “You do whatever you’re asked to cover your ass?”

“You know we do. We didn’t mean to hurt you. We were just following orders. Please, stop, we can’t take anymore.”

“You want me to stop?”

“Yes!” They both screamed.

Preacher stared at the two men. “Did you know I had a young woman in the truck with me? Did you know that? She was eighteen, pregnant.”

Both men stopped sobbing.

“I can tell you she lost the baby.” Preacher laughed. “You see, her stomach was making the drive really uncomfortable for her, so she was removing her jacket. She hadn’t been feeling well. You know, being big and it was her first pregnancy. Then you hit the car. She didn’t have time to get her seatbelt on. She was thrown from the window when you shoved us off the road.” He got to his feet, lifting up a piece of glass. “Don’t worry, this isn’t the glass they took out of her. This was the piece of glass that embedded itself into her stomach. Killing my kid. Now the doctor can’t tell me if the baby died because of this, or from the impact, or anything else. Only, the baby is dead. Gone. I had to listen to her screams. She begged for me to save the baby. Not herself. She wanted that baby. She survived the crash, but she hasn’t been the same. In fact, I know she’s broken. There was a time she’d laugh, joke around, even dance. Now, I don’t see her doing anything other than studying or staring into space, and I know you’re the ones to blame for her pain.” He looked at each one while still holding the piece of glass. “You want me to let you leave? Why should I when I have to pay every single day for what you’ve done? When I look at her, I know she’s hurting, and I can’t bring back what she lost. You took our baby from her.”

The rage festered in the pit of his stomach.

He heard her screams once again, the rain pelting all around him, the scent of dirt and blood hanging in the air.

Lifting the glass, he embedded it in the first man’s leg, who let out a roar of pain. Next, he did it to the second man, who tried to scramble away. The chains wouldn’t let him get too far.

One day soon they would die, but not today.

Twisting the piece of glass in both men, he removed it and stepped back, looking at his handiwork.

He’d done a good job.

Wiping his hands in the sink, he turned to Grave and Frost. “Make sure none of them die.”

“Why are you torturing them?” Grave asked. “What about O’Klaren?”

“I’ll handle him.” He turned to look at Grave. “Are you questioning me?”

“I … no, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to. It’s just that, it’s not like you to leave someone alone for this length of time.”

“Oh, believe me, when I get my hands on O’Klaren, it’s going to get bloody.” He put his jacket back on. “Until then, I need to deal with those two assholes.”

“Got it,” Grave said.

“Remember, I want them both alive. No excuses. I will hold you and Frost personally responsible if you let them die.”

“They won’t die on our watch. I can guarantee it.”


He left the warehouse and got on his bike.

Revving the engine, he took off, building up his speed and passing the limit with ease.

Robin’s screams followed him wherever he went, and no matter what he did, he couldn’t escape them. She hadn’t returned to her usual bubbly self, and he knew she was hurting still. She’d just gotten better at hiding it. Either his son was an asshole, or he really didn’t care that she was suffering and he just wanted his friend back.

Bear and Rebecca had also stopped coming around. Something was off with Rebecca. He wasn’t exactly sure what it was, but he’d figure it out. Since the accident his head hadn’t been in the game, but it wouldn’t last forever. One day, every single person who’d hurt Robin was going to suffer, including Reaper. He knew the Slaves of the Beast MC hadn’t moved on. He was going to make them regret not leaving.

O’Klaren had pushed the wrong man, and he was going to take him out.

Arriving at his clubhouse, he parked his bike in his spot. The lot was busy, but he knew Bear had organized another party at Preacher’s agreement.

Drink and women would be free and flowing tonight.

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