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The look he’s giving me is enough for me to combust. It makes me feel like a flower as the first ray of sunlight in the morning hits it. I want to reach for him and show him what he does to me, so I do.

I make sure not to be tentative. There is no way I’m letting him reject me again.

When I take him in my hand, I don’t give him a second to think or say anything. Instead, I pump my hand up and down, and then lean forward and place the tip in my mouth. A groan of satisfaction is enough to urge me on.

My feelings of desire and the need to bring him to his knees consume me. With every moan that he expels, I feel bolder. Placing him fully in my mouth, I devour him. His hands find purchase in my hair, tugging lightly as he finds his release.

I love the way it feels.

I love the power I possess over him.

It’s nothing I have ever felt before.

Before I know it, he’s pulling me off him.

“I need to be inside you,” he grunts before picking me up under my arms and throwing me down on his bed. I watch through hooded lids as he prowls over to the bedside table and grabs a condom.

He rolls it on slowly and then stalks to me, grabbing my legs and pulling off my leggings in one move.

“Shirt. Off.”

I scramble to remove it, and then I’m lying on my back fully naked before him.

“I’d taste you again, but I can’t wait. Open your legs for me, Sun.”

I shake my head and do as he commands.

He crawls up my body, aligning us, and then I feel him at my entrance. With one quick thrust, he’s inside. I let out a gasp at the sudden movement.

Nothing happens for a moment. We breathe together as he allows me to adjust.

Looking up at him, I nod, and then he moves inside me. He lowers his mouth to mine as he starts to fuck me, brushing our lips together. I open, and he swipes his tongue. Before long, he’s kissing me at a frantic clip, plunging his tongue into my mouth. He tells me with his body and mouth how much he wants me.

He gives me exactly what I want and need. Moving at a delicious pace, he slowly drags himself in and out.

When he goes to leave my body yet again, I wrap my legs around him, pulling him back in.

He lets out a hearty laugh. A laugh I have never heard leave his lips before.

I love the sound.

With that, he pumps faster.

I claw at his back, pulling him closer.

He thrusts harder.


In. Out. In. Out.

Slowly dragging me over a cliff. No, more like throwing me. My breathing becomes frantic, and I’m so close, but just not close enough.

“More,” I pant. “Need. More.”

He answers my pleas by placing a finger where I need him most. I’m so close. He presses harder and firmer against me, swiveling his hips and picking up his pace.

The building feeling spreads through my body.

My heart beats faster as I climb toward my release.

He must be close too, because his movements become more erratic.

Together, we fall over the edge.

“Fuck,” he grunts as he twitches inside me.

We stay entwined in each other’s arms for a few more minutes, allowing our breathing to regulate.

When we both calm, he pushes off me, and I miss his weight immediately. But at least the view is good as he leaves. His ass looks amazing as he walks into the bathroom, and I stare in awe. A second later, I hear the same chuckle.

“Did I ruin you?” he asks playfully.

“Was that what you were trying to do?” I ask.


“Ruin me from what?”

“Everyone. I want to ruin you for everyone but me.” He crawls back onto the bed, and this time, he has a towel in his hand.

When he cleans me, I all but die at the surrounding intimacy.

Yes, I healed him, and I saw him at his weakest, but this feels like so much more. Cocking his head, he stares at me before he gets back off the bed to dispose of the towel. I stand and move to leave the room.

I know we just had amazing sex, but I’m not sure what that means.

“Where are you going?” he asks from behind me.

I stop my movements and look back at him. Still naked. My heart flutters behind my breastbone.

“In the bed now. Keep the clothes off. I’m not nearly done with you.”

Wide-eyed, I obey, dropping my clothes and getting back into the bed.

There I let him keep me up all night long. He shows me over and over again just how much he wants me, and I let him.

* * *

I don’t know how long we lie in bed. Cyrus draws soft circles on my back. It’s the next day. I don’t think either of us slept. Well, I know I didn’t. My mind was racing too much.