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I wanted to move faster, harder—which he damn well knew—but I did as I was told. He’d only tease the hell out of me if I didn’t.

“Let’s see how many fingers you can take.” He slid a third one inside, but he only got it about halfway in. “Keep going, baby, you can take it.” He whispered encouragements into my ear as I kept fucking his fingers. When my pussy stretched enough to take all three to the knuckles, he said, “Now let’s go for four.” Again, the finger only got about halfway in. He bit my lower lip. “Fuck them, Kensey. Take them all inside you.”

“I’d rather have your cock.”

“You’ll get it. First, you do this for me.”

Resolute that I’d exercise more so I’d be strong enough to flip him onto his back and drop down hard on his dick when he got in these teasing moods, I resumed impaling myself on his fingers. My pussy stung as it stretched to accommodate them, but eventually it took all four. “No more.” Fisting wasn’t my thing.

“No more,” he agreed, withdrawing his fingers. “So good for me, aren’t you? I think it’s time to give my girl what she wants.” He took my hands and pinned them above my head. His grip wasn’t tight enough to hurt. Just tight enough to let me feel how much stronger than me he was. “Keep your eyes on mine, Kensey.” He thrust hard, burying his cock balls-deep inside me.

The shock of his instant possession made me inhale sharply. Full to the brim, my pussy clenched and quaked around him. Before Blake, I’d never liked being held down. But there was something about being unable to move, about being forced to take only what he chose to give me, that fired my need and made my blood thicken.

“Love how hot and tight you are. Fucking love it.” He slowly pulled back, stroking my hypersensitive walls, making them heat and spasm. Then he slammed home again, grunting as my pussy clamped down on him. Eyes dark with need and pure masculine possession, he did it over and over—slowly withdrew and then plunged hard.

Normally, ‘slow’ didn’t rev my engines quite so much. But the added feel of his strong hands gripping mine and his cock sliding over my clit with every thrust had me wound unbearably tight. My pussy was rippling and quivering around his cock. He was dominant and in total control, whereas I was hot and needy and so desperate that I could cry.

I bucked my hips. “More. I need to come.”

Agonizingly slow, he pulled back until only the head of his cock was inside me. “You got a good reason why I should let you?”

I squeezed my eyes shut. “Not really.” I felt him smile against my ear.

“Do you love me, Kensey?”


He rammed himself deep, knocking the breath out of my lungs. “Are you mine?”

“Yes,” I breathed, lips parting as he once more slowly withdrew.

“Are you going to stay mine?”

“Yes.” I groaned as his cock drove deep, stuffing me full of him again.

“That’s my good girl. So perfect.” Fucking me slow and deep, he kissed me. Hot and wet and hungry. He didn’t take my mouth. He seduced it. Licked over my teeth. Sucked at the corners of my mouth. Lashed my tongue with his, coaxing mine to play.

We shared breaths and moans as his tongue danced with mine. He didn’t rush. No, he savored. I sank into the kiss, into him, into the addictive heat of his exceptionally talented mouth. My body arched into him each time he thrust his cock deep, filling me to bursting.

Angling his head, he kissed me deeper. Hungrier. Making me even more crazy for him. Then he went back to kissing me softly. Lazily. Like we had all the time in the world.

Over and over, he switched, keeping me off-balance and muddling my mind. The whole thing was delicious and intoxicating and … and … and what the fuck was that?

I opened my eyes, becoming very aware that something cold and smooth was on my third finger. “What did you just do?”

His mouth curved. “Claimed what rightfully belongs to me.”

“You can’t just—”

“You said you love me. You said you’re mine. You said you wouldn’t leave.”

“I didn’t say I’d walk down a freaking aisle.” And he hadn’t even asked.

“You will, baby. I won’t have it any other way.” He pumped his hips, fucking me hard and fast, staring at me through eyes that glittered with a fierce determination. “You’re going to marry me, Kensey.”


“You’re going to marry me.”

“I haven’t—”

“You’re going to marry me. Isn’t that right?”

I clamped my lips closed.

His grip on my hands tightened. “Look at my face, Kensey. Does it look like I’ll give up? Does it look like I’ll accept any answer other than the one I want? Does it?”

No, it freaking didn’t. I snarled. “I’m going to make you wear the most ridiculous buttonhole I can find.”

Taking that for the ‘yes’ that it was, he gave me a wicked, self-satisfied smile. “All mine.” Then he was hammering into my pussy like he wanted me to feel him in my throat. I’d be sore afterward, but I didn’t care. Not when his cock hit my g-spot with each smooth, possessive thrust, building the friction inside me until I couldn’t stand it.

My body tightened. Shook. Screamed for release.

He kissed me hard and growled into my mouth. “I fucking love you.”

At those words, I shattered. The scream got trapped in my throat as waves of pleasure so intense they were almost unbearable washed over me and blew me apart. Blake shoved his cock deep and exploded, flexing his hips as if to make sure his come shot as deep as it could go. Then we both sort of sagged to the rug, panting.

When my brain finally switched back on, I wiggled my fingers. “Are you going to let me see it?” He released my hands, and my throat thickened at the sight of the princess cut diamond flanked by little shiny stones all set in a white gold ring. “It’s beautiful.”

“Like you,” he whispered against my mouth before giving me a soft, drugging kiss.

I wanted to say something profound. Meaningful. Something that reflected the emotions rushing through me. But it was hard to find the right words. Especially when my throat felt thick and tears welled up. I settled on … “My heart feels full. Like something’s swelling inside my chest.”

His face went all soft. “That’s because you’re happy and you love me.”

I smiled. “Yeah, it is. So, when people ask how you proposed, what do I tell them?”

“The truth. I slid my ring on your finger while you were distracted and then I wouldn’t let you take it off.” He rested his forehead on mine. “You would have laughed if I got down on one knee.”

He was right. I wouldn’t have been able to keep a straight face if he’d done anything remotely cliché. He knew me too well.

His hand splayed possessively on my stomach. “One day.”

Knowing what he meant, I sighed. “One day.” His lopsided grin made me smile. “You look so annoyingly smug right now.”

“Why wouldn’t I be smug? I have everything I want. You should know that I’m not one of those people who’s willing to wait two years before my woman walks down the aisle. I don’t care how big or small the wedding is—have it however you want it—but I won’t wait more than four months.”

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