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He kisses me carefully, too carefully, so I roll onto my back and pull him with me, urging him to take control. Instead, he pulls away and stares down at me with those stormy eyes that melt me from the inside out. I can tell a thousand thoughts are swirling in his mind, each one probably screaming that I’m a virgin, so I sit up and slowly pull my shirt over my head, dropping it to the floor before unclasping my bra. I drop that to the floor as well, and then I lie back down, allowing Adam’s hungry gaze to roam over every inch of my flushed skin. His fingertips graze my collarbone before he sweeps a feather-light curve to the swell of my breast and cups it in his palm.

Teasing my nipple between his fingers, he leans down and kisses me again, this time not so carefully. I moan against his mouth when he uses his knee to nudge mine apart and crawls between them, kissing all the way down to my naval and lower. With his lips at the waistband of my leggings, he bunches the material in both hands and slowly tugs them off. Then he settles on his stomach between my legs and splays his hand at the juncture of my inner thigh, watching his thumb as it rubs over the thin line of my pink cotton panties and soaks them all the way through. He continues torturing me even after his gaze lifts to meet mine. “I want to give you something.”

His fingers hook into the lacy waistband of my panties and slowly pull them down, leaving my naked body on display in the suddenly too bright room. I close my eyes to ignore a rush of anxiety, but then Adam gently spreads my knees farther apart and the next thing I feel is his warm breath against the wetness between my legs.

I wait until I feel like I’m about to self-combust, and then I gaze down at him, wondering why he’s not doing anything.

Which was exactly what he was waiting for.

His gray-green eyes watch my expression as his tongue swipes a slow stroke between my folds, flattening over my clit in a seductive tasting that causes the air to leave my lungs in a breathy moan. My muscles tighten and untighten until my knees start shaking, and Adam pulls away to plant soft, wet kisses against my thighs.

I groan and squeeze my eyes shut, drowning equally in the throes of ecstasy and agony. I need his lips back on me. I need his mouth and his hands and every single part of him all over and inside every single part of me.

“Peach,” he says, demanding I open my eyes and look down at him again. “Do you know how long I’ve wanted to do this?” My bud blooms under his velvet kisses, each one bringing a rush of wetness between my legs that he uses to slide his finger deep inside of me. With his finger massaging just the right spot, he sucks me between his lips and savors me with the tip of his tongue. The sensation is so overwhelming that I instinctively reach toward his head to get him to stop, but instead of pushing him away, my fingers thread through his hair and hold him against me.

I’m moaning. I know I’m moaning, and if anyone is still awake in this house—which they definitely are now even if they weren’t before—I know they can hear me. But God, I don’t care. Nothing matters but Adam and what he’s doing to me.

He withdraws his finger to swipe his tongue through me, sucking on my tiny nub like he’s trying to dissolve it under his swirling tongue. My entire body feels like it’s coiling too tightly, like it’s going to unravel at any moment, and Adam must be able to sense it because his finger pumps back inside of me, curling against my insides as he devours me with his greedy mouth. He watches me watching him, and the sight of those eyes on me is enough to pull me apart. I burst all at once into a flood of white hot rapids, fighting the pull until it overtakes me. My hand flies out of Adam’s hair to grip the pillow behind my head as I get swept away. My legs shake, my hips buck, and Adam pulls his finger out of me to grab my hips on both sides. He pins me to the bed and buries his face between my legs.

“Fuck, Adam!”

Moans rumble low in his throat as he drinks me up, and when I can’t take anymore, I grip his hair between my fingers and pull him toward me. I sit up to meet him halfway and kiss him while my frantic heartbeat pulses between my legs. Adam’s lips press against mine until I’m forced to lie back, and then he settles between my thighs, the hard-on in his boxers driving me wild with want.

“Get another condom,” I beg against his mouth.

He shakes his head, our lips brushing in a soft caress.

“Why not?”

His gray-green eyes search mine, and then he pulls away to trace his thumb over the curve of my kiss-swollen lips. “I don’t want you to regret it.”

The questions I want to ask are drowned in the kisses he gives me, so soft and tender that the rapids in my belly calm into a bubbling pool. He kisses me until my muscles loosen and exhaustion sets in. Then he shifts to my side, leaving every inch of me chilled and wanting. His arm wraps around my waist and tugs me in until I’m spooned inside the length of his body, and then his nose buries in my hair and he deeply breathes me in.

My body wants to sleep, but my mind is filled with the echo of his words. I don’t want you to regret it. Why does he think I’d regret it? Would he want to forget my name, just like all of the others?

The insecure part of me is shouting, Of course he would! He’s Adam freaking Everest! You’re Rowan freaking Nobody! Even Brady didn’t want you. What else did you expect?

But the other part of me—the part of me that just accepted everything he was willing to give me, the part that almost confessed the three words that would have ruined everything—lies content in Adam’s arms, wondering why he’s holding me like he’ll never let me go.

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