“I get to decide how I fuck you, doll face. Maybe it will be fast… or maybe I’ll make you come over and over until you are begging me to stop.” My breath comes out in short shallow puffs. Fucking hell, I love the naughty things that come out of his mouth. I thought I was turned on before but sweet baby Jesus. I could probably come from just his words. He gives me a devious grin then let’s go of my arms and picks me up by my hips and tosses me on the bed.

“Then let’s get started.”

After our third round and more orgasms than I could count, I manage to get an hour nap before we go to dinner. I loved getting to know his brother and hearing all of the fun stories they have about each other. We talked about both sides of the business they own and how it started up. I learned the G is older than Gray by fifteen months and that their parents are amazing loving people. I can’t wait to meet the people that raised such an amazing man.

We talked for hours and I loved every minute of it. It was amazing to see the difference between the two brothers while G is clean cut and built like a linebacker, with brown hair and green eyes. Were as Grayson is all black hair, icy blue eyes, tattoos running up his arms, he is built like a fucking tank and has at least two inches on G. I thought Gerard was big, but his brother is fucking huge. I wouldn’t ever want to be on his bad side. It’s so sweet to see how gentle and sweet he is with Charlotte though. You wouldn’t expect someone that looks like him to be so gentle. Charlotte is hilarious and doesn’t seem like she takes shit from anyone. I can tell that we are going to be close and make plans to spend tomorrow getting to know each other better. It’s around ten thirty by the time we make it back to our room where we quickly change. He is in just a pair of low-cut pajama pants and I am in one of his shirts and my panties. Then we get into bed. He pulls me close, so my back is to his front. My head is on his bicep and his other arm is wrapped around me tight.

“Sleep good, doll face. We’ve got a busy day tomorrow.” I snuggle closer to him and sigh.

“Love you G.” I am exhausted from the day’s events and my eyes are already drifting shut.

“I love you too,” he whispers and kisses the side of my head. My last thought before I fall asleep is how glad I am to be here in this place with the man I love.

Chapter Nine


Waking up with her in my arms is not something I’ll ever take for granted. After getting out of bed, I stare at her, still sleeping for a few minutes before I head into the bathroom. While in there, I hear my alarm clock go off signaling that it’s 6:45. If I want to make it to work before ten, I have to leave by 7:15 just to go seventeen miles. The traffic is a nightmare, but it’s a necessary evil to get to work. Caswell Studios has been in my family since my great-grandfather, also named Gerard, started the studio in 1921.

After working at another studio as an errand boy, he gained enough capital and friends in the business to start his own. He was one of the first to utilize unions for non-writers and actors ensuring that even the lowliest workers, usually the errand boy or assistant, got fair wages. He understood that without these kinds of workers, films would never get made. Fast forward to two years ago, when my father retired, leaving everything to Gray and I. He and my mom, award winning actress Sylvia Renestra, moved to Star Island, though mom still makes movies. This job has been my life since I was old enough to go into work with dad. I was fascinated by the whole process, from buying a script to the red carpet. I went to college and majored in Film Studies and Business Management; Gray did the same thing. Now, we are running the company and making the hits.

I come out of the bathroom and find her sitting up in bed.

“What’s on the agenda today?” she asks, ridiculously bright-eyed for so early in the morning.

“I thought that I’d take you into work with me today. Show you the ropes,” I say.

“That sounds fun,” she says, jumping out of the bed and over to her shopping bags. She rifles around until she pulls out an outfit. She stops to kiss me before closing herself in the bathroom. I take my time selecting a suit and tie.

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