“Very well. But we need to talk about your timing some time.”

“Probably… nothing I can do about it though.”

“Probably,” he sighs. “So this is why when I called Johnathan to get a report about his most recent trip I find out he’s already on a job for you with Peter?”

“Yeah, my girls need some of their personal assets and Molly the Panda.”

“What is Molly the Panda?”

“Abigail’s panda bear.”

“Please tell me you will be taking pictures of Johnathan holding that?”

“Like I could stop myself.”

“Sounds good. He will be keeping this a simple job, I hope? The Russians have to have an idea of what happened to Ivan by now. But I don’t want to leave a giant calling card.”

“It will be a quick grab. I think it will also give us a chance to find out who’s watching her place and how far they want to take things. They have to be careful right now, they can’t be seen going on full defense. Nothing is really known beyond Ivan was snatched, and why would they blame us… We’re their friends, right?”

“Sounds good, keep me abreast of it all.”

“Will do.”

“Is there anything you need for them to be more comfortable?”

“No, I think we’re good for right now. I’m going to take them shopping tomorrow for clothes and toys. I want them to feel at home.”

“Hmm. Why don’t you come out to the compound with your girls tomorrow night for dinner? We can have a talk while the wives get to know each other.”

Well, fuck. Looks like Amy and I just got hitched by the devil himself.

Fuck, did I just get a readymade family? I think I did. It’s not like I didn’t already claim her as mine… this just makes it real.

“Yes, sir. I’ll see you there.”

Disconnecting the call, I set the phone down on the counter. That went better than I could have possibly hoped for.

Turning towards the living room, I go searching for my princess and the woman who’s mine now.



God help me, I don’t know how I’m going to get Abigail and I out of this mess. I don’t know how I’m going to get us away from this crazy man…

Especially now that he’s calling me his.

Just what the hell does he mean by that? I wonder as I take a seat beside Abigail on the couch.

He called me his in the kitchen as if he thought the concept would give me comfort, but all it does is fill me with dread.

Does he intend to keep us? Like we’re pets or something? Does he really think he can get away with it?

Fuck, he probably can.

Just because I slept with him once… okay, twice, doesn’t mean I like the man. It was just a mistake made in the heat of the moment. A mistake I seriously don’t intend on repeating—despite what just happened in the kitchen.

All I have to do is keep my distance from him. Avoid letting him touch me. Avoid touching him.

But until when?

Why, dammit?

Why does my body turn on me every time he touches me? Why, even now, do I still shiver with the memory of his kiss. Why can’t his touch feel cold and disgusting like Ivan’s? What makes him different?

At least I knew Ivan, I could predict him. Andrew is a complete wild card. I have no idea what he’ll do next.

Abigail smiles and bounces beside me as she watches her show, and something about it just makes me want to scream in hysterical frustration. She’s already adapting to this madness. The stuff that’s going on is probably even starting to feel normal to her.

I’ve got to get her out of here.

I glance towards the front door. I’m dressed in only a t-shirt, and we don’t have the necklace, or any money, or anything we could trade, but…

Fuck it, we should just make a run for it. Anything is better than staying here.

I rise to my feet and Andrew steps out of the kitchen.

My luck can’t be this bad, it can’t…

As if he can tell exactly what I’m thinking and he’s amused by it, his lips curl up into a smirk as he regards me.

“Going somewhere, Amy?” he asks.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Abigail tear her attention away from the TV to look up at me.

“Actually…” I drawl out just to see that smirk on his face fade away.

“Don’t even think about it,” he warns, taking a menacing step towards me.

Would he hurt me in front of my daughter?

I stare into his dark eyes for a long moment and come to the conclusion that yes, yes he would.

Whatever there is between us, I don’t think it protects me. No, if anything, it makes my situation that much worse.

I’m no fool, I know he has all the power here.

He can do anything he wants to me, and who’s to stop him? Me? Abigail?

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