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Anna laughed to Warren. “She’s actually telling the truth. She never wears underwear with her low-cut pants.”

“Just think,” Jaxxon said to Connor, “if I’d been wearing a skirt, I could have done a ‘Sharon Stone Basic Instinct’ move and flashed you.”

Just the thought of that had Connor swallowing hard. “Maybe next time.”

“So tell me a bit about yourself, Warren,” said Jaxxon.

“Er…Born and raised in London. Twenty-eight. Got five gold medals.”

“What’s your favourite sex position?”

Stunned, he ended up stuttering his response. “I, er, I d-don’t know.”

“Oh come on, we’re all adults here.”

He chuckled. He liked Jaxxon Carter, she was good for Connor. She would never take any of his shite without dishing it back. “I like having a woman on top.”

“Anna, what’s yours?”

“Same, actually.” She wasn’t just saying what she thought might excite Warren, it was true.

Jaxxon tapped her chin thoughtfully. “Personally I prefer behind taken from behind.” Someone made a choking sound. “But I do like a good shag up against a wall.” She smiled at Connor, watching as his Adam’s apple bobbed.

Connor took a long guzzle from his bottle; her words were conjuring all kinds of images in his head. His c*ck got impossibly harder. Now all he could think about was f**king her against a wall. He was going to kill her for this. He’d f**k her first. But then he was going to kill her. He glared at her warningly, but she seemed unfazed.

“What about you, Connor?”

“You’ll soon find out, won’t you.” His eyes became glued to her mouth as she took a small swig of her drink then circled the tip of the bottle with her tongue. His entire body clenched. He wasn’t sure whether he wanted to encourage her or throttle her. Then she took as much of the neck of the bottle into her mouth as she could and swirled her tongue around it before sucking it. “Bitch.” He hadn’t realised he’d said it aloud until she smiled smugly.

She swiped a drop of fluid from her chin. “I can’t believe I’ve just dribbled. I usually swallow no problem.”

He groaned aloud this time then took another long, comforting guzzle from his bottle.

“Connor, have you ever wanked thinking about me?”

Half of his drink went down the wrong tube and the other half he spluttered back up.

“That’s a nasty cough you’ve got.”

There was water in his eyes when he looked back at her. “Have you ever got yourself off thinking about me?”

She shrugged delicately as she said, “Of course. With the help of my vibrator.” Hell if she had one! Though she’d always been curious.

Had he been taking another gulp of his beer, Connor would have coughed that up as well. His voice was hoarse and shaky. “Vibrator?”

Anna had to hide her laugh as every bloke at the table became riveted. It wasn’t just Jaxxon’s words, it was those famous eyes and that sultry voice and the way her sensual mouth moved as she talked.

“I pushed it in and out, in and out, imagining it was you,” she said in what she hoped was a hypnotic tone. At the same time she threaded the neck of the bottle through her closed fist. “I played with my tits and my clit, pretending it was you. And I came screaming your name.” She took another swig of her Budweiser. “Then I sucked the vibrator clean.”

With that, Connor sprung from his chair, snatched the bottle from her hand which he handed to Anna, then dragged Jaxx to her feet and threw her over his shoulder like she was an unruly child. All in the space of about four seconds.

“Oi!” she shouted.

“Not a word, Jaxx,” he gritted out as he stalked toward the door. He had never been so hard in his life. There was probably an imprint of his zipper on his cock. It was all her doing, and she was going to see to the problem personally. He couldn’t care less at the moment that he had just lost control – and in front of people. All he cared about was having her.

Jaxxon continued to shout at him and pounded his back with her fists as he exited the bar. He didn’t even slow down. Desperate times, desperate measures…She slid her hands down the back of his trousers, grabbed the band of his boxer shorts and tugged hard, determined to give him the world’s worst wedgie.

Connor stiffened then writhed then tried walking faster – nothing alleviated the pain, it only worsened. So this was what it was like to wear a thong. He yanked hard on her legs and slid her down his body as he reached his convertible which was parked quite illegally to the side of the bar. He tried to fling her inside but she took on a starfish pose, spreading out her arms and legs to hamper his attempt. Out of patience and uncaring of anyone who might be watching, he boldly cupped her. Instantly she retracted her limbs and began sliding into the car to escape his grip. But just before he had a chance to shut the door she snatched the car keys from his hand and scooted over to the driver’s seat. As the engine roared to life he gave her a warning look. “Jaxx.” It was a warning she ignored.

Grinning, Jaxxon took the handbrake off and began driving the car at a crawling pace. She had no intention of revving off. For one thing, she had been drinking, and two, Connor would have a hernia. But the horror on his face was priceless. As he dived into the passenger seat, reaching for the handbrake, she was opening the driver’s door and heading back to the bar.

As mad as he was, Connor couldn’t help laughing. He put the car in park and jogged after her. He caught her easily, she was laughing so hard she could barely move. Her jerked her back against him, then twirled her round and hoisted her up, urging her to curve her legs around him. “You’re a tease,” he said, still laughing with her. Then he brought his lips to hers and devoured her, pressing her body close to him. She didn’t fight him, she opened up to him like she was as hungry for the contact as he was. That in mind, he couldn’t get them in the car fast enough.

“You taking me back to my apartment?” she asked, all innocence, as she clicked her seatbelt into place. Judging by the direction he was heading, the answer was no.

“Not a bloody chance. You’re coming home with me and you’re going to do something about this hard-on that you caused and then deliberately aggravated.”

“I can do something about that right now.”


Before the words had properly registered in his brain she was across his lap and her mouth exhaled heavily against his erection through his pants. He groaned. His button and zipper were deftly dealt with and then her soft hand was fishing him out of his boxers. He sucked in a breath as she licked him from base to tip before running her tongue along the slit, lapping up the drop of moisture there. “Jaxx.” Then she closed that mouth that should surely only exist in fantasies over the head of his cock, lathed it with her tongue, and sucked hard. “Jesus.”

Driving one-handed now, Connor speared his fingers in her hair as she took as much of him into her hot mouth as she could. When his dick hit the back of her throat he groaned helplessly. Just as she had to the bottle, she swirled her tongue over and under him. The breath slammed out of his lungs as she then began sucking with vigour. Had he been standing, his knees would have given out. “Fuck, yeah. That’s it, babe. Just like that.”

Jaxxon smiled around his dick – it was a smile of pure feminine satisfaction. With her mouth she learned the length of him; sliding her tongue over each ridge and vein, and sporadically pausing in her sucking to lazily curl her tongue over the silky head. She fully intended to drive him to the edge of his control again. She knew that soon enough he would have his fill of her and then she would probably never see him again. That could even happen tonight. She was going to make sure that she wasn’t easy to forget.

Who was it who said that reality can never live up to fantasy? thought Connor as he groaned again. Here was evidence that that theory was absolute bollocks. How many times had he imagined this? Too often, and yet never had he imagined it would be this good. He’d have loved to watch but there wasn’t a chance in hell that he was going to stop this car and delay having her any longer. He’d managed to catch fleeting glimpses, and, shit, just seeing his c*ck disappearing into her mouth…What he wouldn’t give to have the feel of her mouth around his dick while she came. Christ, she was sucking him even deeper now; gliding the flat of her tongue along his underside each time. Helplessly he began lifting his hips, surging into her mouth. And now the little witch was lightly grazing him with her teeth. “Jaxx, babe, you have to stop.”

Instead of ending the torture Jaxxon worked harder and faster, tightening her lips around him and sucking until her cheeks hollowed.

“Jaxx, I mean it, you have to stop or I’ll blow my load right now.”

“Good,” she hummed.

The hum vibrated along his cock, dragging at his self-control. That was it, he was gone. Fisting his hand even tighter in her hair, he lifted his h*ps and erupted into her mouth with a loud, guttural groan. She continued sucking, milking him of every last drop as he pulsed incessantly inside her. Then the mental bitch sat up, took a deep breath and faced forward to gaze out the window as if she hadn’t just given him the best blowjob of his life. His half-promise half-threat came out in a gruff voice. “You should now right now that I’m going to f**k you ’til you can’t think straight once we get to my apartment.”

Connor wasn’t oblivious to the looks they received when they hastened into his building a few minutes later. The doorman, Henry, looked at him with surprise then realisation and approval. Connor knew why: he never brought a woman back to his apartment. It seemed that Henry was an admirer of Jaxx’s because apparently the fact that it was Jaxxon Carter the model made it all make sense. He wanted to tell Henry that he was only bringing her here because his apartment was nearer than hers, that it was nothing to do with the puzzling, primal urge to have her in his home.

Admiring looks followed Jaxx with every step she took. The security guards practically drooled and even the female receptionist looked a little mesmerised. Jaxx, however, was as totally oblivious as ever to her effect on people. Two feelings battled for dominance within Connor; frustration at the blatant ogling going on like he wasn’t there, and satisfaction at seeing people want so desperately what was his.

If there hadn’t been people in the lift with them, there was a good chance that the shedding of clothes would have started then. Although emptying himself into her mouth had calmed his frenzied state, his need for her still hammered at him. So much so that he wasn’t able to refrain from pressing his front to her back and reaching around to briefly cup her, loving her answering shudder. He couldn’t bring himself to care that one of the blokes in the lift had caught the movement and was staring at them, his expression hoping there was more to see. Why disappoint the man? This time he cupped a breast briefly. Jaxx, completely oblivious to their peeping tom, subtly rubbed her arse against his ever-hard bulge. Connor punishingly bit her ear so she retaliated by reaching around and pinching his arse.

Had the lift always been this slow? “We should have taken the stairs,” he muttered. To the ninth floor? Not likely. He ignored the knowing chuckles of those around them.

As the doors opened at the seventh floor, Jaxxon held them open. “I’ll tell you what, McKenzie, let’s hit the stairs. Whoever gets to the ninth first gets to be on top.”

For a second he didn’t breathe. “You’re on, Carter.”

Jaxxon could barely walk for laughing as Connor attacked the flights of stairs like a rocket. He must have tired of waiting because he came back looking for her, finding her on the eighth still giggling. He more or less dragged her the rest of the way up. They darted to the door of his apartment like they were being pursued by a knife-wielding madman…which was why Jaxxon was so taken aback when he didn’t jump her when they got inside. Instead, he stood staring at her, breathing hard. As she mirrored his stance and remained rooted to the spot, a part of her brain took notes on her surroundings. The interior was exactly like Connor; masculine, bold and stylish. The place was a hell of a lot bigger than her apartment. The balcony was a surprise.

Moments went by and still he didn’t move. He was so still it was unnerving. She realised he was trying to retain some control. But she didn’t want him controlled, she wanted him the way he was the other night. So she did what would get any predator moving. She began to back away. Sure enough, with each step she took backwards Connor took one forwards.

When the back of Jaxxon’s knees connected with something, effectively stopping her retreat, Connor was upon her. His hands dug into her hair as his lips took command of hers; taking the response he wanted. Each sweep of his tongue against hers sent tingling sensations shooting to her clit. He took the kiss deeper and deeper until he was practically drinking her into him. It both promised and warned her of what was to come. Without parting their lips, he took her by the waist and guided her around whatever had obstructed her backpedalling and then urged her to walk backwards…maybe they took a left somewhere. When he brought them to an abrupt halt, Jaxxon opened her eyes to find herself in – no surprise – his bedroom. Like the other parts of the interior she had glimpsed, the furnishings were all modern and masculine in design. Dominating this room was a big, hulky bed fit for a Sheikh. “Do you have a crown and a harem to go with that?”

He laughed. “You won’t be taking the piss out of it when you’ve laid on it. It’s the softest thing ever.” He ran a fingertip down her cheek. “Except maybe for your skin…which I haven’t seen all of yet.” He raised her arms above her head then slid his hands down her arms to her stomach. Gathering the lacy, red fabric, he peeled the strappy top from her body. “Do you have any idea how many times I’ve thought about stripping you like this?” He couldn’t resist thumbing her already taut ni**les through the lacy bra. Tonight there would be no bra between his hands and those br**sts that taunted him. He unclipped the offending contraption and whipped it from her. Then his breath left his lungs in a whoosh. Perfect, plump, high br**sts with puckered tips greeted him.

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