Page 17 of The Black Fox

I lift my knees for him and open before him, baring my naked sex to his eyes and touch. He stands between my thighs, and his thick, tanned fingers trail over my belly and then down over my pussy, my heart-rate accelerating as my nerve endings fire. He grazes my soft, slick folds, and then strokes my hard, sensitized nub.

“Yes,” I whisper, my head falling back. “Yes, please, more.”

I wish my stepfather could see me now, spread wide for another man as he coats his fingers in my wetness and slides them into my pussy.

No. What am I thinking? I shove all thoughts of Zacarias away as the Black Fox gives a groan of approval, his fingers pumping in and out of me.

“Buena niñita.”

I clasp the back of one thigh and pull it up toward my chest, offering him more. He dips his head and tastes me, and as the heavenly sensations overtake me I know I’ll let this man do anything he wants to me. His two fingers push deeper.

“Are you a virgin, my sweet girl?”

“Yes,” I confess, hoping that it won’t mean he stops. The Black Fox goes on licking me. I thread my hands through his hair. I can tell he’s older even though I can’t see all of his face. Late thirties, or perhaps forty. His jaw is strong and his eyes sparkle darkly, and his naked body must be a sight to behold.

“Can I have your sweet little cherry, Lolita? Can I take it now?”

The slow swipes of his tongue have me lying back on the table, my arms flung above my head, lost in pleasure. “Yes, daddy.”

I feel his mouth curve into a smile. “You want me to be your daddy, niñita?”

I bite my lip and nod. I want him to put strong hands on me and take his pleasure in my body while telling me I’m such a good girl for him. When I look up, the desire sparking in the depths of his eyes is intoxicating.

He gives my pussy a spank with his fingers, and my whole body jumps as I gasp in shock. “Ow!”

He smiles at me. “No tears. No whimpering. You’ll be a brave girl, won’t you?”

He unzips his fly, and to show him just how brave I can be, I reach in past the waistband of his briefs to curl my fingers around his member. My eyes widen as I feel his girth, as hard as iron and so hot in my hand. I explore his length, the tracings of veins and the ridge at the tip. The Black Fox pushes down his underwear and his cock springs free.

My mouth falls open as I take in the sight of him. He’s shaved down to black bristles, and I don’t know whether that’s why he looks enormous, or if he just is enormous. Both, I think.


I realize I’m staring at him, and close my mouth and shake my head. “No, daddy.”

He rubs the thick, slippery head of his cock against my clit. “I love it when you call me that. Good girl.”

I sit up on my elbows, transfixed by the sight of him. He grasps my thigh with one hand and pushes my legs wider. With delicious slowness, he invades my tight heat. His girth stretches me with fierce pleasure-pain, and I pant hard watching him push deeper and deeper. With short, demanding thrusts he makes me open before him, and soon the sting is replaced by a friction so sweet that my whole body feels filled with champagne.

I gaze up at him through heavy lidded eyes as he pounds me. The Black Fox. My Black Fox.

“Can you choke me a little?” I whisper softly, ashamed for asking for it.

I’ve got all night. You’ve got about a minute till you pass out.

The Black Fox meets my eyes behind his mask. I can’t tell what he’s thinking, and for a moment I’m worried he’s going to tell me I’m disgusting. Then he tugs his belt free and wraps it around my neck. I whimper and flick needful eyes up him, enjoying the sensation of my life in this dangerous man’s hands. It’s like he knows I was craving the feel of leather around my neck.

He smiles and clenches the belt tighter. “Are you going to be a good girl for me?”

It’s hard to speak around the tight leather. “Yes, daddy.”

His eyes are glittering as he stares into mine, his cock pounding my pussy. “Sweet Lo, fucked in an alcove by a strange man while Mama is dancing downstairs.”

I swallow with some difficulty and gasp, “Not a stranger. You’re my Black Fox.”

“Oh, yes, niñita. Your Black Fox. Just—” he thrusts hard “—yours.” He thrusts again, choking off my cries with a vicious clench on the belt. I can’t breathe, and the pleasure rushing through me suddenly effervesces and explodes, cascading in warm waves through my body.