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That was hardly surprising, given his general character. “I don’t want a big production anyway.” I only wanted to share that day with the people who truly mattered to me. “I’d rather have something so low key that I probably won’t need more than a month to plan it. The trick will be hiring venues at such short notice. You know, it’s a real shame we can’t get married in the basement.” My mother would have a hernia if she realized what went on down here.

His lips twisted. “We could get married on the rooftop of the Vault. There’s plenty of room up there. We could have the reception on the main floor. And then we could spend our wedding night in the basement.”

I smiled. “I really like that idea.”

“I can tell.”

“You seem to always know what I want before I do.” It was almost scary.

He shrugged. “I just know what my girl likes. I know how she thinks.”



“Then you know I like instant gratification, so why do you always make me wait before you let me come?”

“Because I can. And because you come even harder when I do.”

The thing was … I couldn’t even deny that. “Whatever. Now move so I can admire my shiny ring some more.”

Rolling onto his side, he watched with an amused smile as I played with the ring. “You want to snap a photo of it and send it to people, don’t you?”

I gaped at him. “How do you know that?”

“I told you, I know how my girl thinks.” He kissed me. “You should definitely send a picture of it to Cade first.” He shrugged when I glared at him. “He thinks of you as his closest friend, Kensey. It’s only fair to him that he be the first to find out about our engagement. Would you really deprive him of that honor?”

Honestly, I could only gawk at him. “Do you have no shame?”

Smiling, he splayed his hand around my throat. “Kiss me, Kensey.”


“Because you love me.”

With a put-out huff, I kissed him. It was only supposed to be a quick one, but it turned into something soft and deep and drugging. Damn if I didn’t love the bastard.

He hummed. “Now let’s get you in that tub. I’m the one that got you all sticky; it’s only right that I be the one to clean you up.”

“Before you do, you should know something.”


I bit the inside of my cheek. “That baby you want ‘one day’ … well, it’s going to come a lot sooner than you thought.”

He froze. “You’re pregnant?”

I nodded. “Took a test earlier after I realized I missed a period. It was positive. So were the other three tests I took, just to be sure.”

He double-blinked. “How?”

“Maybe my painkillers interfered with the effectiveness of the pill or something—I don’t know. The pill isn’t foolproof anyway.”

He swallowed, splaying a hand on my stomach. “You’re carrying my baby?”

“Our baby, actually.”

His mouth took mine in a kiss so searing and raw with emotion that it brought tears to my eyes again. He pointed at me. “You have a week before we’re standing in front of a priest.”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake.”

“Planning weddings is taxing. Emma was a nervous wreck all the months running up to hers. I don’t want you stressed throughout the pregnancy—heaven fucking knows you’ve had enough stress to last you a lifetime. A week, Kensey. You have a week.”

“Could you be any more tyrannical?”

“Probably, so the sooner I make you my wife, the better. Then you’re stuck with me. You can’t run.”

“I don’t run.”

He smiled. “No, you don’t. My strong, tough girl stands by the people she loves. And you’ll be standing at my side. In a week. In front of a priest. Isn’t that right?”

I sighed. “You’re far too used to having your own way.” But I’d do it, because then I wouldn’t have a pregnancy bump on my wedding photos. “I should rebel more.”

His smile turned from soft to wicked. “Feel free to do so. Punishing you is often fun. In fact, you’re due a punishment.”

My eyes widened. “For what?”

He draped himself over me. “You’ve known that you’re pregnant since this morning, but you’re only telling me this now.”

“I was waiting for the right moment!”

“That’s no excuse,” he said, feigning hurt. “You kept it from me. Now I’ll keep an orgasm from you. Seems fair.”

“No, it freaking doesn’t, you—” I gasped as he shoved his cock inside me. “You really are a bastard.”

He just grinned. “Don’t come until I say.”

“See? You’re an utter bastard.”

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