“Mmm, a naughty surprise?” I ask, wiggling my eyebrows. He throws his head back and laughs.

“No doll face, but now that I know that’s where your mind is at, that can definitely be arranged.” He dips his head down and kisses me deeply. I moan into his mouth.

“Hey lady, it’s time for… you to stop sucking face. We have a show to start,” Charlotte states laughing. G pulls back.

“Just giving her a good luck kiss,” he says, giving me a wink. I can’t help but giggle. “Don’t worry baby you got this,” he tells me on a serious note. I take a deep breath and grab his hand.

“Okay, let’s do this.”

Turns out I had nothing to worry about, everyone loved it and I even sold most of the pieces I was showing. I should have been more worried about G; he has been a tad bit growly whenever a man comes over to shake my hand and I swear he almost broke a dude’s nose when he asked if I wanted a drink. I know most women would find that behavior barbaric, but I think its sexy as fuck. By the time we are done my feet are killing me and I am so ready for a bubble bath. I am also ready for G to have his wicked way with me. The kids are staying at their aunt and uncle’s house with their cousins, so G and I can have some alone time.

After the last guest leaves, G and I make our way out to the car. I immediately take off my shoes and lean my head back against the headrest.

“Long day, huh?” G asks turning on the car.

“So long.”

“Why don’t you rest your eyes until we get home?” I nod my head, my eyes already closed. I must have dozed off because the next thing I know Gerard is waking me up by picking me up. He has done this so many times over the years, I don’t even open my eyes.

“We home?” I ask, snuggling into his chest.

“Nope,” he says right before he sets me down again. I open my eyes to see that we are in our plane.

“What’s going on?” He gives me one of those sexy grins.

“It’s your surprise. Gray and Charlotte are watching the kids. We are going to spend a week going to some of the places we weren’t able to go when you were pregnant. I know how much you wanted to go to them,” he says as he sits down. My eyes fill with tears and I turn to look at him.

“Oh, G. You amazingly sweet man. How did I ever get so lucky?” He grabs my hand.

“I’m the lucky one, Cecilia. I love you baby,” he says kissing my knuckles.

“I love you too, G. Thank you for my surprise.”

“Anything for you, doll face.”

The captain tells us to buckle up then we are off. I lay my head on my husband’s shoulder and sigh in contentment as we fly across the ocean.

My life didn’t turn out at all like I thought it would, it turned out ten times better.

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