I pause for a moment when I hear Abigail shrieking excitedly and then Johnathan bellows, “Watch my toes, you little goblin!”

Amy looks torn between interrogating me and finding out what’s happening downstairs. “Why are you leaving us with him? He looks like a gorilla stuffed inside a suit.”

Laughing, I have to agree. “Yeah, he does.”

She is about to start in on me when I shove my jeans and boxers down in one push. Her little gasp from behind me brings a grin to my lips.

Straightening back up, I turn to her. My cock is soft at the moment but her eyes are stuck there. Her cheeks turning bright red.

“Wha… Where…What are you doing?”

Feeling the hint of a rise, I flex my groin muscle at her. My cock bobs and she rips her eyes up, staring me in the face. “What in the world are you doing?”

“Getting dressed. Like I said, I need to go to church.”

“But… What does that mean?”

Pulling a pair of slacks out of a drawer, I step into one leg then the other. “I need to go talk to a man about something.”

Not bothering with underwear, my cock is still dangling out as I pull on an undershirt then a dress shirt. Tucking the shirts in, Amy has to tear her eyes away from my cock again.

“Keep staring at it and I might let it bite you.”

Rolling her eyes, she says, “Look, I’m not comfortable with Johnathan. I don’t like any of this.”

Walking past her with my socks and shoes, I say, “Look, Amy, it’s only a few hours at most. Be a good girl and you’ll be fine.”

Those words silence her. I know she hasn’t accepted her life yet. She hasn’t come to the realization that things have changed so completely that she’s in a completely new world. One where there are rules in place to keep her safe. But she needs to know her life is in jeopardy and by that extension so is Abigail’s.

I can’t allow her to do something stupid to endanger either of those.

“Amy, be a good girl. I will keep you and our little princess safe. The world outside of my door is not a safe place for you now. Until I say otherwise, you should do the smart thing and listen to me.”

Her eyes are wide when I mention Abigail, her mouth opening like a fish. I don’t think she caught the whole safety thing when she says, “She is not ours, you can’t just take us like this and make us yours.”

Shaking my head, I stand from the bed. I’m ready to head to the church. I don’t want to leave them alone like this so soon, but life is about doing the things you don’t want to do.

Striding to her, I wrap my arms around her waist before she has a chance to fight me. Leaning down, I kiss her mouth. Not gently this time, like when we were in the kitchen.

No, I kiss her like I did last night in the dark.

I’m not asking for her submission; I am taking what’s mine by right. She’s mine and she will submit.

My lips meld against hers and she fights me even now. I’m not sure if I would be so happy if she easily gave in. Thankfully, she doesn’t.

Her hands come to my chest to push me away, but I keep at it. My hands pull her waist roughly to my rising cock. The hard flesh pushing against my pants and into her stomach.

It takes minutes, not moments, to get her to respond the way I want. At first, she does so tentatively, like it’s her way of just getting it over with.

When I press her against the door, lifting her up, my cock pressing against her pussy and grinding hard against her, I start to feel the response I want.

Panting as I pull away from her lips, I turn my head to the side to latch onto her neck. I’m not leaving a hickey. No, I give a quick hard bite and her squeak is all the confirmation I need to know I got what I wanted.

“Why did you bite me!?” she huffs out at me, her breath as labored as my own.

“Marking what’s mine.”

Setting her down, I leave her staring at me like I’m a crazy man as I leave the bedroom.

Stopping Johnathan as he unloads the last box from his SUV, I ask, “What trouble did you encounter at the apartment?”

“Five guy surveillance. Two of which will not be a problem again. They weren’t the best the Russians could have used to watch her place so we didn’t have any problems. Exiting was a breeze and we had no followers. It was as we thought though. They were watching and waiting for her to come back. They had their snatch and grab stuff ready to go.”

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