“What’s going on, Gerard?” I ask. He’s white knuckling the steering wheel and looking in

the rearview mirror every couple of seconds. He seems stressed or upset, for some reason I hate the idea of something bothering him. I put my hand on his thigh trying to calm him down. That was a mistake. His soft cock rests there. His leg tenses and he lets out a curse. I can’t imagine what it’s like hard. Shit, yes, I can. It’s all I can think about right now. I begin to squirm in my seat. My pussy is wet and achy. “Gerard?” I call his name again.

“I have to protect you,” he says over and over.

“I’m sure you will,” I murmur. “But you gotta tell me what’s going on,” I finish.

“Your mother was going to sell you to Gino Galasso,” he says through clenched teeth. I can’t say that I’m surprised by that. Hell, I really wish that I could be, but I wouldn’t put anything past her at this point. It doesn’t explain why he cares though. He doesn’t know me from Adam, and I was nothing but a brat to him the one time he did talk to me. “I couldn’t let that happen. I know what he does to girls like you,” he says.

“Girls like me?” My brow furrows. What does he mean by that? His death grip on the wheel loosens and he grabs my hand. I just now realize that I’m still rubbing his thigh. He brings my hand to his lips and kisses the inside of my wrist before nipping it. I bite my lip to keep from gasping. Fuck me, it feels good with him just kissing my wrist, I can’t even begin to imagine what those lips would feel like on other parts of my body.

“Beyond beautiful girls.” His voice comes out gruff.

“You think I am beautiful?” I can’t help the awed tone my voice comes out as. He grins putting my hand back on his thigh.

“Fuck yes I do. I think you are more beautiful than a summer sunset overlooking the Caribbean and the only thing stopping me from having you is that you’re not eighteen yet and there is no way in fuck I am going to get myself arrested when you need to be taken care of,” he growls out, his eyes locking onto mine. I love the sound of him taking care of me.

“Uh about that….”

I squirm in my seat, my cheeks a blaze. I should probably tell him when the clock strikes twelve, I’ll be eighteen.

Chapter Three


“What?” I ask, my control hanging on by a quickly unraveling thread. I decide to take her to the family lake house. It’s right off Lake Las Vegas about thirty minutes from the strip. It’s close by and we will have complete privacy. Not many people know about it, so I don’t think I need to be expecting Gino’s goons to show up here.

“I’ll be eighteen in six minutes,” she says, her voice breathy. That has me driving faster than before. I had slowed down when she asked me to, but after that admission, there is no way I can slow it down now. “Are you going to say anything?”

“What do you want me to say, Doll. You are about to be mine, forever, but I think you already know that, don’t you?”

“I do. I won’t stop you,” she says squirming in her seat. I smirk into the darkness. As soon as I pull into the driveway, the motion activated light above the garage comes on. I throw the car into park and wait the two minutes until I can legally claim her. As soon as the dash reads midnight, I violently throw my seatbelt off and get out of the car. I am around to the passenger side so fast; she hasn’t even had a chance to take her seatbelt off yet. I throw the door open and reach inside. Pushing the release button for her belt, I pull her out and lead her around to the front of the car. Lifting her, I plop her down on the hood of my Tesla and kiss her. My hands tangle in her loose hair. She moans into my mouth and I eat that shit up. Groaning, I finally pull away from her lips. I swear to God, she has cast a fucking spell over me or something. She’s got to be a foot shorter than me, maybe ninety pounds soaking wet, but she’s got a hold on me that I can’t explain. It’s not just my cock, but my whole damn being that’s enchanted by her.

Speaking of cock, I adjust mine through my slacks. Her little skirt has risen up, but I want to see it all over. Like an animal, I rip her blouse open. Her tiny tits are perfect. So perfect, she doesn’t need a bra. They are less than a handful, but I can’t help palming them, pulling on her perky nipples. Her head falls back as she moans at my touch. Leaning down, I take one nipple into my mouth. I suck and pull on it with my teeth hard, before giving the other one the same attention.

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