Even now, completely at his mercy, with the threat of him just taking what he wants hanging over my head, I want him. I fucking ache for him.

I’m so fucking sick.

His fingers slide through me, thick and slick with my wetness.

His head drops down and his lips push against my ear. “I’m going to force you, Amy. I’m going to force you to beg me for it,” he whispers.

He leans back and looks into my eyes, savoring my reaction as his words sink in.

“I fucking hate you,” I hiss, and I mean it. I so mean it. I hate him for what he’s doing, but most of all I hate him because I want him.

Fat, glittering tears roll down my cheeks and he leans down again, his soft lips catching them.

“Love and hate… it’s all the fucking same to me,” he admits, and then his mouth smashes against mine in a soul-crushing kiss.

I taste the salt of my sadness upon his lips. I taste his desire mixing with it. His fingers continue to slide through me, circling my clit but never touching it as he kisses me.

His tongue plunges into my mouth and I consider trying to bite the fucker off.

But what will that get me? How will that help me and my situation?

Last night I gave in because it felt good and I hoped that maybe, just maybe, it would give me a little more power back. I had hoped that if I slept with him, perhaps he would be more inclined to spare me instead of killing me once they’ve got what they want from Ivan.

I never dreamed he didn’t intend to kill me at all…

“You taste so fucking good,” he groans into my mouth, and I can’t stop myself from arching up.

From seeking relief from this growing, insistent throb.

His fingers circle, around and around. Gliding through my wetness. Slick with my juices.

So close but never touching me there, where I need it.

The swelling, the pulsing, it starts to drive me to distraction. I try to deepen the kiss. I try to make him forget the whole begging thing but he must sense my intention.

He breaks the kiss and starts stamping his lips down my neck. My pussy clenches down on emptiness.

“Andrew, please…” I groan, my fingers curling, my nails sinking into my palms.

“Please, what?” he breathes against my throat, his mouth hovering over the spot he just kissed.

I press my lips together, unable to resort to begging just yet.

He chuckles and then his teeth sink into my flesh. I feel that bite resonating in the depths of my fucking soul.

“Amy,” he purrs, pulling back. “All you have to do is give in and this will all be over.”

I shake my head. I can’t, I just can’t…

But something inside of me is already breaking. My will is cracked.

He chuckles and begins to circle his fingers harder, faster.

I rock my hips up, moving in rhythm with his circles. If I could just position myself the right way, I could get his fingers exactly where I need them…

I suddenly jerk my hips up and the tips of his fingers drag across my clit.

It’s just a brush, nothing more, but the sensation is so fucking wonderful. It’s exactly what I crave, exactly what I need, but it’s also too fleeting.

The pleasure fades quickly and somehow, I’m left even more needy. I want more. So much more…

“Amy… Amy… Amy…” he murmurs against my throat. “The only person you’re hurting is yourself.”

And I know deep down inside that he’s right. One way or another, I’ll need relief. Why should I keep torturing myself?

“Andrew…” I groan.

“Yes?” he purrs, and I can feel his cock twitch against my thigh with anticipation.

I could just use his body to relieve myself. It doesn’t mean I belong to him.

It doesn’t.

“Please…” I plead, throwing my head back and thrusting my hips up. “Please…”

Put me out of my fucking misery.

“Just say it,” he growls.

“Please fuck me,” I beg, giving in with a sob.

His fingers move away and I almost start crying at the loss. Then his wet hand grips my hip and he’s shifting himself above me.

There’s no warning, no time to prepare. He drives himself inside me in one hard, powerful thrust.

“Oh god,” I nearly scream.

The sensation that rolls through me is so intense it’s almost too much.

“No,” he grunts above me, holding himself still. I watch as his head falls forward, as he seems to struggle with himself. “Not God.”

Inside me, he’s so big, so thick, I’m afraid I might burst open.

“So fucking tight,” he hisses, pulling his hips back, slowly sliding out of me.

I tremble beneath him.

“So fucking wet.”

He drives himself back in, smashing against my clit.

“So fucking beautiful,” he growls, grinding into me.

The sensation, the pleasure, it’s all too much. He left me hanging on the edge for far too long. My body locks up and my walls clamp down on his cock.

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