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Releasing his cock with one last lick to the head, I did as he asked.

Kneeling between my spread thighs, he splayed his hand on my throat and then dragged it down my neck, between my breasts, along my stomach, and down to my pussy. He slipped a finger inside me and groaned. “Nice and slick. I want some of that in my mouth.” He lifted my hips and pushed his face into my pussy.

Sucking in a sharp breath, I grabbed tufts of his hair and held on as he ravenously ate at me. His skilled tongue licked, lashed, flicked, and sank inside me. And when he latched onto my clit and suckled gently, I almost tugged a chunk of hair out of his scalp.

Lifting his head, Blake licked his glistening lower lip as he gazed down at me, eyes dark with heat. “Now I’m ready to fuck you.” He didn’t lower my hips to the floor. No, he spread my thighs wide in the air as he lodged the head of his cock in my pussy. Thick and hard, he stretched me until it stung, but I absolutely loved it. Loved feeling every inch of him slowly slide into me, stretching me more and more—

He slammed home. Jesus Christ. My pussy clamped down on him like a fist, rippling and quaking. I slapped my palms on the floor as if it could anchor me somehow. I was hovering on the edge of what I sensed would be a phenomenal orgasm, and all I wanted was to feel him roughly pounding into me like he’d never get enough. He didn’t give that to me, though. He stayed very still, as if waiting for my approaching orgasm to recede.

I’d have begged him to let me come if I thought it would work. I wasn’t too proud for that, and I’d tried it once before. It hadn’t moved him at all. He’d simply said: “You don’t ever need to beg me for anything. I’ll always give you what you want … just not exactly when you want it.”

He swiveled his hips. “You know something, Kensey?”


He curled over me and closed his warm mouth around my nipple. Each strong wet tug on the taut bud made my pussy spasm. “One day …” He paused to blow on my nipple, making it tighten painfully. “I’m going to put a baby in you.”


Mouth curving, he straightened. “Not yet.” In an agonizingly slow movement, he smoothly pulled back until only the head was inside me. “Not anytime soon. But one day, yeah, I’ll do it one day.” He drove deep and then swiveled his hips again. “Won’t I?”

I spluttered. “We can’t have this kind of discussion while we’re fucking.” I gasped as he ever-so-slowly pulled back again.

“Won’t I?” he repeated.

“I refuse to talk about this now.”

Again, he drove deep. “I’ll do it, Kensey. You know I will.”

“Not talking about this now.”

“And I’ll put a ring on your finger. That I will do soon.” He began mercilessly pumping his hips, driving balls-deep and filling me so perfectly I could cry. Possessiveness was carved into every line of his face. I felt that possessiveness in every thrust, in his furious pace, and in the dig of his fingertips in my thighs. “If you could feel how hot your pussy is right now … It’s getting tighter and tighter by the second. So close to coming, aren’t you?”

I nodded, moaning. The right touch to my clit would set me off.

“But you’ll fight it, because I’m not done with you yet. Hook your hands under your knees, Kensey. Pull your legs up and keep them spread wide for me.” He didn’t pause while I did as he asked. He kept on plunging hard and fast, squeezing my breasts just right.

I wanted his mouth. Wanted one of those searing, addictive, hungry kisses that could leave me completely boneless. I was—

A sharp stinging slap to my inner thigh jerked a gasp out of me. The light pain surged to my pussy, making it blaze and spasm. “Oh God, don’t. Not if you want me to hang on.” But he landed a slap on my other thigh, and the burn rushed to my pussy yet again. He didn’t stop there. He kept going. The air cracked with each stinging slap to my inner thighs. My flesh smarted and tingled, but it only made me hotter.

Finally, he stopped and soothingly rubbed my thighs. “That’s my baby. So fucking perfect.” Still thrusting hard, he curled over me again. One hand gripped me by the throat while the other knotted in my hair. “Where’s my cock, Kensey?”

I licked my lips. “In me.”

“Where in you?”

“My pussy.”

“And what’s it doing?”

“Fucking me.” He slowed, and I realized it was the wrong answer. I scrabbled to think. “Owning me.”

“Owning you, yes.” He upped his pace again, driving deep. “My good girl knows who she belongs to. And that’s why when I give her a ring, she’ll fucking wear it.” He wildly rammed in and out of me, shifting his angle so that each perfect slam of his cock hit some magical spot inside me that made my back bow.

“Fuck, Blake, I’m going to come.” And then I did. There was no stopping it. No fighting the rush of white-hot pleasure that ripped me apart and wrenched a scream from my throat. Blake was right behind me. I felt my pussy squeeze and contract around him, greedily milking every drop of come from his cock. And then we both sagged.

Shaking with little aftershocks, he rolled onto his back, taking me with him. As I lazed over him, he slid his hand under the shirt I was wearing and trailed his fingers up and down my spine. “So, marriage freaks my baby out.” He sounded far too amused for my liking.

I dug my nails into his chest in punishment, but he only chuckled. “It doesn’t freak me out.” I shrugged, adding, “I guess I just never envisioned myself getting married.”


“Because I come with a lot of baggage. Who in their right mind would want to marry the stepdaughter of a serial killer?”

Fisting my hair, he tugged so that I’d look up and meet his eyes. “Being the stepdaughter of Michael Bale isn’t who you are. You’re Kensey. Kensey Lyons.”

“But people often don’t see me. They don’t see past my connection to him.”

“I do. I see all of you.” He smoothed his hand down my back. “And you see all of me.”

“I’d be a cruel bitch to have a kid, Blake.”

His brow pinched. “Why?”

“Because the poor kid would go through exactly what I went through. They’d be bullied, scorned, isolated, taunted, and have people tell lies about them. My mother knew I’d have to deal with all that, but she married Michael anyway. I wouldn’t be much different from her if I had a baby, knowing they’d have to deal with the same shit I did.”

He curved his hand around my chin. “Are you happy?”


“Are you happy, here and now?”


“You went through all that and more, but you’re still happy. Why can’t any baby of yours be happy just the same?” When I didn’t answer, he kissed me softly. “One day, Kensey.”

I sighed. “I don’t suppose there’s any sense in pointing out that it’s a little soon to be talking about babies and marriage, is there?”

“I don’t move at society’s pace. I move at mine.”

“And what about my pace?”

“You move too slow. Mostly because you spend too much time overthinking stuff.”

Damn if I could argue with that. Huffing to myself, I rested my head on his chest. “Just go asleep.”

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