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I snarled. “Let. Me. Go.”

Instead, he tightened his hold on my wrists and pulled on them until I felt the strain in my shoulders. And for some fucked up reason, my nipples tightened. Not so much at the small pain but at the show of male power. As much as his dominance pissed me off right then, his strength made me feel both safe and enormously turned-on.

He ground his cock—hard, thick, and long—against me. “I’m going to fuck you, Kensey. Fuck you so hard and good that my dick will be the only one you remember. You’ll love every minute of it. You’ll want more and more. You’ll forget every little thing that’s messing with your head right now. And then you’ll come so fucking hard you’ll be boneless. And I’ll empty every bit of my come deep inside you while you scream for me.”

I swallowed. His words conjured all sorts of images in my brain, and I felt myself getting damp. It was beyond my control. My body was trained to respond to him.

“This can go one of two ways, Kensey. You can be a good girl, and I’ll treat you like one. Or you can keep defying me, and you’ll find yourself regretting it. I know how to play your body, Kensey. I know how to keep you hanging on the edge for hours. Don’t think I won’t do that. I will.”

Oh, I believed him. But back down? I just couldn’t find the calm I needed to do it. Of course, I could walk away. He’d never force me. But he was right in what he’d said before: he’d make me forget the things that were messing with my head. I didn’t want to think about them anymore.

“What will it be, Kensey?”

I just stared at him, defiant.

“Baby,” he said softly, almost sadly—as if I was my own worst enemy. Using one hand to keep mine pinned behind me, he thrust his free hand into my hair and lowered his mouth to mine. But he didn’t kiss me. No. He slowly traced the shape of my mouth with the tip of his tongue, licking over my scar. With a contented sigh, I parted my lips, wanting more. His tongue dipped inside, but it only skimmed the tip of mine. Then he was nipping at the corners of my mouth, sucking on my upper lip, and grazing my lower with his teeth.

Sparks flared, chemicals raced, my blood thickened. And I’d had enough.

I tried slamming my mouth on his, but he knotted his hand in my hair and held me in place. He lifted his head no more than an inch and simply looked at me, his mouth so close yet so far, taunting me with what I couldn’t have. Asshole. I hissed between my teeth.

“That wasn’t nice. I’m going to let go of your wrists now, but keep them where they are.”

“Or …?”

“Each time you defy me will equal a time that I refuse to let you come.”

I gaped at him. “That’s shitty.”

“I told you that if you defied me, you’d end up regretting it. All you have to do is be good for me. Now sit.” Still gripping my hair, he pushed down on my head until I sat on the edge of the bed. Eyes fixed on mine, he unbuttoned his fly. “I want to fuck this pretty face.”

Did he now? Well, that wasn’t such a bad idea. He knew my body well, true, but that worked both ways. I knew plenty of tricks that would make him lose control.

Fisting himself, he gave his cock one smooth stroke and then brushed the head over my mouth. “Open up.” The second I did, he surged inside. No preamble. No easing his way in. He didn’t move, though. Didn’t let me move either. His grip on my hair kept me still.

Hot and hard, he throbbed in my mouth. I swallowed around him, taking him a little deeper.

He clenched his teeth and tipped my head back slightly. “I’m going to come down your throat, Kensey. You’ll swallow it all.” And then he was driving his cock in and out of my mouth, gaze riveted on the sight. “Fucking love seeing your mouth stretched around my dick.”

He wasn’t careful. Wasn’t hesitant. He was rough and ruthless. But he looked at me like I was … important. There was even a hint of pride in his gaze.

Soon, my jaw started to ache and my lips felt a little numb, but I still sucked hard. Hollowed my cheeks and danced my tongue around him. Did everything that I knew would send him closer to coming. Just as his cock swelled and pulsed, his grip on my hair tightened until my scalp prickled.

“All of it, Kensey.” He punched his hips forward and exploded in my mouth with a guttural groan. I swallowed it all, unable to do anything else. His grip in my hair relaxed, and he stroked my head in reward as he slowly withdrew from my mouth.

I frowned when he tucked his cock back into his pants. “I’m going to need that,” I said.


Blake’s lips twitched. “You can have it when I’m good and ready for you to have it. Now stand up.” I did so, and his hands framed my face; thumb breezing over my lips. “You have one very talented mouth. It’s a good thing that it’s mine.” He kissed me. Softly. Sweetly. “You can move your hands now.” He massaged my shoulders, fingers digging into muscle and working their way down my arms until the limbs felt loose and relaxed.

He took a step back and folded his arms across his chest. “Strip.”

So we were back where we started. I gritted my teeth.

“That’s one.”


“That’s one orgasm I won’t give you. If you keep hesitating just to fuck around, it’ll make two. Then three. Maybe more.”

Son of a bitch. Glaring at him, I wordlessly began to strip—there was nothing sexy or teasing about it. No, I was pissed and I let him know it.

His eyes drank in each inch I revealed until, finally, I was naked before him. “You really do have a beautiful body, Kensey.” Stepping forward, he smiled. “And now I’m going to play with it. Lie back.”

“Play with it how?”

“That’s two,” he warned.

Bastard. I went back to glaring at him as I eased myself down onto the bed. I let my thighs slowly fall open because then, ha, he couldn’t order me to do it.

He used his thumbs to spread my folds. “Already wet. Just how I like you. Hands above your head, Kensey. Good girl. Don’t move.”

I did as I was told purely because he then began to strip, starting with his shirt. My heart beat a little faster at the sight of that gloriously masculine body—pure muscle, solid shoulders, sculpted abs, not an ounce of fat. My fingers tingled with the need to touch him just as my pussy ached to have him inside me. I didn’t think that the sheer physical impact of him would ever lessen.

Planting a fist either side of my head, he hovered his face over mine. “Mouth.”

I opened for him, and he thrust his tongue inside. He didn’t tease or torment me this time. He ravished my mouth like he hadn’t seen me in months. Feasted and plundered with a primitive intensity that—

“Hands above your head, Kensey.”

I realized then that I’d sifted my fingers through his hair. Since I knew he liked it, I gave the soft strands a sharp tug.

“That’s three.”

“Motherfucking motherfucker.”

“And now you’ve made it four. Shall we go for five?”

Silently spitting every profanity that I knew, I put my hands above my head.

He whispered his mouth over mine. “You make my cock even harder when you glare at me like that.” He held the vibrator near my face … almost like a threat. I tensed. It wasn’t that I didn’t want him to use it on me. It was that I had the distinct feeling he’d torment the hell out of me with it. Then again, I knew something he didn’t—there were no batteries in the damn thing. I always took them out after using it.

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