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“The door isn’t locked,” I said.

“No one would dare barge in here.” His head dipped as he trailed kisses down my neck. My body curved into his, needing more, and he growled. “I’m gonna get you so fucking wet.”

Oh, I didn’t doubt that.

He scooped out my breasts and palmed them roughly. “Love these.” He suckled on my nipple, scoring it with the edge of his teeth. He then blew out a long, cool breath, and my nipple tightened to the point of pain. He gave the other the same treatment, the bastard. Then he was plucking and twisting one nipple while he sucked hard on the other. “You on the pill?”

“Yes.” I took it to regulate my periods.

“Good.” He put his mouth to my ear, and the feel of his hot breath made me shiver. “I don’t want to come in a condom. I want to come inside you.” He pinched my nipple. “I’m clean. Always used condoms.”

“Same here.” And just thinking of having him skin-to-skin made my pussy contract.

He sucked on my earlobe. “Lie back.”

Careful not to knock anything, I eased myself back. The cool feel of the marble on my skin made me shiver just a little.

“That’s a good girl.” He drew my thong down my legs and tossed it aside. “Spread your legs, Kensey.”

I did, though I took my sweet time about it. His eyes locked on my pussy, darkening with naked want and an unadulterated possessiveness that made my inner walls heat and spasm. He dragged his gaze to mine. I was caught, trapped, in that gaze—in the demands and promises I saw there.

He hummed. “Such a pretty picture you make right here.” He landed a sharp slap on my inner thigh, and I jerked in shock. The sting radiated all the way to my slick folds, feeding the burn in my pussy. It felt unbelievably good.

Still, I frowned. “Hey!”

And he delivered a light slap to my other thigh; the same thing happened—the light pain blazed all the way to my pussy, leaving it throbbing.

Blake tugged off his tie as he said, “I want you to keep your hands flat on the desk.” He dumped the tie near my head, and I understood the threat. “I don’t want to have to tie you up; my word should be enough.”

I swallowed hard as he sat on his chair and curled his hands around my thighs, spreading them wider. “Blake—”

“Don’t come.” He fell forward and clamped his mouth around my pussy. I sucked in a huge gasp of air. The sudden heat of his mouth felt almost as good as the tongue that swiped through my folds and swirled around my clit. My back arched and my eyes drifted shut.

“Fucking love going down on you,” he rumbled.

It was no gentle seduction. His mouth was ruthless. He licked and sipped and drank from me. Fluttered his tongue between my slick folds. Stabbed his tongue inside me again and again. Sucked my clit between his lips and flicked it with his tongue.

My body felt too tight. Too hot. Too needy. The hunger was as carnal and unrelenting as his mouth. My core throbbed and pulsed, and I knew I had to be dripping wet. “Fuck me.”

He didn’t respond. Just continued to devastate me with his mouth, prolonging the torture. Soon, feverish tremors began to rack my body. Desperation licked through me just as his tongue licked through my slit. Every thought scattered but one—I need to come.

For about the tenth time, I slapped the desk hard enough to make my palm sting, caught in a total fucking frenzy. A total frenzy of fucking would be much better, but he was being an ass. “Blake, seriously—” The slight graze of his teeth made me jerk.

“My girl’s pussy is so pretty and tight and wet.” He took my hand and sucked my finger into his mouth. Then he plunged my finger inside me and held it there. My hips bucked, and I inhaled sharply. Shit, I was soaking.

He pulled back my hand and then thrust it forward. He did it again. And again. And again, fucking me with my own finger. “Keep going, Kensey. Let me watch you.” He let go of my hand, but I kept up the rhythm. “That’s it. Don’t stop until you’re ready to come.”

I looked down to see that he’d steepled his fingers and was watching my pussy intently. Hungrily. Possessively.

“Every time I sit at this desk, this is what I’ll remember,” he said. “Your pussy all swollen and glistening and clenching your finger. Faster, Kensey. Fuck yourself faster.”

I did, completely unashamed while I was caught in the iron grip of a powerful, pitiless need. I was balancing on the knife-edge of an orgasm that was sure to render me senseless, and I really didn’t know if I could take much more. But when I curved my finger just right and touched that special spot inside me, I felt that orgasm creep—

Blake snatched my hand back. “No, no, no, baby. I’m not ready for you to come yet.”

I hissed through my teeth. “Blake, I know you get pleasure out of being a teasing motherfucker, but I really can’t take anymore. I need to come.”

“You got a reason why I should let you?”

He was such a fucking asshole. “Um …”

“Hmm. Pity.” His tongue once again licked my slit.

“Wait, wait, wait! I … um … I…” I clicked my fingers as something came to me. “I didn’t move my hands until you grabbed one! I kept them on the desk like you asked.”

“That’s true, baby, you did.” Rising to his feet, he reached for his fly. My pussy quivered at the sound of his zipper lowering. His cock sprang out, full and long. I remembered the feel of him in my mouth; remembered how hot and hard he’d been. And I wanted another taste. My fingers tingled with the drive to touch and stroke and drag him closer.

“You like having my cock in your mouth, don’t you?”

I flicked my eyes to his and nodded. Why deny it?

“Another time.” With his mouth set into a hard slash and his eyes glittering with an almost animalistic need, the untamed quality about him had never been more evident. “Now I want to fuck you.” Gripping my thighs, he tilted my hips and rammed into me with a shocking force, taking instant possession of me in one smooth, feral thrust.

I jerked, mouth slack, as I found myself suddenly stuffed full of a hard, thick cock. My pussy contracted around him, and he uttered a harsh curse. But he didn’t move. Didn’t let me move. He held me still on his cock. I swallowed. “What do you want?”

He raised a brow. “What do you think I want?”

I gritted my teeth but relented, “You own me.”

His face went lazy with approval, and he slowly pulled back. Then, slamming home, he bit out, “Fucking right I own you.” Growling low in his throat, he drove deep again and again, fingertips digging into my thighs, driving me higher and hotter. I raised my hips to meet each brutal thrust, frantic for more. “Your pussy feels so fucking good around my dick. Have you missed having me inside you, Kensey?”

I let out a breathy moan. “Yes.” The friction inside me wound even tighter. “Blake, I need—”

“I know what you need.” He curled over me, shifting his angle, stroking my clit each time he pounded into me. Bunching one hand in my hair, he ravaged my mouth, swallowing my moans and whimpers. “So fucking beautiful. Make me come inside you, Kensey. Make me fill you up.”

He gave me a particularly hard thrust, and I felt myself shatter in a shockingly powerful orgasm that swept me under. I shook almost violently as wave after torturous wave of white-hot pleasure ripped through me. His cock pistoned in and out of me, driving harder and deeper and faster—

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