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I took a sip of my wine. “What made you come up with the idea of having themed rooms?”

“Again, it’s about being able to taste your fantasies in a safe place.”

“And will we be tasting one of your fantasies tonight?”

His mouth curved into a wicked smile that made my stomach clench. “Yes.”

Excitement bubbled through me. “Which one?”

“I’d rather keep it as a surprise. It’s nothing dark. It’s all about fun. Nothing you need to be nervous about.”

“So we’re not in a standard room this time?”

“No.” The finger drawing patterns on my shoulder trailed up my neck and around to my nape, where he began tracing circles.

“You do that a lot.”


“Draw little patterns on my skin.”

“I love your skin. And your hair.” His tongue flicked my earlobe. “And your pussy. So warm and snug.”

Face flushing, I took a long drink of wine. The guy was lethal. I glanced at Sarah, wanting to check on her, and caught a glimpse of someone else. I ground my teeth. “So that’s how you know Libby.” She was kneeling beside the chair on which a dark-skinned male was sprawled, her eyes on the floor. I doubted that she’d noticed me or Sarah yet.

Blake flicked her a disinterested glance. “She’s been a sub here for a while. I haven’t touched her, in case you’re wondering.”

I was wondering. “Why did you ask her specifically about me?”

“I didn’t. I was talking to a guy who was her Dom for the night, asking him questions about the people at CCC and the bar. As soon as I mentioned you, Libby piped up.”

“I’ll bet she did,” I mumbled.

“She described you as someone who was as messed up as your stepfather.”

“I guess neither you or me lucked out when it came to our stepparents.”

He stilled. “Excuse me?”

“How old were you when your stepmother came onto you for the first time?”

He was silent for so long, I was sure he wouldn’t answer. “Nineteen.” His tone was flat, emotionless.

Twisted bitch. “And she’s never quite given up, has she? Did you tell your dad?”

“He wouldn’t have believed it. Right up until the day he died, he thought the sun rose and set with her.”

“What about your mom? Did you tell her about it?”

His jaw hardened. “She died when I was fourteen.”

Inwardly, I winced. “Sorry to hear that.”

He chugged back some of his wine. “Does your mother really love Bale?”

“She loves what she sees when she looks at him.”

“Not the same thing.”

“No,” I agreed. We both looked up as Sarah and Bastien approached, smiling.

“You must be Kensey,” said Bastien. “I was shocked to see my boy here wearing red. Didn’t think he’d ever let anyone lay a claim of any kind on him. This is a good thing to see. And an indication that he could be pussy whipped—I’m finding humor in that.”

Blake sighed. “Fuck off, Bastien.” There was no heat in the words, which was no doubt why Bastien laughed.

“We’re going through to the dome,” Sarah declared, eyes bright.

“So are we.” Blake drained his glass, stood upright, and then offered me his hand. “Come.”

“I certainly hope I do,” I quipped, to which he chuckled. Setting down my glass, I slipped my hand in his and stood upright.

He gave me a quick kiss. “Oh, you’ll come,” he assured me. “And you’ll come loud.”

“We’ll see.” I walked slightly behind him as he led me toward the door on the other side of the lounge. And, since my luck was shit, Libby and her partner chose that moment to stand.

The guy inclined his head at us. “Good to see you, Blake.”

Libby’s head snapped up, a ghost of a smile on her face. But that smile faded when she noticed me. Sheer and utter shock flashed in her eyes and made her mouth droop. Something dark flickered across her face, and the shock in her eyes was quickly replaced by an acidic anger. Stupidly, she crossed to Blake.

“You do know that’s Kensey Lyons, don’t you?” she asked. “I told you all about her, I told you—”

“Lies,” Blake finished. “And more lies.”

Libby’s mouth tightened. “Obviously she’d tell you it was all untrue. Just ask the Buchanan family, they’ll tell you—”

“Lies,” I said. “And more lies. But we all know why that is. You know, you really ought to be careful you don’t choke on all the bullshit you spew, Libby.”

Cheeks flushing scarlet, Libby opened her mouth, but she snapped it shut when Blake leaned toward her.

“Not another word,” he said softly, yet it rang with so much menace that the girl blanched.

Her partner stepped forward and rested a restraining hand on her shoulder. “Forgive her appalling behavior, Blake. She will be punished for disrespecting what belongs to you.”

I wondered if that punishment involved a whip. I truly hoped so, even though it was highly likely that Libby would get off on it in her own way.

“See that she is, Warren,” said Bastien in a tone that made Sarah shiver a little in delight. I had to smile at that.

Blake gave Warren a faint nod and then squeezed my hand. “Let’s go.”

We started walking again, and Sarah fell back to speak to me. “You didn’t tell me she came here.”

“I didn’t know until just now,” I told her.

At the odd look Sarah cast him, Bastien raised his hands and said, “I never touched her.” Reaching the door, he opened it wide and swept out a hand.

Sarah peppered him with questions about the private rooms as we wandered down the hallway and, finally, through the dome’s ornate doors. Just like last time, the space was full. Music was blasting, and people were dancing their asses off.

As Sarah and Bastien swanned off to the bar, Blake asked, “Want another drink?” I shook my head, and his lips quirked. “Good. Neither do I.” He cupped my ass and drew me close, fitting me to him. His cock was hard and full, and the thought of having it in me again made my pussy clench.

I hooked my arms loosely around his neck as his mouth ate at mine. He danced good, totally in sync with the beat. His movements were smooth, fluid, dirty.

Blake splayed his hand on my throat and tipped back my head. My eyes fluttered shut as he licked and kissed and sucked at my neck, leaving little marks. I should probably protest at the marking thing, but it felt so damn good that I was melting. A slow-burn began in my core, leaving me hot and aching.

“You smell so fucking good, Kensey.” He hooked one of my legs over his hip and ground his cock against me. Pleasure sparked from my clit to my pussy, and my eyes snapped open.

I tried lifting my head, wanting his mouth, but he kept on ravishing my sensitive neck. I felt each lick and bite all the way to my pussy. Every grind of his cock rubbed my clit just right and, shit, I needed him. Right there, right then. “Blake, you—”

He spun me, pressing my back against his front. “Are you wet enough for me yet, Kensey?” he asked, his breath warm on my neck. One of his hands splayed on my stomach while he drew the fingers of his free hand up my thighs, under my dress, and then cupped me hard. “Mine.” He deftly slipped one finger into my thong and then—oh fuck. My pussy tightened around his finger, and he groaned. “Nice and wet. But I want you dripping.”

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