Hugging her daughter tight to her side, Amy looks at me with worried eyes. “What have you two been up to?”

“Andrew made me pancakes and bacon! Lots of milk, too!”

Tugging away from her mom, Abigail grabs Amy’s hand and pulls her to our table.

Grinning at Amy, I point to the plate I set for her. “Yeah, you missed out on our early breakfast. But I can make you some too if you want.”

As soon as Abigail slips from the table and shoots off to the couch for her morning cartoons, I stand up from my place at the table. Amy hasn’t moved from her spot near where Abigail was sitting. She looks pissed and scared at the same time.

I see the fight in her but I can tell she genuinely fears for her life. She has a right to be both, but not with me. I would never do anything to hurt her or Abigail, they’re mine now.

Standing up from the table, I walk over to Amy. I take her by the hand and she stands up hesitantly. Abigail can see us from the living room and I think right now we need a bit of privacy.

Leading Amy to the counter area of the kitchen, out of Abigail’s sight, I give her a good once over. She looks far too good in just a long t-shirt.

“What we did last night,” she hisses at me with an angry look. “You totally took advantage… I… we can’t do that again.”

Snickering, I cross my arms over my chest. “That’s not what you said when I stuck my tongue in your—”

Her eyes go wide and her face flushes a bright red. “I’m so never allowing you to—”

Grabbing her by the hips, I pull her into my body. She isn’t wearing a bra right now, and as soon as I press her to me, her hard nipples press into my chest.

Leaning down, I cover her mouth with mine and turn us toward the counter. Lifting her up, I set her down on top of it and push my hips between her legs.

She’s as resistant to letting me between her thighs as she is in kissing me back. I don’t stop though; I know what she needs. It’s like that old saying, her lips are saying no but those eyes are saying fuck yes.

Slowly her hands stop beating at my chest. They latch around my neck and her mouth opens. Her tongue comes out, tentative at first, before meeting me lick for lick.

I can feel the warmth of her pussy pushing against my jeans and I can barely contain my desire to claim her right here, right now.

Two things keep me from unzipping my pants and thrusting myself deep inside her tight pussy. A giggling little princess behind me and my phone suddenly ringing.

Pulling my lips away from Amy’s, I growl. “Shit.”

Turning around, I stare at a laughing Abigail. “I’m going to get you, little princess!”

“Mommy said you weren’t her boyfriend, but you are! You are!”

“Oh god…” I hear Amy mutter behind me.

Pulling my phone from my pocket, I look down.


Pushing connect, I look back up to Amy. “Gotta take this, babe, but I’ll be back.”

“Please tell me you aren’t calling me babe now, Andrew,” Lucifer says in a quiet voice.

“No sir, that would be someone else,” I say.

“Good. Though if you are calling the young lady I charged you with taking care of last night, babe…” he trails off and for the life of me I have absolutely no clue what his tone is.

Because right now I’m in foreign waters. I’ve never been in a position like this before, and I really don’t know how he’s going to handle me claiming Amy as mine.

Honesty with Lucifer is always the best way to go though. “Yes, sir, I am.”

There’s a very long, pregnant pause. Like two minutes of silence. No breathing, no mutterings, no anything. I’m half tempted to say something, but I keep my peace.

Anything I say now just sounds like excuses.

I glance over at Amy and I can tell she knows who I’m speaking to. Her body is rigid and her previous blushing skin is pale white.

Pulling the phone away from my mouth, I grab her by the back of the neck. Pushing my lips right next to her ear, I murmur quietly, “Mine.”

She looks from me to the phone twice before she quietly hops down from the counter. “I’m going to go play with Abigail for a bit. Give you some privacy.”

Nodding my head, I wait for Lucifer to finally speak. “You do know I could go without these kind of complications, these kinds of headaches.”

Laughing, I say, “Life isn’t fun for you, Lucifer, without this kind of thing. You’d be bored stiff.”

“How serious is this, Andrew?”

“How serious were you?” I don’t need to say Lily’s name; he knows what I am talking about.