Page 22 of The Black Fox

“What do you say?”

I lick my lips. “Thank you, daddy.”

The Black Fox grasps both my ankles and pulls me down the bed toward him. He pulls me so I’m sitting up, my feet dangling off the edge of the bed. I feel the brush of his thighs against my own.

“Suck me.”

Something hot and blunt presses against my lips. I open my mouth and his cock pushes over my tongue. I suck him eagerly, imagining that it’s my pussy he’s pounding as he rhythmically moves his hips.

He fists his hand in my hair. “Are you daddy’s pretty little girl?”

I moan and nod, eager to do anything for him, hoping he’ll take pity on my neediness and fill me with his cock. I’m aching between my legs with the desire to be touched, to be fucked so hard that I’ll feel it for a week.

He pulls his cock from my lips, leaving me gasping. His fingers caress my face, feeling my tears, and then he pulls my legs apart to feel my sex. I’m so wet that my thighs are coated. “Little girls who cry with a wet pussy are perfect little girls. Will you always be so good for me, Lolita?”

He pumps his fingers in and out of me. “If you’ll always be my daddy.”

I wish I could see him, but he hasn’t removed the blindfold and my hands are still tight behind my back. I wriggle forward and rest my cheek against his muscular belly as he finger fucks me. As the sensations build, intensified by the heat and pain in my ass, I rub my cheek against him, like a cat. His other hand caresses my hair, telling me that I’m a good, sweet girl, that I’m going to get my reward.

I come in a great rush of pleasure, leaning into his fingers and body. The orgasm goes on and on, fueled by the heat already radiating through me. I take a gasping breath, and he flips me over onto my stomach. I feel the thick intrusion of his cock, sliding deep and true right to my core.

“Yes,” he hisses, drawing back and sheathing himself inside me again. “How perfect you feel after you’ve been punished.”

“Pound me hard, daddy,” I moan into the bedclothes. “Punish me more.”

The Black Fox takes a vicious hold my hair and rams his cock into me, over and over, a brutal rhythm that has me flying high. He growls in my ear and then sinks his teeth into my shoulder as he comes.

For a moment he stays where he is, his weight on his arms and his cock lodged deep inside me. Then he slowly withdraws.

“If I untie your arms, do you promise not to take the blindfold off?”

I don’t know why it matters. But then I realize—he’s removed his mask. I long to see what he looks like, and whether he’s as handsome as I know he must be, but I nod. “I promise.”

The first thing I do when my hands are released is reach up and touch his face. I’m right, he’s not wearing the mask. He tenses beneath my fingers as if he’s afraid of something. As if I might discover some fatal flaw. I explore him carefully and his skin is smooth and warm. His short beard rasps against my fingers. I smile, reveling in the sensation of touching my lover. His brow is stern and his nose is long and straight. When my fingers touch his lips, he kisses them.

“What made you change your mind?” I whisper. I thought once he charged out of my room he’d never come back.

He nips at my fingers with his teeth. “My much worse half kept hearing you begging me to punish you, and I had to make mi niñita happy.”

His much worse half. Just because he likes to strap me with his belt and fuck me hard doesn’t make him a bad man. I love that he can work so hard to protect Spain, and be so sweetly cruel to me as well.

I reach up and lock my arms around his neck. “Please let’s run away together. I hate it here.”

He takes a deep breath and I know before he speaks that he’s going to say no. I cover his mouth with my hand. “Don’t tell me no. We can leave here together. Now, tonight. I’ll live a life as a runaway. I can be a vigilante, too.”

He draws my hand away from his mouth. “You want to live with me, wherever that might be?”

“Of course.”

He chuckles softly, and I frown behind my blindfold. “Is that funny?”

“No, mi niñita. It’s not funny. Only a little ironic that you’re asking me this now. There’s nothing I want more than to live freely with you, out in the open, but it’s too dangerous.”

“You’ll overcome your enemies.”