When she comes out of the bathroom, I am stunned by her beauty. She’s gorgeous and she’s all fucking mine. She’s wearing a black and white polka dotted sundress and a pair black flat leather shoes. Her hair is tied back with a white ribbon. Where in the hell did, she get something so sweet… so innocent. She then puts on a little white sweater and I lose my mind. I cross the room towards her and back her up to the wall.

“Hey G. What’s up,” she asks, and I grind my hard cock into her. “Oh, that,” she moans.

“I don’t have time to fuck you properly right now, but I am making you a promise. The second I do; I am destroying that pussy. You got it?”

“I got it,” she whispers, and I devour her lips. I sweep my tongue into her mouth and taste the mint of the toothpaste she just used.

“Good girl. You look beautiful, by the way,” I tell her, taking her hand. She grabs her purse and we head out to my car. The drive out to Hollywood takes entirely too long, but I manage to make it to the office by 9:15. I give her a quick tour, but both lots are being used for filming and they are closed sets. When we get to my office, my assistant is already in for the day.

“Good morning, Sir,” Ezra says. He has the uncanny ability to anticipate my every need.

“Morning, Ez. This is my girlfriend, Cecilia. She’ll be hanging out with me today.”

“Pleased to meet you, Cecilia,” he says, extending his hand for her to shake which she does.

“You too but call me CeCe. Ez was it?”

“Ezra but most people around here call me Ez.”

“Well, Ez. Nice to meet you.”

“Can I get you guys anything? Mr. Caswell, you have two back to back conference calls. The first one is with Titan Pictures about Let Me Stay. Principal photography has begun and there is a problem.”

“Of course, there is,” I say drily. There is always a problem when movies are being filmed.

“I’ll let you boys get to work. How do you take your coffee?” she asks.

“Black,” Ez and I say at the same time.

“Both of you?”

“Yes,” Ez says for us and she laughs.

“Okay. I saw a little cart downstairs. I’ll be back in a few minutes,” she says coming over to kiss my cheek before she goes. I watch her go and then head into my office. Behind my desk, I go through the messages Ez hands me. Booting up my computer, I read the email regarding the call I am about to get on. It has the problem photos attached. Let Me Stay is being adapted from the book to the screen and we are getting principal shots in New York, where the book takes place, but we’ll be filming it here on the lot.

“Ez,” I shout from my office. I left the door open and using the phone never occurs to me.

“Yeah, boss?”

“Who is the photographer for these? I assume you’ve seen them, right?”

“Yeah. It was Margo. She’s been there for over two weeks and has only sent in three photos. Staging is saying they can’t build sets based on them. I guess that’s the problem.” This kind of thing can hold up filming for months.

“Get her ass back here, send Kyle instead. Tell him he has four days. He’ll get it done.”

“No problem. Anything else before I connect the call?”

“No, thanks though, just the call.”

“Alright.” He leaves the office and a few minutes later the line buzzes. “Sir, I have Renaldo from staging on the line as well as Prudhomme from props.”

“Thank you, Ezra. Gentleman, what can I help you with this morning?”

After a lengthy twenty-minute call of nothing but grievances, I end the call telling them I switched out the photographer and assured them the prints would be in within the next few days. As soon as I hang up, I realize that CeCe isn’t back with the coffee yet. Going downstairs, I realize she isn’t in the lobby so back up to my office I go. I head straight for the security office. Luka Malone, my Chief Security Officer, is the only one in the room at this time.

“Luka, pull the feeds up from the lobby in the last twenty minutes or so,” I demand.

“What’s up, boss?” he asks, typing on the keyboard in front of him. The wall of TV’s behind the desk each shows a different camera.

She wouldn’t leave me, would she? I wonder as his computer screen flicks to life with the requested footage.

“There, that girl. Zoom in.”

“What the fuck? How did he get that in here?” Luka demands. “Who is she?”

“My girl.”

“Damn it,” Luka swears as he grabs his walkie-talkie and starts yelling at someone.

I watch the tape in stunned silence as a short, fat guy holds a gun to my girl’s back and she walks out of the building with him. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this is Gino Galasso in the fucking flesh.

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