Please, please don’t let him be dead.

I am too scared to open my eyes for fear of seeing G’s lifeless body. My ears are still ringing.

“Sorry boss, he had pulled out another gun and I had to take him out before he took you out. After all that’s what you pay me the big bucks for.” I hear over the ringing. I don’t know where the voice is coming from, but I have a feeling it’s from the guy G came in here with.

“It’s okay, Luka, thanks for having my back,” G says at the same time I feel big hands grab my face softly. “Open your eyes, doll face but don’t take them off me. I don’t want you to have to see this.” I nod my head before opening them and when my eyes land on his concerned hazel ones, a sob of relief escapes me. He’s okay, we are okay. “Don’t worry, CeCe. He’s gone for good,” he says as he starts to work on my bindings

Once my arms and legs are unbound, I fling myself at Gerard. He catches me easily and pulls me close.

“I am never letting you out of my sight again,” he growls against the top of my head. He is still shaking from the adrenaline and rage going through his body.

“I don’t think I ever want to leave your side again,” I whisper back.

“Look at me doll face,” he demands. I pull back so I can see his face. “Are you really okay?”

“Yes, I knew you’d come for me.”

“Fuck, I don’t know what I would do without you,” he says, shaking his head. “The last few hours have been fucking hell. I didn’t know what he was doing to you or if you were hurt. I can’t imagine living in a world without you in it. I need you in my life always. Marry me. Cecilia. I don’t want to walk this Earth without you by my side. You’re my forever, doll face,” he says, eyes glistening with unshed tears. I, on the other hand, burst into tears. I grab his face in both of my hands and kiss him, telling him yes in between each kiss.

“I love you so much G, you are my everything.” The guy that came in gun’s a blazing with G, clears his throat. It’s only then I remember that we aren’t alone. I blush scarlet and let off a nervous giggle. Gerard’s hands tighten around me.

“Yes, Luka,” he says.

“Hey boss, I got everything taken care of here, why don’t you take the Mrs. home?” Hell, I love the sound of that.

“Take me home, G.” I bury my face against his neck to hide my blush.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring but I know as long as he is by my side everything will be okay.



One Month Later

I just finished putting the final touches on our three-month long honeymoon last night. I want everything to be perfect for my wife and by God it will be. Our Malibu beach house is where she decided she wanted to get married. The house is right off of the Pacific Coast Highway with celebrities for neighbors. She fell in love with the ocean and who am I to keep her away from it? She feels more at home here than she did at the apartment downtown or the lake house in Vegas. With our feet in the Pacific, we’ll say our I do’s.

“You ready, Gerard?” Gray asks, handing me my boutonniere.

“Beyond ready,” I answer. My wedding “tux” is pretty casual, similar to something I’d wear to an Easter Sunday service at church. Barefoot, I make my way down the aisle, shaking hands and accepting congratulations along the way. Of course, Gray is standing up with me as my best man. Our parents are here, and they love the girls. They said they are the daughters they never had. I am pretty sure CeCe is still a little shell shocked after meeting mom though. It only got worse when Mom insisted that CeCe call her that. The other wedding guests are mostly celebrities and industry people. People we invited to fill the seats. My parents also invited people that they felt they had to. There was no one for CeCe to invite because we found out her mother was in fact dead soon after the police arrived at the warehouse. We went to the morgue and identified the body. Not surprisingly, she wasn’t sad about that fact. Not that I blame her, her mother was a real piece of work. We took the opportunity to get a few things from the tiny apartment she shared with her mother. Her Kindle, a few well-worn paperbacks, and a photograph of her grandmother, who passed away last year was all she wanted. In our search of the apartment, she found cash. Lots of cash. When it was all said and done it was about forty thousand dollars to be exact. I was pissed. She could have paid that to Gino for her debts and been done with all that, but she selfishly kept it instead. CeCe insisted it go to charity. I had everything else in the shithole apartment boxed up and burned so she’d never have to deal with it again.