He squeezes me, his thick fingers wrapping around me. Constricting me with the most delicious pressure.

I cry out, throwing my head back as my core clenches, hard.

Taking his sweet time, he plays with me. His hands molding me, reshaping me.

Driving me insane.

And just when I think I can stand no more, he covers my nipple with his wet hot mouth.

“Andrew,” I gasp as he starts to suckle hungrily, melting in his arms.

Turning his head from side to side, he lavishes each breast, worshipping them with his lips, teeth, and tongue.

Then he begins to push me down.

My limbs weak, I go down easily, unable to put up much a fight.

His mouth leaves my breasts, kissing a wet path down my stomach.

As he slides my panties down my hips, and the cool air hits my wet sex, I try to sit up in alarm.

“Amy,” he growls and pushes me back down.

I thought I wanted to do this but now that we’ve gotten to this point I’m not so sure…

My panties slide over my ankles and then he spreads my legs wide.

“Wait…” I cry out but he ignores me.

Grabbing me by the hips, I feel his breath against my thigh and then his tongue is sliding through my folds.

“Oh god,” I groan, my hips trying to jerk out of his hands.

“No,” he growls angrily and takes another swipe at my folds.

“Fuck,” I whimper, almost bucking him off as his tongue slides up and down.

My pulse is pounding so hard I’m seeing stars.

Then his mouth completely covers my clit and I lose it. Suckling just like he did on my breasts, his mouth pulls on my clit, bringing me just to the brink of orgasm.

Then his mouth goes slack.

“What?!” I cry out in dismay, and feel him chuckle against my swollen, sensitive flesh. “Why did you stop?”

He pushes up from the bed, looming above me in the darkness.

I blink my eyes, and much to my dismay they start to adjust to the dark. There’s just enough light coming through a window to light him up.

I watch him unbuckle his pants and then shove them down. “If you want to come, you’ll have to come on my cock.”

He shoves his boxer briefs down and then the biggest, thickest cock I’ve ever laid eyes on springs upwards.

Gulping, I stare at him and then slowly begin to crawl backward.

I’ve made a mistake. A very big mistake.

If he tries to thrust that thing inside of me he’s going to split me in half.

Reaching down, he grabs me by the ankles and drags me back down the bed. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“I…I…” I stammer, trying to think up a good excuse.

“You’re not afraid, are you, Amy?” he grins down at me.

I shake my head at the same time my hands come up, pushing on his chest as he comes down on top of me.

He covers me, his weight heavy and solid.

“Good,” he says, grabbing up my hands. His fingers slide through my fingers, squeezing almost tenderly, before he pins them above my head. “Because I would never hurt you.”

“You won’t hurt me?” I blink up at him in surprise.

Slowly, he shakes his head.

How does that make any sense?

Before I can question him further, he bends down and presses a wet kiss against my lips.

Fingers tightening around my fingers, the rest of his weight comes down, crushing me against the bed.

His leg slides between my legs, spreading me open. Then something thick and hard pushes against my sex.

“Wait,” I mumble into his mouth. “I’m not on any birth control…”

“Good,” he groans and pushes forward.

Inch by slow inch, he eases himself inside, filling me up.

Oh my god.

He’s so damn big… if I wasn’t already soaking wet he would have split me wide open.

“Fuck, you’re tight,” he grunts, bottoming out.

I’m so full, so overwhelmed, I can’t respond.

Voice strained, he remarks, “You feel like a fucking virgin.”

He begins to slide out, and the sensation is so sharp, so strong, I want to beg him to stop.

But then he pushes back in and all I want to do is beg him to do it again.

“How long has it been, Amy?”

I shake my head. I don’t want to talk right now, I just want to feel.

In and out, he glides. Stretching me. Touching every little sensitive spot inside of me.

Reawakening my aching throb with a vengeance.

“Amy,” he growls. “I asked you a question…”

Deeper and deeper he pushes, my body beginning to adjust to the sheer size of him.

“How long,” he grunts, his teeth nipping my bottom lip.

“Years,” I groan. Amazed I could get that much out.

“How many years?” he presses, slamming forward and grinding himself against my clit.

Trapped beneath his weight, I writhe and squirm against the bed as he uses his body to drive me to the brink of blissful madness.

Then, just as my orgasm is within reach, he stops.

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