“Tell me little Cecilia, have you allowed other men to touch what is rightfully mine?”

“What?” she asks, confused.

“Have you fucked anyone else?” I demand. What the fuck is wrong with me? She’s turned me into a fucking savage. It’s none of my business, but I have to know.

“No. God, no.”

“Good girl,” I say pulling the tattered remains of her blouse away from her body. Her skirt is gone next, and then she is just in her panties. Reaching out my hand, I feel them. They are satin, pale peach, and so soaked. My doll is cock hungry and I am about to satisfy her hunger, but not before I get my fill. The tiny panties are no match for my strength as I rip them from her body. I push her thighs apart and get my first look at her snatch. Her neatly trimmed pussy hair makes it look inviting and I don’t mind if I do. Using my thumbs, I open her little pussy lips and stare at her clit. Licking my lips in anticipation, I use my index finger, running it over her sensitive nub.

“Gerard,” she calls out into the night.

“Shh, doll face. No one hears you but me. Do you understand?” I demand.

“Yes, sir. God, that feels amazing,” she says as I continue to rub her clit.

“Gerard is fine, doll face. None of that sir business. It makes me feel old,” I say chuckling.

“You are not old. You’re hot as fuck,” she moans as I lean down and blow on her pretty pink pussy. “Fuckkkk.” Grinning, I kneel before her, gravel digging into my knees, but that takes my mind of coming in my pants like a fucking teenager. Good thing I left my own clothes on, or else this would be over before it starts. My scruffy beginnings of a beard is leaving marks on her creamy skin, but how depraved am I that I fucking love it. It fills some primal need to mark my mate. Flicking my tongue over her bud, she lets out a breathy moan. Her thighs are already starting to shake when I then swirl it through her folds. She leans back on her elbows.

“We are just getting started, Cecilia,” I say looking up her body into her eyes.

“Less talking, more eating,” she says, sassily before giggling and pulling me closer to her by my hair.

“Your wish is my command.” She is going to be my one and only little fuck doll. Best I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to sink my ten-inch dick into her perfect pussy. I am going to destroy her for other men, not that I’d ever let her go. For now, I need to get her ready for me. I continue to eat her out. Her sandals must have fallen off at some point because her tiny bare feet are on my shoulders. Her hands tighten in my hair and her breath hitches. Her thighs are shaking, and I know she’s about to come. I suck on her clit to finish her off.

“Oh shit,” she whispers. “Please, don’t stop. Please, please,” she begs, and I keep going until she’s done coming. Before I stand, I move over to her thigh and place a kiss there, before sucking it. Marking her with my brand. “Mmm,” she moans.

Since she’s not wearing any shoes, or clothes for that matter, I turn and punch the code in for the garage door and it slides up. Turning back to Cecilia, her legs are spread wide, wantonly. Her eyes are wide and shining. Her hair is messed up. She looks thoroughly loved and we haven’t even really begun yet. I kiss her again before lifting her up. Her legs wrap around my waist and her head rests on my shoulder. She finds some skin on my neck not covered by my shirt and kisses it lightly.

I carry her into the house, ready to claim my most beloved prize.

Chapter Four


I have never felt more alive than when I am in his arms. I am still buzzing from the best orgasm of my life, but I need more. One just isn’t enough. I want all that he can give me. I start kissing his neck. I let off a little frustrated growl and he chuckles when I can’t reach more of his skin. I grab his tie and thank all of the romance movies I have watched for showing me how to get one of these off. I make quick work of it, then I unbutton his shirt as far as I can, kissing the exposed skin on his chest. He lets off a tortured groan. The next second my back hits the wall.

“Fuck, I love the feel of your lips on my skin. I fucking crave it,” he growls. His hands on my ass tighten as he pushes me harder against the wall. I can’t get the buttons undone fast enough with my fingers, so I give up with a humph and rip it open, sending buttons flying everywhere. A little whimper escapes my lips as I run my hands over his perfectly toned chest, lightly dusted with hair, and down his washboard abs. His entire body shudders, he groans. The bulge in his pants jerks up hitting me just right on my clit. I moan. “Not going to make it to the bedroom, doll face. Need you too bad,” he growls in a deep voice. I run my hand back up his chest then around his shoulders. I run my finger through the hair at the nape of his neck.

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