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The doubt in Anna’s voice made Jaxxon remember that day that Leah was leaving. Jaxxon gripped Anna by the chin. “I promise I’ll phone, text and e-mail as much as I can, alright?”

“You never promise anything unless you mean it.”

“Well there you go then. You can rest your mind now.”

“Will you miss me?”

“Of course I will.” She wasn’t just saying that either, she honestly would.

“You won’t miss me more than you’ll miss Connor though. Don’t worry, I don’t mind. You’re bound to miss the bloke you love like crazy.”

Jaxxon turned to her sharply, forgetting that Anna had been leaning her head lightly on Jaxxon’s shoulder – the poor girl practically fell in Jaxxon’s lap. She pulled her upright. “I don’t love Connor.”

An ugly snort erupted from Anna. “Oh please don’t join him in The Land of Denial.”

“I’m not saying I won’t miss him a bit or that I don’t care about him but I don’t love him.”

“Are you sure about that? Think about it: why else would you have tolerated his crap? Why else would you have been glad to see him when he turned up in France? Why else would you be staying with him until you leave for the tour? And you’ve never kicked him in the bollocks – that should speak volumes to you.”

More words of denial gathered on Jaxxon’s tongue, but they never came out of her mouth. The truth hit her so hard she felt as though she had been poleaxed. Anna was right. She loved the soft twat. Even worse, she always had. Although inside she was panicking, her body was shock still.

“I wish you could have fallen for someone who wasn’t demented.”

“I wish I hadn’t fallen at all.”

“You don’t know how to face him now, do you,” Anna surmised. When Jaxxon didn’t deny it she sighed. “Well there’s no real getting around that. He’s got your stuff and your dog at his apartment for one thing. And he won’t accept you suddenly ending things without a reason.”

Why does she have to be right? Oddly enough, the one thing that would make him let go of her without a fight would be the truth. If he knew she loved him he’d run a mile.

“Want my advice? I actually don’t care if you don’t, here it is: have at least just tonight with him, go play with your new toys and make it one to remember and then you can stay in my place ’til Monday.”

“I don’t know if I can do that. I don’t know if I can look him in the eye now that I know this. It really doesn’t help that I know he doesn’t feel the same.”

Anna gave her a sly smile. “I know how to make sure you can face him. It’s really a very simple tried-and-tested technique. I’ve done it myself millions of times.”


“Get smashed.”


‘Give me ten minutes’ she had said when she flitted off all carefree into the bedroom twenty minutes ago. Connor was still sat, waiting. He wondered if he should go and check on her; Jaxx wasn’t a big Champagne drinker yet for some reason she had gulped down the stuff tonight. At least she wasn’t talking slurry or stumbling everywhere like Anna.

He rose and paced out of the room then stopped abruptly and shook his head. Oh who was he kidding! The reason he wanted to check on her was because he couldn’t wait much longer to be inside her. Needing a distraction, he went into the kitchen and grabbed himself a beer. He leant back against the counter, guzzling his drink as he strived to ignore the erotic images that had been dancing around his head all day. She should never have said the word ‘dildo’; he hadn’t been able to get the thought of f**king her with one out of his mind. The wicked little witch hadn’t even let him peek in that goody bag. No, she’d held it against her chest like it was a life jacket and she was in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

“You’re looking very fierce,” said Jaxxon, leaning against the doorway. His scowl of sexual frustration was hilarious. She hadn’t been purposely making him wait; she’d needed time to quickly pack her stuff so that she wouldn’t have to do it in the morning. The last thing she wanted when she told him she was going was for her to then have to stick around while she packed. Then she’d slipped into her brand new little nightie.

His mouth went dry at the sight of her in that thin, white thing that was all lace and silk. It clung to her while giving him the most fantastic view of her incredible br**sts. Jesus, it was shorter than mid-thigh. All he would have to do was raise it a few inches and there would be another fantastic view. “Come here.” Wearing a cheeky smile, she shook her head. “I’ve waited long enough. Come here. Now.” As she strolled to him with that feline grace of hers he appraised her repeatedly from head to toe, riveted by the vision of her. Mine.

She pressed her body to his and grinded against him. Then she put her mouth to his ear as she said, determined to blast his shaky control to nothing, “I’m wet just thinking about using those toys. Feel.” She took his free hand and guided it under her nightie, letting him know that she was Commando. He skimmed a finger through her slick folds and groaned. “I need you to f**k me real hard tonight, Connor. Hard. Fast. Rough. Deep.” In one swift movement he lifted and laid her on her back on the counter. This time it was his tongue that skimmed through her folds and they were both groaning.

“You shouldn’t have teased me, Jaxx,” he admonished before taking another long lick. “I was already too close to losing it.” He kept her pinned to the counter as he toyed with her cl*t with his tongue. “You know what that means, don’t you?” He slid her to him and hooked her legs over his shoulders then released his c*ck from his pants. “It means I’m going to have to take the edge off.” Abruptly he drove into her and it felt so f**king good. He took her roughly the way she loved it. He was wound so tight that he could have come after three strokes but he wouldn’t let go until she’d found her own release. He shifted his angle, zeroing in on her G-spot. Four hard thrusts later she shattered, screaming. He was right behind her.

No sooner had Jaxxon’s wits returned than she felt herself sinking into a mattress. Then there were clicking and jingling sounds. She brushed her curls from her face – well, she tried to. Cuffs? The bloke hadn’t wasted any time searching that bag, had he. She smiled as she thought of how he must have been desperate to rummage through it since the second he saw her carrying it out to the car. Opening her eyes, she spotted him at the foot of the bed examining something in his hand with a very wide smile on his face. Her brand new vibrator.

He scanned the writing on the box. “Seven different intensities…Can be used hands-free…Interesting. I do believe we’ll be having fun with that.”

If Jaxxon wasn’t still a little dazed she might have laughed at the way he dropped his hand into the bag blindly seeking something out. He looked like a little kid playing Lucky Dip.

“Batteries. Not so interesting but we’ll need them.”

“Hey, why am I na**d?”

“Sorry, Jaxx, but as much as I loved that little creation you were wearing it had to come off so I could have complete access to this body.” He loved that he could get her so high on bliss that she hadn’t even noticed him whipping her nightie off or washing his cum from between her legs. He dug deeper into the bag and came out with a small box that contained a pink slightly curved mini vibrator. “Hmm. Recommended for use on the clitoris but can be used to seek out other sensitive zones. I like the sound of that.” Another dip. “A box of flavoured condoms.” He slung them over his shoulder across the room. He wanted nothing between her skin and his.

“Chocolate flavoured body spread. Two bottles of lubricants, each designed to ‘enhance sensitivity’. Oh I think we’ll have to try that. And last but definitely not least…” He wiggled the jingling toy in his hand. “Ankle cuffs.”

Her legs were suddenly shifted and then there was more clicking. It instantly occurred to her that she was practically helpless. “McKenzie, you try any freaky shit and I swear I’ll shove my brand new vibrator up your arse.”

“Hmm, I’m curious, how will you do that if you’re cuffed to my bed? You know, Carter, I quite like you all at my mercy like this.” He paced slowly around the bed, examining her from all angles and making her frustrated with anticipation. He didn’t think there was anyone else who he actually liked while they were frustrated. There was definitely no one else who turned him on while they were frustrated. “What to play with first…”

As a sly smile played around the edges of his mouth Jaxxon narrowed her eyes. “No freaky shit,” she repeated. If there was even a whisper of a whip or a gag or a collar she would kill him. If it weren’t for the effects of the Champagne she might not have let him cuff her ankles as well as her wrists.

He knew he should reassure her that he wouldn’t do anything that she didn’t like, but he couldn’t resist winding her up. “Or what?”

She mirrored his sly smile. “Or I won’t suck you off.”

“You really shouldn’t have said that. Now I can’t get rid of the picture of my dick in your mouth.” Why should he try to? He watched hunger flare in her eyes as he removed his shirt and pants and, finally, his boxers. He moved up close to her, letting his once-again-hard c*ck bob in front of her face. “Lick it.”

There was only one reason Jaxxon was letting him getting away with the dominant display; she’d come to learn that there was power in being submissive. Nothing seemed to turn on a bloke more than a woman doing what he told her. Before long he lost control and then it was the woman holding the power. Locking their gazes so that she could see the full affect this had on him, Jaxxon ran her tongue from base to tip and then circled the head.

Connor sucked in a big gasp of air and his belly quivered. “Can you taste us both on me, babe?” She nodded and then licked him again, this time starting at his balls. He groaned. “Open your mouth.” When she did he surged inside and his eyelids drifted shut at the amazing feeling of her sucking him and gliding her tongue around him. He knew he’d have to pull out now or he’d reach the point of no return and spill in her mouth. “Stop.”

Jaxxon successfully contained her smile as she witnessed him almost lose it. She doubted she’d manage the submissive act for long; his bossiness would drive her mental. He held up that mini curved vibrator and switched it on. It surprised her that it was practically noiseless. Maybe it was weak or –

Oh. No, definitely not weak. Jaxxon quivered as he trailed the tip up her inner thigh. Instead of wandering anywhere interesting he trailed it up her other inner thigh, stopping again. Then he crawled over her and captured her lips with his, thrusting his tongue into her mouth and gliding it against her own. At the same time he trailed the tip of the vibrator along her neck and dug his h*ps into hers. She groaned into his mouth and replicated the movement with her own hips, and then he broke the kiss and the sneaky expression on his face as he again appraised her body was one she’d seen before. “Oh no, no way am I lying here for like half an hour while you kiss and bite me from head to toe again.” It had been torture having her cl**ax so close for so long when he wouldn’t let her go over the edge.

“I think you’ll find that that’s exactly what I’m going to do, only this time I’ll be using my new toy here as well. You know, I quite like it.”

“Bastard,” she hissed.

“Now that wasn’t very nice, Jaxx. I think I might just take a little longer than half an hour now.” She gawped in outrage. “Don’t worry, if at any time you can’t take anymore just say ‘please’ and I’ll -”

“I. Don’t. Beg.”

Oh he knew that. No matter how much he’d teased her he’d never been able to get her to beg. That was going to change tonight. The woman was a walking challenge and he couldn’t help but rise to it.

“I can’t believe -”

“Sorry, can’t chat, I’m off to have some fun with this gorgeous body and my new toy.” Using his arsenal of tongue, teeth, mouth, hands and vibrator, he teased the hell out of her. First he explored her neck and along her collarbone. Next were her shoulders and then her arms. Then he moved onto the flesh above her br**sts. “Had enough yet?” he asked the shaking, moaning woman beneath him. She gave him a mutinous look. He skipped her br**sts and worked along her ribs and stomach and navel. By then she was juddering and whimpering and constantly bucking in an effort to grind herself against him but he had raised his body over her so he was out of reach. Again and again she neared her peak but he backed off each time and waited while she came down from her mini high and then got to work again. “Shall I stop?” Another mutinous look. This time he worshipped her legs from thigh to foot and then back up again. He licked along the creases where her h*ps met her groin and she twisted and arched in an effort to get some relief from his mouth but, even though it near killed him, he resisted. “It’s only a word, Jaxx. Just one.”

“Yeah? Well here’s two: Fuck. You.”

He had to smile. Even though her body was completely restless and she was gasping for release she fought him. She wouldn’t be Jaxx if she didn’t. “Wouldn’t you like it better if I f**ked you?” When she squeezed her eyes shut he knew she was fighting herself. So close to begging. “You know what to do if you change your mind.” Again he licked the creases, again ignoring her body’s pleas for release, and worked his way upwards. He made his bites harder and used more pressure as his hands kneaded her skin. With the vibrator he paid particular attention to the erogenous zones he’d previously found and occasionally he teasingly dug his h*ps into hers before elevating his body again.

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