Page 21 of The Black Fox

The silence endures. I tear off my mask and cape and sag against the door, my head in my hands. How did this happen? This curse is overtaking everything in my life, even my beloved, the one thing that I thought would be safe from him. I look at the mask lying discarded on the floor. From me.

Lolita is a dozen or so meters away, alone in that big bed, restless and aroused. In need. In need of me. Of my belt. Of the discipline she craves that I can mete out on her delicate flesh.

My teeth are gritted so tight that they might shatter in my head. Without the cape and mask I’m just a man, and powerful lust overtakes me. As I rip open the door and pound down the corridor, I think I hear evil, gloating laughter.

Lolita has her head under the pillows when I charge back into her room. She starts to sit up, but I push her face back down. It’s me now, Zacarias, and unlike him, I’m not gentle.

“Black Fox,” she moans, and her back arches.

I quickly take off my black shirt and use it as a mask to tie over her eyes. Her short, silky nightgown with its thin straps is slipping from over her shoulders, and I pull it down her body and use it to tie her wrists behind her back. She whimpers as I pull the knots tight and regard her naked body, blindfolded and tied, and ready for me to misuse. She wriggles her knees wider, so eager for me to get started.

I slide my belt beneath her hips and hoist her ass into the air so I can get a good look at her gleaming wet, pink pussy. So this is what she is for her Black Fox. A horny little thing who wants a big man to hit her and a big cock to pummel her into submission.

I take a hold of her ass and give it a vicious squeeze. “That’s it, mi niñita. Be a bad girl for daddy.”



His breath is hot and menacing in my ear. I couldn’t move if I tried as he has my wrists tied behind my back so tightly. The leather of his belt caresses my bare ass and thighs. My cheek and shoulders are against the bed while my ass is propped up in the air. I can feel the Black Fox kneeling on the bed beside me. He slips a hand beneath me and palms my breasts, squeezing my flesh hungrily.

My breath comes short and fast. Now that I’m waiting for the first blow, I almost want to beg him not to do it.

He leans down and speaks in a murmur. “I’ll give you what you’re craving, Little Lo. But if you scream, I will gag you and strap you even harder.”

My body ripples at the threat in his voice.

He takes a fistful of my hair and gives me a shake. “Did you hear me?”

“Yes, daddy,” I whimper. “Please, please, just do it. I’ll die if you keep drawing it out.” I’m nearly crying the tension is so thick.

He gives my hair a vicious tug. “Are you telling me what to do?”

“No, daddy,” I sob.

“You better not be.”

He takes his time arranging me, so that the agony of waiting mounts and mounts. No one’s ever hit me before and I don’t know if it will be a glow of heat or a burn of pain.

When the first strike comes, I’m not ready for it. It’s a white hot blaze of unbearable pain. I’m about to scream but the Black Fox pushes my face into the blankets and holds it there.

“What did I say?”

I cry silently, my shoulders shaking, not daring to make a move or a sound. My left ass cheek is throbbing.

I feel his arm lift, and then he straps me again, this time on the right side. I press my face harder and harder into the blankets, screaming noiselessly. The pain is unlike anything I’ve known before. The sting of the leather is sharp, and the welts burn and burn, and then burn afresh as he strikes me again.

I move past pain into an entirely other place. The Black Fox strips me bare and breaks me down. It feels good to finally be treated like I deserve to be.

Little liar Lo.

Unwanted schoolgirl.


I deserve this. I deserve this.

The Black Fox finally stops. I know it’s truly over when he takes my ass in his hands and squeezes, admiring his work. “You needed that, didn’t you, Little Lo?”

I nod, shuddering with exhaustion. He strokes my body with long, slow caresses, telling me how good I am. That I took my punishment like a brave girl and he’s proud of me. I hear the pleasure in his voice. He flips me over. My face is wet with tears behind the blindfold.