Fuck. I don’t do tears.

“What’s wrong, princess?”

“My Molly is at home. She didn’t get to sleep in my bed last night.”

Well, fuck. In for a penny, in for a pound, I guess. Taking her mom as mine means I take her too. Fuck… Girl needs a doll or some shit, then she’s going to get it.

“Oh, that’s a pretty serious issue isn’t it?”

Nodding her head solemnly, she says, “She gets real scared and sad if I’m not home with her.”

Damn, just hearing about the doll brings up a very big problem for me. We don’t have any clothes here for either of them and if I plan on keeping them both I need to fix that.

I pull my cellphone from my pocket. Scrolling through my contacts, I need to figure out how to get the doll and some clothes for them.

Looking over at my little princess, I can see that little lip quivering again. Shit, I need the kid on my side of the fence. I want her mommy too much to let a doll get in the way of things.

“Would you want a new Molly?” I ask, and even as the words come out of my mouth I can see her eyes getting a little glassy from the emotions ready to burst out.

“No…that… no, my Molly needs me.”

Nodding my head, I push the call button on Johnathan. “I promise she will be here before bedtime then. Sound good, princess?”

Her eyes light up at that. “Oh, yes!”

“What the fuck are you calling me for?” Johnathan growls loudly into the phone.

Glancing at the clock on the stove, I do notice it’s a bit early. “I got a job for you?”

“Fuck, what is it? This a job from Lucifer? I’m supposed to be off for a couple of days.”

Shit, that’s right. Still, he’s one of the guys I trust the most to get a shit job done.

“Five large to do a pickup.”

“What the fuck do you want me to grab?” he asks, and I can tell he’s getting clear-headed.

“I need you to—”

He interrupts me before I get to finish. “Fuck it, dude. You pulled me into a job last night a half hour after I got off an eighteen-hour flight. I’m fucking drained and need to sleep.”

“Six large and get the fuck up, asshole. It’s a simple job, and one I can call on the higher power to have assigned if I need it to be.”

“Seriously? Fuck, this better be good, Andrew.”

“I need you to go to the girl’s house and grab clothes for them. Then I need you to go to Abigail’s bedroom, there’s a little…”

I trail off as I hear Johnathan muttering very dark words about my parentage.

Smiling at Abigail, I ask, “Exactly who is Molly, princess?”

“She’s my panda!”

“Grab one Molly the Panda bear from the bed. Get some clothes of hers too… anything else, Abigail?”

“She likes her pink umbrella!” she giggles as she goes back to placing her silverware by her plate.

Sitting there so prim and proper like, she looks like a little cartoon princess. Big blue eyes, chocolate brown hair, and fair skinned.

“Get Molly’s pink umbrella too.”

The mutterings of my parentage have changed to my empty brain capacity.

“Have James drive you too, and keep an eye out. I’m thinking there’s going to be some serious heat around the apartment.”

Instantly he stops his muttering.

I can hear a grin in his voice as he asks, “What kind of heat are we talking?”

“Russian kind. We borrowed one of their big backers. The guy was sweet on Amy.”

“Hmph, should I expect a welcome party?”

“Probably. But I want you to keep this as quiet as possible. If there are any obstacles, you need to get rid of them. I want this quiet, ghostly fucking quiet.”

“Got it. I’ll take Peter instead, he’s better at the quiet job types. Fucker would be a hell of a cat burglar.”

“Sounds good. I want it all before bedtime.”

“Dude, you sound like such a pussy.”

“Fuck you, biker-boy-asshole.”

He hangs up his phone and I only realize my side of the conversation wasn’t so quiet when I turn around to see Abigail’s eyes go wide.

We stare at each other for a moment and then she says….

“I’m hungry, Andrew. That ice cream was yummy last night; do you have any?”

Laughing at her big blue puppy dog eyes, I shake my head. “Sorry kiddo, no ice cream here. I have stuff for breakfast though if you feel like you would want some of that.”

We’re about halfway through breakfast when I hear feet running across the upstairs. A second later, I hear them coming down the stairs.

“Your mother is awake,” I announce to Abigail as Amy comes to a screeching halt in the kitchen. She looks wide-eyed at both me and the little girl.

“Hi, Mommy!” Abigail giggles as she jumps out of her chair and races to hug her mom.

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